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SMA2 hacking
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Here are three notes on the topic of SMA2 hacking:

* Lunar Magic doesn't support SMA2. Well, at least not the public build.

* Creating a new level editor that supports SMA2 would take too much time and work.

* Building levels in hex editors is too much of a pain to be feasible.

The conclusion? SMA2 hacking is unreasonable. Ugh, if only Lunar Magic would support it. I mean, look! The interface, graphics rendering etc. etc. etc. is already there. The only thing missing is pretty much a load and save button that accepts SMA2 ROMs.

Well, we'd better give up.



...Wait a minute. The things we actually need is a way to design a level and a way to insert it into an SMA2 ROM. Who says that those two things have to be done by the same program? What if we could design the levels in Lunar Magic like usual and save them to a normal SMW ROM, then extract the level data and insert it into SMA2?

This is what I've been working on for the last two or so days: A way to transplant levels from an SMW ROM into an SMA2 ROM, and I've more or less succeeded.

At this moment, I have a prototype program that is capable of reading layer 1 and Sprite data from the 512 normal levels and transplant them into SMA2.

Now, before you all go crazy (yeah, as if that would happen), there is a major limitation: The levels have to be pure vanilla, meaning that not even placing Map16 blocks or using Super GFX Bypass is allowed, seeing as those are features added by Lunar Magic, and I lack the ARM7 skills needed to replicate the ASM hacks for the GBA.

Now, my question is this: Is there enough interest from the community in this idea? Should I develop this into an actual releasable program to give you a way to hack SMA2 to at least some degree?

Anyway, as a proof of concept, I've created a microhack (i.e. only two levels edited). As stated above, this hack was made by creating the levels in a normal SMW ROM and then running it through my prototype program to transplant them into SMA2. And, before I post a link, I have a disclamer: YES, the levels suck. And now that we have that out of the way, here's the IPS (to be patched to the US version of SMA2): LINK

(Oh, and make sure to watch the entire pre-title screen movie, which has been made *INTEGER OVERFLOW EXCEPTION* times more awesome.)
This is awesome. I love you.


Wow, pretty cool. And, yes, I'm interested in this. I'm sure you can spark a lot of SMW hackers with this! :P

Also, "major limitation"? The way I see it, being able to add ExGFX and easily install several ASM hacks with Lunar Magic is a "major benefit." I mean, how many level editors out there, with an exception of a few, can import graphics? Either way, being able to edit this game with LM must have been pretty sweet.
I support this!
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I don't like SMA2 all to much compared to SMW itself but I could see the use in a public release for others so I say go for it.
Honestly? I don't see a point to this at all. SMA2 is basically SMW but with slightly different Luigi stuff, and if your not going to create a whole editor, then just being able to make vanilla levels in SMW and port them to SMA2 would really be kinda lame in my opinion (especially the vanilla part, I see very little use in vanilla). I mean, all your doing is basically editing SMW, but with more limits... I'm not going to try to stop you from doing this, but it really seems like a waste of time to me.
I'm with HuFlungDu on this. SMA2 doesn't have enough additional features compared to the original to warrant hacking it. SMA4, on the other hand...
Originally posted by Kaijyuu
I'm with HuFlungDu on this. SMA2 doesn't have enough additional features compared to the original to warrant hacking it. SMA4, on the other hand...

^This. I have always wanted those triangle blocks that the bros can run on using any side of the wall. (Up, down, left, and right,) At first I mistook this topic for the hacking of that but I'm with the others as well. What would be the point?
Maybe give pointers FuSoya and it will implement that in next release. It would be more feasible than using outside program. Even SDW:TLC have few hints to SMA2 editing.

Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
It's nice to see other versions of games being editable too, but if it's really that hard to do, I wonder if it's worth the time. As stated, SMA2 isn't that much better than SMW.

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I support this, but only to the extent that it is viewed as a mini project, not a full-on expeditious project.
SMA2 doesn't have enough additional features compared to the original to warrant hacking it. SMA4, on the other hand...

I'm with you too. SMA4 hacking is, for now, in quick progress, and recreating SMW levels in SMA4 wouldn't be so hard, but SMA2... It's too limited.
Pretty awesome, Smalls. If you continue with this and eventually add some of the more advanced features (ExGFX and such), then this could be a great alternative to hacking the real SMW (and more easily played on-the-go, since GBA flash carts aren't exactly hard to find).
You know, I suspected something when I saw the sma2 level difference thread smalls. :P Guess I was right. This seems pretty cool, as I've always wanted to fuck around with SMA2. I too support this. I also have a small sense of pride in the sense that "I knew there was a private release of LM that could do stuff with SMA2 that I remember you hinting at a while back in one post, but no one believed me." But anyways, this is awesome, and I hope to see more from this project. :)
I was never a huge fan of SMA2. The Mario voice-overs and added sound effects were nice touches, but the game just felt like a carbon copy of SMW. I was playing it recently, and I thought, "You know, I can design better levels than these old ones."

I like the idea of a SMA2 editor. Maybe, it doesn't have to be an editor. Maybe, what we need is some kind of .mwl to .ma2l program.

There are all sorts of media converters out there. Just as we can turn SPCs into MIDI files, we can probably turn SMW level data into SMA2 level data. There are enough bright minds running this site that it shouldn't be beyond our capabilities.

If a SMA2 editor comes out, I'll use it.
Oh no! It looks like the munchers took over dinosaur land and captured princess Peach!
I don't think that this is reasonable, because things designed for SNES version won't work with GBA version.
As an attempt to inspire some interest in this, I slapped a command line interface onto my prototype (the keyword being "prototype", meaning it is nowhere near finished, not to mention coded in a terrible language).

The prototype can be downloaded here. The readme contains usage instructions. If you don't know how to use the command line, please spare me your questions.

Now, there program only supports some very basic stuff. Let's list the things it does support and the less obvious things that aren't supported.

* Transplanting layer 1 level data
* Transplanting sprite level data
* Transplanting both level headers and the sprite header
* Transplanting screen exits

Not supported:
* Layer 2, both backgrounds and levels, simply because I haven't had time to add it
* Vertical levels. If you have any sprites in vertical levels, the game will most likely crash upon loading
* Map16 blocks (it replaces all Map16 blocks from the first two pages with water in an attempt to make really old hacks somewhat playable. Later pages will crash the game)
* Secondary exits, mostly because I'm too lazy to find data about them at the moment
* Fragmented levels, meaning that you have to turn "Allow Fragmentation" off in Lunar Magic. Otherwise, your levels may crash on the GBA. (Fragmentation was added by LM, right? Right?) Apparently, this is a feature of the original SMW, so never mind.
* Anything added/changed by Lunar Magic

And, as an extra bonus, I've added support for the three new sprites I've documented so far:
Sprite 12 - Coin collection block (normally found in Donut Plains 1. Not sure if it works elsewhere)
Sprite 36 - Yoshi coin sprite
Sprite 53 - Yoshi coin sprite (behind fence)

(Note that these are not actually the slots used in SMA2. The program automatically adjusts the sprite numbers to match the real ones.)

Uh, I think that's about it. Feel free to play around with it and inform me of any problems you find.

If anyone feels like making a pure vanilla hack, maybe this is the way to go? I mean, who wouldn't want to be the first one to make a full-length SMA2 hack?
I will test this on an actual gba.


OShi. yes yes yes.
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