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What would you do with $30 millon?

I'd literally buy a ton of beef jerky, help restore the house I'm living in, donate some to a charity, then invest in most of the rest.
Give it all to scientific research into sentient robots, causing them all to turn on us sooner and eliminating the human race. Of course, I'll make sure they're all programmed to love me.
I'd do what most others would do, spend some of it, gain lots of respect and popularity.Free counters!
Bank it and spend the interest.
In all honesty I'd go move to Canada or Seattle in the USA, buy the latest technology, a nice house and car then deposit the rest in the bank for whoever the hell wants it afterwards.

That, or charity.

take 15million, try to double it by gambling. If I lose it, i will continue my normal life with 15million in "comfort money" in the bank. If i do double it and have 45million in the end then I will move to New Zealand and buy Mt Sunday and build a house on it. Wont be any special house, just a normal house, i might get a small pool like i have now. The only luxorious thing i would have is a helicopter to get to wellington when i need to go into town/party/ect.

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
I'd donate it to SMWC.
I would buy a mansion in Sweden and i would create a company which makes videogames.
Oh, and i'd donate to this site and i'd use it for scientific researches.
i just lurk sometimes
Buy some video games, then let my parents put the rest in for college.
Good fucking bye.
I'd probably take it all out in twenty dollar bills and then attempt to build those money houses/clothes you always see on TV.

Oh, I might donate some to charity too, but my primitive entertainment comes first.
Buy everything that exists, and I might also donate some to charity, like SNN.
Pay off my debts I still have, then move to Sapporo.

I'd probably spend 10 thousand to buy this place from kieran, then I'd roll around in the rest of my money in the mansion I just bought for 4 million.
I would resolve all the problems!
Also buy houses in several places, do a world tour and buy every little object that can make me happy.
If remain money, i would deposit.
30 million dollars? Let's see, I would most likely split it. Half would go towards investing, that way I would always have some form of wealth. The other half would go towards spending; a new place, cars, and a massive amount computer related technologies. And they said money couldn't buy happiness...
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The following would apply when I'm out of house:

-> Give $300.000 to every relatively close family members and/or friends I have
-> Donate 1 million in total to charity
-> It's highly unlikely that I'll be on SMWC then, but just say. I'd donate $1000 here.
-> Use the rest for later, such as emigrating to Australia, solving unexpected problems I may encounter later, etc.

One can hope.
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I'd buy Nintendo. Wait... I'd need a lot more than $30,000,000 to do that!
60% of the time, works every time.

Donate $5 to the site, and spend the rest on comic books, etc.
Probably buy a 5 million dollar mansion that could turn into a giant-killer robot and DESTROY Adam's cheap 4 million dollar mansion.
Check out my Youtube channel! 獣耳 Brony for life.
Build a retarded big house,buy a ps3,a wii and a trampoline,that's it.

I would invest 1 million in whatever....