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Username change

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How do you change your username? Because I'd like to change it to InnerPuppy.
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Send me a PM with the content "4993" and subject "130" if the pic of Reimu Hakurei on the right turns you on.
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Message Kieran about it.
Also, you get only one username change normally. However, around the times of Halloween and Christmas, everyone gets special holiday name-change privileges when you can request more name changes.
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I know, but... yeah...
We used to be able to freely change our names, but the staff decided to remove the feature. You can still change your name by PM'ing an Administrator, but you can only do it once. You can still your name freely at Halloween or Christmas, but the names automatically get reverted back once the holiday is over.Free counters!
Name change requests, as per stated, can be made by PMing an admin. You'd better make damn sure you want to stay with that name permanently though, because it is the only change you get.

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