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Event problems

yeah it's me again.... well lets get to the problem. In my First level there is 2 exits 1 leads to the next level and the other to the yellow switch palace. but when i take the original/secret exit both paths opens up.. and i want the players to search for both exits before getting to the hidden levels. so any help plz?
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If you want to make the normal or secret path appear, remember that the secret one will be the next event, not the same, that maybe your problem.
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I'm guessing that you put both of the events together as opposed to separating them. Just to do a bit of an addition to what Quick Quack said, the secret exit that is to be triggered will have the event number after the one is set to the level. For example if the event is set to 9, the secret exit will be A.
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2 events on the same level you say? i'm a n00b at this PLZ HELP!
YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
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Say you have the event triggered by the level set to 20. The event that's triggered by beating the secret exit will be 21, because the secret exit uses the next event.