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Dinomar: Sara Story: an old hack...

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Originally posted by description
Yeah!!!! This is pure luck! I was a bit sad knowing i cancelled my work replacing my levels! But days ago, i was looking on "system32" folder for look some stuff that ender there for case and... i found a copy of this old beta! So, i called it "Dinomar beta 2". Now i am looking for relasing it, but it is not avaiable for now: in few times it will be :)

Description: The hack is called "Sara 's story: Luigi and Dinomar".
The hack starts with engrish that a girl named Sara was kidnapped by Grisba, an ogre in this hack than the alien ogre you have seen in Beta 3 aka "Dinomar: adventure of a SMWC user". So, Luigi will, together Dinomar, a kind of dinosaur that acts like Yoshi, will get to save This girl. There are 4 worlds: Dinomar's island; Donkey land; Majin's hell; Koody's cliffs. The game starts at "Fresh start" and ends at "Koody's castle. This last level is acutally a multi boss: first of all you must beat Koody (that have the loveliness of 50 HP, the same for Majin boss) and then Grisba. strange, i had in mind a lot of projects that didn't became reality, this is why you must beat Grisba at Koody's castle. So, i can call this hack the first i ever finished in my life!
The hack is not easy and sometimes Savestates are recommanded, but i think you will enjoy it, aside many graphical bacons. Level design is awkward, but not linear.
Just wait for it, if you are curious.

Download link:
Now, play, comment and rate!

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Amazing!!! Probably I download it and play. I can see the good level design and the hard work on it.


1.- The Overworld (0:19 and 1:28) doesn't have bit decorations. Add more.
2.- 1:39 WHAT? A ladder is growing up by a plant?
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Looks very nice. Level design is good, and not to linear.

Originally posted by ManuMaster654
WHAT? A latter is growing out of a plant?

If your not using the parana plant enemys then you should change that. I sugjest that you use tweaker to make it use the red koopa pallet, then make it look like a monkey who is building the latter up.

Also, yellow banana coin currence IS AWESOME!