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We might as well expand our collection of emoticons. Post any emoticons you would like added in this thread. Max dimensions are 24x24. No guarantee for that your emoticon will be added is provided.
How about text versions of the current emoticons.

:P > :P
you mean new emoticons all together? or expanded gooey emoticons?
For consistency and minimal line stretching, shouldn't all emoticons be the same size?

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Here's some I put together in a few minutes. I don't actually like them too much, but perhaps others might, so why not at least show them.

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg

Well, I like them better then those Gooey emoticons. The Gooeys were the reason I started using =s instead of :s.

It would be neat if we got to choose which emoticon set we get to see instead of looking at the same things all the time.
Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg

Yeah, I have to agree with GoldenSonic here. I like these a lot more than Gooey. (Though there are some smilies missing in that set.)
Though I also like those *ahem* text-based emoticons that Kaijyuu suggested.
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Do it.
Your layout has been removed.

Yeah, the ones that WYE made are nice.

If you plan on adding more then you should add an option so that my ":D"s look like : D without the space D:

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
>: D <:D >:0 :/ D:<
Do this one.
Fake edit: WOAH! Is THAT what the ninja protection thing does?
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Will the ones in my sidebox work, Kieran?

Originally posted by Megafonzie

Do it.

Do it now!
Originally posted by Amos DeFamos

Make it happen.

I second this (if it matters at all ).
Also, plz?

<-- this is the dope on dope
Originally posted by Kaijyuu

Tis should be the new QQ symbol.
Originally posted by Kaijyuu

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Originally posted by Kristian
Originally posted by Kaijyuu


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Kaijyuu, make a whole set of SMRPG emoticons. Now.
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I really like all the suggestions so far. Maybe, if it's not too hard, you could implement a custom emoticon function? (or at least a type like there is with ranksets in the Edit Profile)
Originally posted by 2technogeeks
I really like all the suggestions so far. Maybe, if it's not too hard, you could implement a custom emoticon function? (or at least a type like there is with ranksets in the Edit Profile)

A better idea would be a custom emoticon function that lets you upload your own emoticons, that applies to you only. (Unless someone copies you.) The uploaded emoticons have to be from the File Bin/My Files and it automatically shrinks emoticons that are larger than 24x24, and disabling javascript type injections. Banned users can't use their own emoticons while in that state and moderators/staff can remove emoticon sets like they do layouts. Only 8 emoticons per set, like Gooey. Have this in an expanding/contracting section of Edit Profile, since those browse inputs can be pesky. Allowed filetypes: .PNG, .GIF (basically best formats for transparent and animated things.) Users who do not have uploaded emoticon sets will be set to the default set. (Gooey or whatever Kieran likes.) Allow disable of emoticons, as in you can disable yours only, or disable all emoticon sets from your view. (Like schemes and layout viewing)

Hear that Kieran?!