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Computer Annoyances

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Have you ever had something annoy the crap out of you on the computer? I have. Tell me about it. For me, it would be asses on the internet who hate you for no reason. Like I was in this chatroom, minding my own business. And some guy keeps saying "Ban him! Ban him! Ban him!" And what do you know? I'm banned immediately.
It might not have been for no reason, though.

I've got a one-stop-shop for internet annoyances. It's a little site called Omegle. It's basically a huge chatroom that pairs people up and has them talk to eachother. Trolls are just about everywhere.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
Giga, you have a bad link, you have to type in the "http://" part too!


Yeah, Omegle is what Giga said, its filled with trolls, just now, I went on and the stranger said, "I NEED A D*CK IN MY P*SSY RIGHT NOW!"


StickyKeys, you, those adds that pop up saying that you won something...
I've got a better list on my profile.

The only person on the internet I've ever hated was someone from a different board that threatened to ban me for being idiotic. The reason behind him calling me an idiot was because I didn't know what program I needed to extract files from a CUE and BIN file. This also lead to him adding a definition to his bot saying "Blumiere is: (1) an idiot".
Originally posted by Blumiere
This also lead to him adding a definition to his bot saying "Blumiere is: (1) an idiot".

That bot is the only reason I'm still on that server. Also in the event that that hatred may someday erupt.

Anyways, I hate a lot of people on the Internet. Mostly because they're stupid, and it's fun. Though the only reason I'm still here is because most of the people here are intelligent.
Since this is technically about computer annoyances, I'll throw my share out there.

It annoys me when my computer locks up while I'm trying to do something important. It also annoys me that I defrag my drives as much as possible, and nothing gets done about the speed of the computer.

As for internet annoyances, I went on the talkhaus IRC a few times, and this one bitch (trust me, she seriously IS) kept telling me to shut up and she started shit with me, and I went "Listen,'s called 'Ignore,' you KNOW I'm not gonna roll over and listen to you, so what's the use in telling me to shut up when you can IGNORE me?" In short, people who follow the basic principle of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. In this case, people who tell someone to shut up every time they say it, and they never get that result--instead, they just keep saying it. Such insanity...insecurity even =/

There's more I could say, such as she likes to attack I have "no life" and she "does" because she "works" when I see her on that IRC almost all the time, BUUUUUUT as of late, I haven't seen her, so I think she smartened up and followed her own philosophy.

Man, tangent...
Originally posted by Jeuda Cruxifis
It also annoys me that I defrag my drives as much as possible, and nothing gets done about the speed of the computer.

No, it probably wouldn't. Very rarely will defragging your drive speed up your computer... about as often as running a "free" registry check #w{>=(}

Originally posted by Amos DeFamos
Firefox is a RAM whore

Survey says: Get Google Chrome. It's extremely light. (And yes, it is also open source, so no worries)

Anyways, on topic(ish?), I'm annoyed that I'm stuck on a windows box until I buy a new computer...
It's still in Beta, so it's fairly new, and it may not perform particularly well for that reason, but I have a lot of faith in google to be honest, so I would expect it to work.

Why do you like firefox over chrome? I mean, it's your opinion, but the only thing firefox had over chrome (extensions) has now been added into chrome, so there is really no downside. I guess maybe firefox looks cooler? It is less minimalistic I suppose, but minimilistic is a good thing in my opinion... Whatever.

Originally posted by LudwigVonKoopa
Those adds that pop up saying that you won something...

Yep. This. You're the guest number *insert random number here*! Click here to claim your prize!

Viruses of any kind you find on the internet.. It's just meh.

I hate how my computer sometimes just doesn't want to turn on. Very annoying situation, but eventually it turns on after some tries.

My computer just randomly freezing and staying like that for about 15 minutes, due to it sucking arse. That, and my "SLEEP" button. If I so much at slightly nudge it, it sends my computer into a virtual coma.
I hate how my Vista loves to crash programs randomly and sometimes even crash the computer for no reason. It mostly seems to happen when I pull something out of the USB drive, but I'm not sure. It also sometimes takes a couple of tries to turn on too. Thankfully my Vista isn't too bad, I just feel that it's gonna turn a hell of a lot worse over this next year #w{=(}

Not blue.

ads... i hate those.

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
If there's something that malfunctions and there apparently is no fix whatsoever.
My entire record of PC ownage has been annoying in General.

PC 1) Crashes, slow as hell (not that bad) #w{=|}

PC 2) Vista - BSoD, viruses, slow as hell, annoying in general, sometime BSoD crashes also. #w{:<}

PC 3) Not annoying until now it asks me to register Windows. #w{=(}
The one thing that I hate the most is the noob speech or to rephrase that: teh n00b 7a1k. I don't understand why people can't just take the time to use real English (or whatever language that you may speak).

The other thing is lag. I have a computer (thank God not the one I am currently on) that too has under 500 mbs of RAM. Honestly when we put some antivirus software on the computer it took so long to open a simple program. Even Lunar Magic took a long time to open.
Originally posted by JeRRy86
ads... i hate those.

I am so glad that I use Safari with its built in pop-up blocker.
AnimeList | MangaList
Near every forum I've been on the member's are like the biggest jerks ever, insulting me instead of helping me improve.

This site is actually REASONABLE compared to some others.
I can't stand intrnt shrt hnd I mean come on just type out your god damn sentence... g2g hve cls in a min... Yes I still have friends that type like that it annoys the living F^$& out of me. I finally got one of them to stop texting me like that but when will the rest learn. Certain things are acceptable you know like WTF or IMO, things like that. Really all I have to say to you internet short hand is STFU n00b

My computer takes 15 minutes to boot. And the internal fan is busted, so I can't just leave it on. And usually the first thing I do when turning on my computer is signing on to Skype. Which takes another 15 minutes...

What I hate about the ineternet:
1. YouTube comments on popular videos.
2. Smart asses.
3. Dumb asses.
4. Drama (Oh god.)
5. Pop-ups.

Who knows when I'll have
something to put here.

Credits go to Counterfeit for the bitchin' post layout.

Originally posted by moltensnow
Like I was in this chatroom, minding my own business. And some guy keeps saying "Ban him! Ban him! Ban him!" And what do you know? I'm banned immediately.

After your recent activity on #smwc, I don't think it was entirely unwarranted.
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