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happy Pi day!

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I can't believe no one made a thread for this yet. It's Pi day, so, happy pi day. 3/14/10.
Pi day will be even more epic in 2015. 3/14/15 (Pi=3.1415...)
60% of the time, works every time.

Happy pi day everyone!
i just lurk sometimes
My class is about to have a Pi day, until the date wasn't in the weekdays. So my Pi Day will be tomorrow. And should it start at 1:59 PM, since of the number of pi = 3.14159.....
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Yeah, happy pi day, blah blah.

This day doesn't seem like anything out-of-the-ordinary for me when it should. I always obsess over this day due to being a math freak mostly. We even celebrated this day last Friday in math class because of it being Einstein's birthday and pi day.

Also, offtopic, but taken from Wikipedia:
"April 26: The Earth has traveled two radians of its orbit on this day (April 25 in leap years), reckoning from the start of the calendar year on January 1. Thus the entire orbit divided by the distance traveled equals π; two radians equals 1⁄π of our orbit. This is celebrated exactly on the 41st second of the 23rd minute of the 4th hour on April 26 or the 116th day. (In leap years, it is celebrated exactly on the 3rd second of the 2nd minute of the 12th hour on April 25 or the 116th day.) This celebration is not a Pi Approximation Day."

I suddenly feel like my birthday has meaning.
They have calculated roughly 2,700,000,000 digits of Pi.
Here are 100,000 of them.

Happy pi day! :D

You all knew something like this was coming; be glad it's still pi-related.
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
I'm going to go eat some pie to celebrate. :D

Aww no more pi day :(

I'm late x(
Pi Day sucks. Now Towel Day on the other hand...
Originally posted by Captain Pissweak
Pi Day sucks. Now Towel Day on the other hand...

To Google! -Googles Towel Day-
Well, it's still Pi Day here. Heh, on Friday, there was a Pi Day bake sale in the math building. The pie was $1.00 a slice, but you could get one for free if you answered a trivia question about mathematics correctly. I


71 decimal places of pi.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Yeah, our math teacher has an annual contest for remembering the digits of pi. I think the winner gets a real pie too.

I still like the Great Military Holiday in March, though.
March Fourth.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
I still want an Euler's Day. It's too bad we can't have 71 days in February and 828 minutes in an hour. We'd be set then.
Kristian, I had a freshman year math teacher who did that exact same thing. He even baked the pie himself, saying he used algorithms to bake it or something XD

I miss high school now lol
Pi day does not exist for me, as I use the dd/mm/yy format for writing the date.

I would like that Pi pie ZMann posted though.
I dunno if this would contribute any, but there's a .hack chick whose name is Pi o.o
For Pi day, I got my teacher a pecan pie.
Well yeah, this is just an another interesting number coincidence. Actually, last year we had a very interesting time-number coincidence. It was at

12:34:56 on 7-8-(200)9

Interesting, eh? That can be only once in 100 years.

But still, 1/3/(20)37 will be the most awesome year.
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