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Your Hackography

What are the names and dates of all the hacks you created in your hacking "career." Your 'hackography' of sorts.

here's mine

2007 - Super Zildjian World
2008/2009 - Bill's World
2009 - Bumpty's one level adventure
2009 - How I learned to stop worrying and love the bob-omb
2009 - Kuribo_Shoe the Adventure
2009 - Mario Battles Heart Burn

2009 - Vanilla Manilla
2009/2010 - Unnamed kaizo hack (temp. name: Savestate Slander)
2009 - What is this I don't even
2009 - short puzzle hack (unnamed)
2010 - lolpain

2008 - Luigi's Exodus
2009 - Remember Remember the 5th of November
2009 - Munchy's Escape
2009 - Stafy Chronicle
2009 - ArbeWhat's Journey

Being Worked On:
2010 - Mario and the 5 Golden Eggs
2010 - C3 triple pop zip
2010 - 2nd Kaizo Contest - Ghastly Affairs

Contest Entries:
2009 - Kaizo Conest -House of 'Fun'/The Not so difficult Challenge
2010 - Vanilla Contest - Mario Takes a stroll

2009 - An SMWCP level
2009/???? - Vanilla Team Hack

wow, that's a lot.
Here is mine, organized into different categories. The ones in yellow are what I feel to be my best.

Complete Versions
SMW+: 2002
SMW+2: Mystical Island: 2002
SMW+3: The New Home: 2002
SMW+4: Super Mario Survivor: 2003
SMW+5: Training Days: 2003
SMW2+: 2005
SMW2+2: 2008
SMW2+3: The Essence Star: 2009
Golden Yoshi Returns: 2010

Demo Only
Super Mario World: The Lost Levels: 2003
SMW+6: The Lost Treasure Of Kelpa: 2004

Untitled SMW Hack: 2001
Joseph's Game: 2006
Joseph's Game 2: 2006
Joseph's Game 3: 2006
Joseph's Game 4: 2006

Mario Is Hungry!: 2010

Holy fuck, so much of my life wasted. #w{:s}
I've made a few hacks- but they are currantly unreleased:
1.) Escape From YI
2.) Mario's Rescue Mission
3.) SML2 Hack
4.) Paper Mario Hack
wow.. well i cant name them all but my major ones are:

2006 - Super Mario World 2 (my first ever hack was 0 levels long and was just me playing around)
2006 - Adventures of Luigi (demo was relesed 1 world - was good)
2007 - Paper Mario 16 (only graphics were done.. if you look in my profile and look at posts i believe its my first ever post you can view :3)
2008/9 - Triple Trouble (unique that it had 3 diffrent playable characters with diffrent abilities e.g. goomba could jump higher and hover, koopa walked and jumped slow - but could break down walls and mr.L could jump highest and shoot fireballs)
2009 - SM16 (not much really, just was able to explore 2D worlds looking for 20stars)
2008/9 - Cave Story (Just a small hack i made with cave story graphics being used - currently frozen)
2008/9 - iMario (the game im working on right now, has 2 levels complete and i already thought of a story line)

I've made so much more then this x.x

Using this to see how far i become..

The image on the left being PaperMario16(2007) and on the right iMario(2010)
First hack: Can't remember
Mario's last run
Mario's travels through a different part of a previously addressed land which hack players have known for a long time
Forever Gone
Forever Gone Reincarnated
Puzzle Universe
SMB3: The new levels
SMB3: The new levels (continued)
Cave Story 2
No Comment
Super Walljump World
Super Walljump World 2

Probably more, but I can't think of any.

(Any hacks not mentioned have a thread)

My first hack was bad, but there were not really any rules back then. (It didn't have blatant level edits to)

Mario's last run was terrible, but it was kinda fun.

SMB3: The new levels used Demo World as a base.

SMB3 The new levels continued the old one, with Pac's graphics patch.

Puzzle Universe is a SPW3 inspired hack.

Following new levels, M3 was another hack using Demo World as a base. It got cancelled in 2 minutes.
#w{x(} (I don't even normally use WYE's)

And Marioid? will be announced. Sooner or later...

Super Walljump World 2 is the sequel to the awful Super walljump world.
Oh god. Considering I have never released any of them, for multiple reasons. (Unfinished, Bad levels, testing only, game breaking glitches etc.)

In order of creation:

Test rom (1)
Awesomely Awful (Kazio)
King Boo's Revenge
Super All Star World
Test Rom (2)
Super All Star World Plus
Battle Against The Tower
Test Rom (3)
Mario and the Monochrome Ray
Test Rom (4)
The Golden Switch Place (I don't know why I never released this anyway, it was actually really good.)
Saga of The Seven Stars Chapter.1 (Being remade somewhen.)
Test Rom (5)
Test Rom (6)

Hacks I'm making and actually finishing/planing on releasing/ are not for testing purposes.

Mario-Epic Boss Battles (Totally not even started yet...)
Saga of The Seven Stars (Read above. However I have a lot of stuff put together for it.)
Mario and the Infinite Dream (This I actually have some progress on. Hopefully a C3 demo will be ready soon...)

Considering most of this only had a handful of levels, most with little-no content, its not that much.
first hack: Uber mario (baaaaddd) (chanfire9001 lped it if you are interested)


-super mario world for the absoloute crazy(kaizo)
-super mario mystery (erm... i got far, was proud of it... and i found out i was using a corrupt rom the whole time xD)
-super f**kin d*ck move world (also bad)(what i thourght was concidered a kaizo when i was a nub)

Not Finished Kaizo's:

-IDWR: IWBTG (I dont wanna remember : "i wanna be the guy")

Not Finished Normals :

-Bowsers Curse (kinda collab with some friends)
-Level select (an ideas hack, just a level select that builds a bridge to the final level)

Not Finished Collabs:

-Vanilla Exploration (waiting)
-SMWC Joke Hack (in progress)
(i cant think of any more but i know im in some more XD)

Finished(all of which are in my files bin) :

-Contenly Hypocritical (2nd annual kaizo level design contest)
-Suber Faboolas Wald (a realley bad joke hack XD like bad to the max)

yeah thats all i got :P
- Mario on Holiday (1 WORLD DEMO!)
- Teh Hack
- Super Mario World Collaboration (kaizo hack made by one person, rest are for joke)

Teh Hack 2

All in 3 months of 2010. Yeah, I make that fast.
Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
I can't remember all, but these are off the top of my head. They are all unfinished, by the way. Some may be canceled.

Super Mario World: The Legend Continues (NOT FuSoYa's, LPed by AzureBlade49)
Mario's Last Rescue
The New Threatener
Seven Cursed Eggs/The Rituals of Resurrection
LiMiT BrEaK! (Unseen Kaizo hack)
Fairly Unfair
Brothers to the End
Genocide Blazes
Untitled Hack

Team Hacks:
Metalgearhunter's Team Hack (Can't remember name)
SMWC Kaizo Hack Pack
ShodanWii's Team Hack (Also can't remember name)
The Legend of Element Island (Midna's Team Hack)
SMWC Production
Vanilla Team Hack (Me and my team of uber-vanilla elitists)

Contest Levels:
Hilltop House
Brothers to the End
2009(-10 if you count the current issues) 2 levels of A Super Mario Thing

2009-10 SMW Hacks 101

That's all I've ever done... except one level I made simply to test out glitches back when I first got LM, but I don't consider that a project since it was more for me than ever considering to be released, and had nothing to do with hacking and more to do with placing stuff in a way I could try out glitches. XPSuper Mario World Hacks 101

2008 - Advanced Puzzles (never released)
2008 / 2009 - SMW: the Moon Challenge (got deleted from my PC)
2009 / 2010 - Yoshi's Emergency (on SMWCentral in 'Hacks')
2010 - Yoshi's Emergency 2 (work in progress)
2010 - Vanilla Exporation (current project)

Contest entries:

2010 - Vanilla Contest - Shine Forest
2010 - Auto Play level (in progress)

Wow, i never knew that i have done this many hacks. #w{O.O}
Hey you!
Check out my SMW Blog!

Ok, maybe a bit dead

Also, Visit my Youtube Page!

Depth in Detail:

WLC Entry:

This is where you would read the first line of text of my signature, but it is currently pointless.

- Serious thing kinda happening.
- on hold for some time :|

Italic = Unfinished
Bold = WIP

In order from oldest to newest:
- WTF (Kaizo-ish)
- Untitled (Kaizo)
- Untitled 2 (NOT Kaizo)
- Hailfire Peaks (Banjo Tooie inspired)
- Vanilla Contest entry
- Tri-Terra (Team hack)
- Super Mario World Sunshine

Who knows when I'll have
something to put here.

Credits go to Counterfeit for the bitchin' post layout.

Oh man, this got me thinking about some of my old stuff :P

(Cosidering I've never released anything, I'll just do a list.)

2008 - First hack. (I'm sure you get the picture of this :P)
2008 - Super Mario 64 2 1/2 (A respin made to be like SM64) Sucked major. I worked on that thing for like 5 months and nothing ever became of it.
2009 - Super Mario Rev - 10 (Sukkie paletted mess that I showcased here and stopped because of the major dislike of other users.
2009 - Kingdom of Lost. (I was getting a little bit better, but I still sucked :P)
2009 - Mini Taylor Swift joke hack. (Hahaha, looking back that was actually fun. First hack to feature my own ported music of one of Taylor Swift's songs.)
2009 - Whoose Goose? (A secret joke hack that I worked on for a while.) This one had one of my all-time favorite lines: "Mario: Peach go make lunch and after that fix me some pie!"
2010 - Mario's New Year Toilet (Oh, look, Mario got a toilet for a new year present!)
2010 - Mario's Journey (The hack I'm working on now. Has the generic hack name. This one may/may not be finished.)

Give Mario some love?~
2009-12-24 04:03:35 PM: Super Mario - Christmas Season

Terrible hack mainly because of music and small stuff I forgot to put in.
2009 - The Big Boo's Legion

Not released:
2009 - My first custom SMW level (yes, that's a 1 level hack)

2009 - My first Kaizo level (somewhat great success on YouTube)

Team hacks:
2009 - The Haunted Desert
2009 - A Very Haunted Christmas (unreleased :()

Work in Progress:
2009-201x - The Big Boo's Legion 2 - The Curse of the Magic Wand

Secret Projects:
Hey...these are secrets...
Finished Hacks:

2010 - Cave Escape (Vanilla Contest 2010 entry)

Upcoming hacks:

2010 - Castle Of WTF?! (2nd Kaizo Contest Entry)
2009-2010? - Another Generic SMW Hack (Demo 1) - Started in 2009, may have to use LM 1.65 with this.
My Hacks:

2010-02-07 Super Mario World: The Crazy Quest (unfinished, thi is only a demo)

-For make in the future:

? Mario in the Christmas
? Mario in the Kong Islands? (DKCTrylogy styled hack)
? Secret Project


2009 Super Mario World Crazy Quest (Original KAIZO Version)
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread

Done hacks:
2008/2009: STZ:TFA (Only hack I finished sofar, it was a youtube hack)
2010: Vanilla level design contest level - Castle of illusions

Upcomming hacks:
STZ:TSA (Super Tenshi Zero: The Second adventure) <--- Currently working on it.
STZ:TFA Reloaded
Kaizo level design contest level <--currently working on it aswell
SMB1 hack: Super Miku Bros (40% finished)

Teamhacks parcipicating in:
Magmar's teamhack

I'm mainly concentrating on the hack "STZ:TSA", tough it's probaly going to take me a year or more to complete it.
Also working on the kaizo level.
Putted super miku bros on hold.


My Rips/Exgfx:

Super Frenzy World- A lame, Kaizoish hack with blatant level edits, boring level designs, the horrible works. Never released in this form.

-was never seen again until 2009-


Super Frenzy World (Beta release 1)- Much better than the lame one, but still needed work.
Escape From Level Zero- what started as a joke hack turned into a mini collab. However, the collab part failed due to lack of order. It's unreleased, but whether or not progress is made is secret.
Kerbay Krazy- (never released on SMWC) A six level minihack, using levels from Super Frenzy World, with a custom drawn Kirby as the player.
Kirby Krazy; The Quest For Candy- An (unreleased) attempt at making a serious hack starring Kirby.
Super Frenzy World (Beta Release 2)- Improved upon the old, yet something was still missing.
Pakkun's Misadventure- A threeway team hack starring Pakkun, an onion-like Kirby. Inevitably cancelled.
Red Toon Link in SMW- A graphics hack that failed due to laziness.
Cave Story World- A graphics hack, using the protagonist from Cave Story. Only the graphics were released.
Mario Frenzy- Super Frenzy World finally gets a new name, and the progress is for the better. Late 2009.
Red's Christmas Party- A Christmas hack. Released on time. It was a small success. Brought 'Red in SMW' back to life.


Mario Frenzy- With the latest C3 demo being the last one to come, this hack is in it's final stages of development. Estimated release is early 2011.
Geewee's Quest- A small hack, still in progress.
MVDK4- Minis March Once More- A Small hack still in development, where Mario must work together with Mini Marios (Koopas tweaked to not hurt Mario).
Ihatecards versus RedTL- Bringing the three-man team, punisher1295, ihatecards, and myself make an effort to do a team hack. This time, it's two hacks in one, with me handling the player graphics for both.

The generic first hack (RealWorld) - Finished about 3 levels, then there was a virus and boom, gone. It sucked anyway
Auto Mario Contest level (A day with Mario) - Yeah
Ghost House Contest level (Under the graveyard) - Yeah
Winter Contest level on the german forum (SMChristmas) - Yeah

Level for ASMT (Chocolate Castle) - That was really fun to make. It's an awesome collab.
A Kaizo Hack (RealKaizo) - Finished, but not released yet.
8-Bit GFX Hack - All the patches and GFX thrown in, made one level, scrapped it

Vanilla Contest Level (Mouldy Mansion) - Yeah
Choco level for a contest on the forum of a friend (crescent) - Yeah

A Vanilla Hack - This is going pretty well, the first demo will be out as soon as I stop being lazy and finish that one level
A Chocolate Hack - Story, intro and some levels finished, but frozen due to the vanilla project

I hope I can finish at least one of my two big projects.
e: Added names