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Mario: The Wicked Islands

On your last video, the zingers and the barrels were too realistic with the foreground. I would personally recomment making the foreground more detailed, but you can do it the other way too.
Anyway, I like your level design too.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks, CDPower, i won´t will disappoint you, i was going to make some custom Paper Mario ExGFX soon or later for my hack anyway, so whatever thing you need for me to do, just send me a PM, with the name of the Paper Mario game and Place/Sprite name, and then i could see what i can do.

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Alright, also leaving you guys with this for tonight, a peek.


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I love all three of the Paper Mario games. And seeing their graphics being used here instantly grabs my attention.

That really looks good. Everything seems to be in a consistent Paper Mario style, and I like those Muths. Though, to be honest, I'd really like it if you could somehow make the Muths taller like they were in SPM. But still, very nice work here. #w{=D}

Also, what's with that seemingly randomly placed wingless Goonie?
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh

I love the art style, and it's consistent (no realistic sprites with cartoony foreground, background ect.).

Who knows when I'll have
something to put here.

Credits go to Counterfeit for the bitchin' post layout.

ZMann: Thank you, and I am actually working on the GFX Routines to make the Muth taller to be 32x48. Also the wingless Goonie you see actually has wings, i'm just too lazy to go through the trouble to make it show as having wings in Lunar Magic.

Rebees: Thanks, glad you like it so far.

Also may be an update today but may not be. Depends on if I don't gotta go to my grandma's for 5 hours which I don't want to. #w{:s}

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Cool- not sure about the yellow squigs though. Oh, one way you can improve the Muths is make their heads a little more pointed inwards. By the Way, am I a part in the hack?
Yeah you are helping me with GFX remember? #w{=3}

Edit: Porting levels and other stuff over to a new rom due to New LM and patches I patched to the rom "fighting each other."

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Hmm I think you stretched the page there.
Try putting a link instead!


Nice levels anyways!
Your layout has been removed.
It's not stretched. IK because my layout, the picture of sakura in the background, it's at the same place.
Also thank you.

Edit: Waiting til the REAL Lunar magic 1.70 comes out. Want proof it's april fools joke and you don't believe me for some reason, then go to page 8 and read my post that has a link linked to fusoya's site. #w{=P}

Nevermind, I'm not gonna use LM 1.70 for this hack. Next one, yes.

Check out my hack HERE!