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The new Layout Request and Help thread (READ RULES)

Link Thread Closed
Hey hey! Here we go again! Going to lay it out like I did last time, giving literally every image to be used, no matter how small, if only to hopefully make it easier.

For the post/signature box...
Both the top and bottom edges

Ugly flame for the bottom corners

Both of the side edges

The top right corner

The top left corner

For the background, a measly two images
The background itself (make it repeat)

AAAAAND TABLE STRETCH SO LINK TO IMAGE IN FRONT OF BACKGROUND (to the right side, only appear once in the left edge middle)
EDIT: Nope, bottom left corner of the background. Just noticed how the picture is.

For the words, the normal text should be a light red (not a sore to the eye light, but still light), links should be a more darker red (but not dark enough to blend with the background) and the code should be grey. I don't mind what shade of grey, but grey.

Thank you to anyone who takes this up~
EDIT 2: Please remove the white areas of an image~
Also,How big must my Layout be?
Hello. I would like a PIKACHU layout please.
This by side of box.
I want a semi-transparent blue box for post and sig. SIG AND POST SEPERATED.
If possible, make a transparency around the side image. SIDE IMAGE on left.
Thanks for doing this.
Font is Arial.
From : Forest of Illusion 3My layout:

I want this back:

With this mushroom


Mod edit: Table stretch.
Forest of Illusion 3
Uuumm, hello #ab{^_^} I would like to have a Layout with this image:

A semi-transparent purple box for my post and my sig, separated please #ab{^_^} (Arial font)

Thank you in advance! #w{<3} #w{=3} #thp{^_^}
After a discussion with Ulti, we have decided to make a new layout request thread (that is the link to it). This thread is now closed and de-stickied.

Regarding Bumpty, One two three, MarioSuperStar, Akireyano and FlamingRok's requests: feel free to re-post your requests in the new new thread. Thanks. Also, that applies to anyone else I have missed - I just went down the thread review.
Link Thread Closed