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EDIT: Go to the post after this one.

Hello I'm starting a new thread for a new semi team hack.
What enemies do you play as for this game?

That's right, enemies! For this hack you play as enemies, such as this video of a playable chuck. The story is something along the lines of

Bowser's annual minion review is up, can you past the test?

I want this to be a very short hack. Meaning no more than 10 levels. However as of now I only have one for sure enemy going to be in this hack, sumo bro.
What I need your help with is picking the other 3+. Here are the rules.

-Must be a BOWSER minion
-Must have graphics that are suitable for SMW
-Must be 32x32 or smaller
-Must include how it plays


Name: Sumo Bro
Graphics: found in allgfx.bin
Does: walks, jumps with earthquake shake, toss thunder that starts fire on contact, can't jump very high.

Other's I've considered, which will most likely not choose-
-Shelless and Regular Koopas
-Bullet Bill
-Cheep Cheep
-Hoping Flame
-Podopobo (sp?)
-Hammer/Sledge Bro
-Dry Bones
-Buzzy Beetle
-Fish Bones
-Gas Bubble


I have to say that the concept for this hack is just plain awesome.
The chuck's frames are really smooth too. An idea for the chuck is have him throw straight fireballs that are baseballs when he gets a fire flower.
As for other enemies to play as... hm, the ones I would suggest are already on your italic'd list.
Name: Fuzzie
Graphics: Found in Allgfx.bin
How it plays: If possible, just make it play like normal mario, but with a lower jump.

Eh. My only other one would be a floating level where you play as a podobo.

Either way, good luck with this project.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Name: Dino Rhino
Gfx: found in GFX23.bin
Does: Walks slowly, jumps low, but on anything. When hit, it spawns a Dino Torch.

Name: Dino Torch
Gfx: GFX23.bin
Does: Runs faster and jumps higher. Can breath 16x16 fire, but cannot jump on everything Dino Rhino can w/o dying.

Like that, right?

Name: Porcupuffer
Gfx: GFX06.bin
Does: Swims around, and can jump a bit above the surface of water.


Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

Other Submissions of mine:
SNES Controller Graphics (v2)
Name: Thwimp
Graphics: found in allgfx.bin
Does: Doesn't walk, but hops a short distance and hops a few tiles high

EDIT: That ninja'd message scared me a little... :(

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Question: Does a Baby Bowser minion count as a Bowser minion?
Originally posted by 2technogeeks
Question: Does a Baby Bowser minion count as a Bowser minion?

Yes he does. Basically, anything related to bowser except bowseer is okay. Also, you can submit as many of these entries as you want.

Lunar Rico: Thwimp has a good chance of getting in.

=D=: I like the idea of it, but I'm leaning more toward just the dino torch.

Kristian: Fuzzie is one of the cutest enemies, but playing just like mario would be boring. For sure it'll be an NPC, unless you can add more details as to how it plays.


Koopa Troopa.

Plays like Mario mostly... Kinda the default easy guy... most similar to the controls everyone is used to.

Powerups include hammers, boomerangs, and fire that turn him into a Hammer brother, Boomerang brother, and Fire brother respectively.

You COULD use the default SMW koopa graphics and use the SMB3 graphics for the hammer/boomerang/fire brother, but if you ask me, graphics that made the four forms look more similar would work better.

I have a hack thread - Link (Now with a demo!)
Also a music thread - Link

C3 Projects
2013: Modern Spiny Pack
2012: MGSS v0.1
Spring 2010: SMB2 Autobomb Sprite
Okay, then. I might enter one later.

Name: Chain Chomp
Graphics: Here.
Does: You are a Chain Chomp, and you lunge at enemies to kill them. To advance, you must lunge at a Cement Block or something to pull you over to it, like the Zelda Hookshot.

Basically: A strategy/puzzle game.

Name: Ninji
Graphics: AllGFX.bin
Does: The level is dark, there are lights scattered around, and the enemies have light in front of them (where they can see). You, the Ninji, have to get through the level without ever touching any light. You can kill enemies like Mario can, or if you want to be creative, with a shuriken.

Basically: A stealth mission.

More may be added later.
Name: Sprite 8E
Graphics: found in allgfx.bin
Does: Just makes the screen scroll. Basically pointless.

Name: Spiny Egg
Graphics: allgfx.bin
Does: Rolls on the ground and destroy turn blocks from below and kills enemies on contact EXCEPT Bob-ombs, which explode if hit and hurts Spiny. I can jump the height Mario does.

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I just deleted a bunch of rambling ideas because I think I had one really good one:

Dolphin (and whale?)

It's sorta arguable whether or not they work for bowser... but I mean, I suppose somebody could edit it and make it frown, or make it a lava dolphin, or make it something evil...

Essentially, the pitch is that he could make water levels interesting. D-pad controls him, and that's about it. I think this would make designs easier, because you can create narrower, more windidng passages without being as slow as Mario.

Also, if you want to design some crazy ASM, give the dolphin the ability to jump out of the water. Land above water = death, at least after a certain period of time.

Other quick thoughts:

Urchin: Could be like one of those annoying sliding rock puzzles, where he moves in one direction and cannot change his momentum until he hits a wall.

Chuck - he's already playable, but I think he'd make an interesting ridable yoshi substitute.

Goomba - this would be the hardest part of the game. You're the goomba that, without jumping, manages to get from the last world, all the way to the beginning of the game, only to get crushed in one jump. Could also be humorous, as random stuff happens to explain how he makes it to the beginning alive (EX: Wind could blow randomly to help him get over gaps, etc.)
I'm suprised no one has replied with this:

Character: Magikoopa
GFX: I don't know
Does: Mainly could be a maze game where you are able to teleport short distances and have to solve puzzles to advance to the next part. Puzzles could include having to use the magic wand to turn a pressed button into a key (something like that).

Character: Bird from Yoshi's House
GFX: I don't know
Does: Flies around and is able to push things by flapping its wings. When it powers up (by whatever would power it up) it can push bigger things/do a diving drill with its beak.

I'm not really a GFX type of person so I don't know where these guys are.
Character: Swooper
Does: You could have a vertical cave which it needs to fly out of and evntully once out the cave keeps flying upwards to a mountain top....

Character: Bouncing football
GFX: All Gfx
Does: You have to contol the hyper bounciong ball to the end of the level avoiding chcuks. you could make it hard by not making it stop moving.
Originally posted by ChaosDragoon

Sprites from the original game are in AllGFX.bin.

Character: Rex
Does: Walks normally when 16x32, but can grab items (because you have arms). You have to hit a special block which makes you a small Rex (16x16 + can't grab items, because arms are squished), which makes you walk faster. You have to hit a grow block to get 16x32 again.
/smartidea = disable ducking

You could make a nice puzzle level around that :P

I cry when angels deserve to die <3
Lay-out made by Broozer

Rex should be player 2

Name: bouncing green koopa with wings
Graphics: found in allgfx.bin
Does: When you play as this character, you are forced to constantly bounce and you have no control over that, but you can control left and right movement. same size as a normal koopa sprite. I'd disable ducking.

Name: GIANT wiggler
Graphics: none really exist, they're from NSMBWII
Does: Your a freaking huge wiggler. Go destroy the entire level.
Then again.... this would be either multiple 64x64 sprites or layer 2 stuff.

zomg you just inspired me to make a thwomp. don't ask what it'll do, but it'll be interesting.

I own a community of TF2 servers!

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Very interesting concept! I'll give one a try:

Name: Hopping Flame
Graphics: Found in AllGFX.bin (or GFX02.bin if you want to be specific)
Does: You can only move when hopping. When you hop, you leave a temporary flame at where you were standing, just like the original Hopping Flame. The flame you leave behind will hurt enemies when they touch it. You will also melt ice blocks when you or one of your flames touches them.
Possibilities: You can get hurt by water (of any kind, like dripping pipes) but can swim through lava. If you press *button* in midair you drop a flame (only works once per jump).
Name: Bowser Statue
Gfx: GFX12.bin
Does: When golden, you can jump around. You can press a button to pull a Tanooki Suit by freezing and dropping in the air. You can fire fireballs when in this state.


Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

Other Submissions of mine:
SNES Controller Graphics (v2)
Does:Now that I think about it, he's basically Mario. He gets hit and he shrinks...yeah...
And with that, the enemies have been decided! Feel free to keep posting your thoughts should a sequel be made.


Ixtab, I was watching that other hack you were working on, (you know, the one where you kill yourself), and when the thread died I was sad. Well, I'm glad to see that your working on something new. I can't wait to see the ideas for your levels when they come around.
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