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The new Layout Request and Help thread (READ RULES)

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An request again..
Signature and box border:
Squared border with curved corner.
Trebuchet MS
Forest background from SMWCP2.
This color in post BG color.
This color for signature BG.
The Capule from Gundam series, also make the BG transparent.
I apoligze if i'm asking for something that isn't possible, I don't entirely know how Layouts work (though i have made a few rather basic ones through the generators

I was hoping if anyone could make a layout with a cycling of These images. It's up to opinion of the text area should have a shaded box area or just on the background color, but it would have to change alongside the backgrounds, noting that some images need a lighter text color and others would need a darker (except for the Missino background, which if the person taking up this request couldn't resolve, that BG can be left out of the assorted backgrounds). I would prefer that the text does not overlap with the side Images. If any editing on the images are needed i would happily edit them for use, such as resizing some of the images to keep the text area consistent. Also i would not need an area for a signature, i don't use it and would be fine if it was left out.

Thanks if anyone can help, and if you need any more expinations feel free to ask me here, IRC, or through PM
Sample text.
Originally posted by no-one
This is a sample quote.

Sample code.

Sample link. Eh, these Pokemon layouts are gettin' a bit... well, old now - but like, they please people, anyway.

Quote for code.
Thanks Tahixham, it's a lot like how i envisioned it.

Disabled layout because it's weird seeing it repeating for me

I love my Vanillite/Vanillish/Vanilluxe layout (other than small font). But this is getting ridiculous. It was okay when Hobz did it with his Shuckle layout. Then I had Cofagrigus layout. And then Tahixam was inspired by my Vanillite-family layout request with his Munchlax, then subsequently made mine.

Now everybody thought it was cool to basically rip-off - but wait, the pokemon are different right? HUEHUEHUEHUE.

Uh. I don't want to sound anal, but seriously people - get some creativity >.>

For now, I'll be using this layout. Imma think of a good layout later on...
With the Pokemon layouts, yes they could be seen being used by several users, but really, it's no different than the time when there were all them striped layouts with animé characters. I wouldn't really look at it as people 'ripping off' your layout - I'd look at it more of you started a 'trend' of some sort, because people liked your idea. I made a three or so out of the several that were around, but I wouldn't have done if I knew you wouldn't have liked it, or something.
Anyway, Sarc, if you feel you need to, query me on IRC or PM me - let's not let this thread turn into people raging about the layouts and all #ab{;)}
I echo Tahixham. Styles and trends come and go, and people enjoy partaking in them. It's not a matter of lack of creativity or trying to rip others off.

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So, I'd like a new layout based around this image.

I don't have any real specifics, because I really couldn't find anything else to go with it, not even a background.

EDIT: And maybe something along the lines of the text on this image if at all possible?

EDIT2: I forget too much stuff, like resizing (I swear to god I saved it resized to an acceptable size..).

i have no idea how this will work out.
Just posting to tell I've taken Grav's. I will be working on it. :3
Would like a new layout, as my current one is old. (Sorry Counterfeit ): )

I would like my text box to be this.

Would like this as my side image. (I've resized it and made it transparent for the layout maker ;) )

I would also like my text to be Comic Sans.

Anything else is up to you! I always love little bonuses!!

Link colors and stuff is up to you as well :)

Thanks in advance!

Edit: has been claimed by Tahix
Claiming Mr.Man's - will update when done, as per usual. Stuff has been spoken about on IRC on a couple of changes and so on.

I am still working on this by the way.
I'd like a new layout based around this image. With rounded rectangle text box and signature box. The text should be Comic Sans MS.

A note: Well, this could hopefully that someone could fulfill it.
Just asking, but why can't you make the backgrounds of the pictures transparent yourself? It isn't that hard.
Steam: controversialbread
My layout has been finished.
Steam: controversialbread
A layout request!

I am going for a manga theme, so:

1. The background is a simple, plain, white.
2. This image in on the bottom left:

3. The text box having the border of narrator boxes seen here: see the boxes with "Marine HQ", "Near the Red Line", and "The New World".
4. The quote box being a rounded, rectangular speech bubble.
5. The code box simply a black border similar to regular manga panels, same with the sig box.
6. The font is up to you. Hopefully, a manga/comic font (not Comic Sans) will work. But whatever you think looks best.

Do NOT make the text box small and make even a little of the post be a picture. I write a lot, and I rather emphasize on the post than a pretty picture.

Here is a mockup of how a imagine it:

This was lazily slapped together on paint, so it looks ugly. I give you the right to rearrange things. So yeah. Also it's small because table stretch-orz. Also don't over lap the image. Don't mind that here. I'm too lazy to fix it.
Something weird happened. A glitch in the Matrix

Did you delete and re-post your layout request?

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Aye. I decided that I would do it myself, so I deleted the post (made a copy of it first though, just in case). Then I realized how crappy my layout-ing skills are. :v
i would like to request a layout with image but smaller. Thanks to whoever makes it!

My image...
The link to the image is broken. Perhaps you could re-upload the re-size image to file bin.
Originally posted by Pokeymeister80
The link to the image is broken. Perhaps you could re-upload the re-size image to file bin.

There, The image should now be shown ^w^
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