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hey, where is the "allgfx.bin" I can't find it anywhere. it's not in my graphics folder, there are just a bunch of number gfx things
sorry if this is a stupid question

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Go into Options> check "Use Joined GFX Files" then extract the graphics again.

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Just a tip I would like to add, personally I don`t use Joined GFX since the GFX is a bit more difficult to search, but it your decision at the end.

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I actually find it easier to search stuff in AllGFX.bin, since if the files are unjoined you have to open them one by one, and with AllGFX.bin you have the graphics all in one file.
It all boils down to personal preference. But you'll need to use unjoined tiles if you want to replace graphics that you might've downloaded.
You have to go to options then check "Use Joined GFX Files" for it to work.

This question is nine years old, and was also already answered in the second post. Please don't bump old threads, thanks.

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