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your greatest achivements in videogammes

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what where your greates achivements ? i don't mean xbox 360 achivements, i meen the things that you have accomplished that you feel proud of. stuff like finishing the pit of 100 trials in pm:ttyd, or getting a perfect on every one of the battle mode stages. so what where yours ?
100% in Brawl. 'nuff said.
Getting a perfect score (100 points on every level) in World 6 in Yoshi's Island.Free counters!
Originally posted by 2technogeeks
100% in Brawl. 'nuff said.

all the notices to ? i heard that there is one for doing a crazy amout of matches, somthing like 100 000.
For me it was the time I finally broke 200K in Tetris and saw that version of the rocket. I remember the score, and it was...

201,022. :)

You hear dice being thrown...
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My biggest accomplishment is brawl related, like 2techno, but mine pales in comparison to completing it 100%. My accomplishment was completing the boss battles on extreme mode. That mode took me well over three months to do, not to mention the insane amount of frustration it caused me. *Reflects upon the hundreds of attempts to complete it.* Yeah, I'm really glad I was able to accomplish it.
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Getting the hover boots early and then completing the water temple with them(Ocarina of Time).

Took me about 250 tries to get to the shadow temple early.
1. Getting the "No Damage Clear!" bonus on Super Smash Bros. Melee.
2. Also on Melee, breaking 5,000 feat in the Home Run Contest with Ganondorf (GOD was I angry when my save file was corrupted).
3. This is really petty, but I beat the Super Hard CPU players at Mecha-Marathon on Mario Party 2.
lots of people have super smash bros. related achivements :P and who did both of you use for boss battles on intense ?
Originally posted by pkhaxor
lots of people have super smash bros. related achivements :P and who did both of you use for boss battles on intense ?

I used Toon Link, then I did it again using Lucas. (two of my three best characters, Dedede being the third, but he's only good in normal 1-on-1 matches) Then a few months later, I beat it with everybody. (don't even get me started on how long it took to beat it with Olimar)
you beat it on intense with everybody :O ? and in case you couldn't guess, my main is lucas, too :P
I honestly wouldn't have the patience to beat it on intense with every character. The character I used was Fox, not my main character but he's one of the easier characters to use. Fox makes the boss battles much easier with his multi-hit air attacks, his rapid fire gun, his reflector, and his sheer speed.

Even with Fox it took me a while to figure out the ways in which each boss attacked and how to properly dodge and counter attack. I still haven't gotten Raquaza's moveset down. That is when he is the final "normal" boss to beat on intense mode. I swear they doubled his speed when you face him as one of the final bosses on intense mode, this is compared to as facing him on the beginning part of intense mode.
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My Mario Kart DS world records, available on my channel.
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99% in SSBM (damn japanese trophies).
As far as I can remember, a great achievement for me was to get 120 stars in super mario 64. I was a child, then the excitement was great.

That probaly would be the "Nothing Special" achievement on left4dead for me.
I did the no mercy campaign on my own (no bots or other players) on easy with zoey. It was a hell to survive tough.

Still, I made it in 26 minutes after alot tries. I was very happy. XD

I also remember being glad on finally beating the last event (#51 I believe, with giga bowser, mewto and ganondorf) on melee.


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Originally posted by FUGGNUTZ
My Mario Kart DS world records, available on my channel.

Same, except then for Mario Kart Double Dash. Here was one, which once used to be a 2nd place record (of the entire world) for 60Hz, for Dry Dry Desert. Link. I was off the WR by 0:055.
That was ages ago - right now I don't care about the game anymore and I left all of it behind. I wonder if I'm still even in the top 10 anymore with that time. Had I continued, however, I would probably have had the WR by now. Who knows.

FUGGNUTZ, have you by any chance ever submitted your times to the official MKDS time trialing site? I used to do that for the MKDD one.
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Pfft. You're all smalltime.

1. Get the "Little Rocket Man" achievement in Half-Life 2: Episode 2 (bring the garden gnome from the very start of the game to the very end of the game).

My thoughts: THIS IS UTTER BULL! The game expects you to drive the mazda with the gnome in the rear window. If you hit the car once, the gnome flies out!

2. Unlock AX Cup and beat Story Mode in F-Zero GX.

My thoughts: Figure it out for yourself.
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1. Passed "Through The Fire & Flames" on Expert in Guitar Hero: Greatest/Smash Hits.

2. Defeated the final boss in Final Fantasy 9 with one character and 1 HP left. I thought "oh shit, I'm dead" but I was really surprised to see the boss die after one more hit.

3. Got Gold Star on Painkiller Expert Guitar in Rock Band 2!

4. Came first in Rainbow Road on Mario Kart Wii. I've only done that once.

5. Defeated all the Dark Aeons and Penance in FF10.

6. Got 100% on Final Fantasy X-2. It took me like 312 hours! :O

7. 5 starred everything on RB1 (not bonus songs) and got Gold Star on "Green Grass & High Tides!" :D

I don't have any SSBB achievements since I suck at it and 100% is never gonna happen for me. 500 hours of play time?! I've only just managed about 20! Also, completing everything on Intense is gonna be impossible.
Originally posted by Remnic
Unlock AX Cup and beat Story Mode in F-Zero GX.

Ah man, good times. I myself beat most of the story mode missions on Very Hard, except for Chapters 7 (Grand Prix), 5 (Save Jody), and 8 (Race Deathborn) I believe. Hard as nails game, but pretty much everything I could ever want out of a racer.

As for other things I consider worth boasting about...:

Beating Cave Story on a minimalist run (3 HP, Polar Star, the other forced weapons, as well as getting the good ending)

Beating Tyson and Bowser/Wily on Impossible on IWBTG (as well as clearing Very Hard).

Beating Insane Mode (solo, it was intended to be challenging enough for 4 max-level players) on Castle Crashers with the worst possible character.

And my personal favorites:

Beating the fabled Master Ninja modes in both Ninja Gaiden Black, and Ninja Gaiden II, the latter was a low-lifebar run as well. I also beat Ninja Gaiden Black on Normal with no deaths, which was pretty cool too.

These are what I might consider my crowning achievements in vidya games, though I always try to take games I love to the most extreme level I can, so I have plenty of other smaller things that may be worth bragging on to some folks, but didn't really push me (typically, these would be low level runs in RPGs or 100% completions). I live for challenge.

Beating the ninja chapter in live-a-live without using a guide or save states. I saved constantly but still had to restart tons of times. I thought the reward was pretty sweet until I found out that you could get more powerful swords pretty easily in the final chapter.
Beating contra 3 on normal mode. Seriously, that game is so hard that beating it on normal felt like an achievement.
Beating contra Hard Corps, I don't actually know what character is easiest or how the path I took compares to others, but it still felt like an achievement.
Beating Mega Man 2, doing all the robot masters and their levels without using any special weapons, on my ipod via ipodlinux and idarcnes. Mega man 2 was the only one I could do decently in on my ipod though, because it's the easiest one that doesn't have the chargeable weapon, which is hard to use on an ipod.

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