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Your Hackography

Like a couple people my list is actually very short, however I've only used Lunar Magic for a little over a year. Anyways here's the list:


The Plumber Saga (Late 2009)

Unreleased Hacks:

E-Man's Hack: Marks 1 & 2 (Early 2009)
SMW: The Return of the Koopa King (Summer 2009)

Contest Levels:

Vile Volcano (SMWC 2010 Vanilla Hacking Contest)

Works in Progress:

A Currently Unamed Hack (Not too far, working on it in my spare time.)
Level for An SMWCP (Part of the way finished as seen in my sig)
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Started 2009:
My currently unnamed hack

...that's it.
Too many secrets that I'd rather not list, but none of them cancelled.

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
ok, here we go.
2007.- Mario in midgard
2009.- Chaotic Realm
2009.- Unnamed (undownloable)

2008.- Mario in midgard 2: War between worlds

2008.- Kaizo: return from the dead
2008.- Anonimato's stories: Andrew's great adventure
2008.- Mario in midgard resurrection

Team hacks
2009.- A very haunted halloween
2009.- A haunted christmas
I do pixels sometimes

Random levels; getting the hang of Lunar Magic


A few unreleased things, most of them borderline Kaizo

The Vengeful Death Zone and The Search for Rainbow Treasure - Two small but finished, polished Kaizo hacks

Mario in Yoshi's Island - 2009 Chocolate Level Contest level

Bowser Rampages Again... - First demo released (was stupidly called Yet Another Revenge of Bowser then)


Scaling the Icy Mountain - 2010 Vanilla Level Contest level

Bowser Rampages Again... - Second demo released

(name not yet revealed) - 2010 Kaizo Level Contest level, still in progress

EDIT: 700th post! Just 300 to go...
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I'm probably retired tbh
I've got a pretty short list here.

2007: Mario in Linear Land - Status: DESTROYED (original thread, pictures deleted)
Man, that hack was just absolutely terrible. At that time I did not understand how to use overworld events, and the levels I made just sucked.

2007-2009: Ninjas, Turtles, and Flying Machines (originally named Mario: In Desperation) - Status: Dead (most recent thread)
Meh, not too bad. Definitely not a very good hack though. Most of it was just very uninspired.

2009-201X: The Title is Irrelevant - Status: In Progress (no thread, check my profile)
My current hack, definitely my best so far. I hope to release a demo in a month or two. In my opinion my level design has improved greatly, although it may be more difficult.

I am quite sure that I have had no other SMW hacking projects.
May we meet again outside the battlefield.

201# - Mario: Ultio Caltha

Ehm, that is all. I think I am doing good for a start. I did watch my younger brother make hacks.
Something is wrong in the Mushroom kingdom.

Click here to see my epic hack.
2009(/2009) - Super Mario Redux 2

2009 - The Yoshi Egg: A Mission in Miniature

2008(?)/2009 - Random horrible, blatant level edits
2009 - Super Mario Redux

Being Worked On:
2009/2010 - Super Mario Redux 2
2010 - Automatic level contest entry
2010 - C3 stuff (although not necessarily a hack)

Contest Entries:
2009 - Unnamed chocolate contest level entry (some random SMR2 level)
2010 - Mystery of the Green Switch Palace (vanilla level contest entry)
2010 - Unnamed Linear Level Contest Entry

Collabs/Team Hacks:
2009 - SMWC Castle Rush (canceled?)
2010 - Vanilla XL (canceled?)
2009/2010 - SMWC Production

Wow, I never realized how much I've done before. #w{O.O}

Super Fail World - It never existed. Period.
The Adventures of Mario- Space Odyssey - Pretty bad too.


Mario and the Seven Gods - Team hack that's still in progress.


The Maze of Puzzles - For the Vanilla Level Contest.
Pipe Bay - For Blackwood Island
Space Kaizo - Work in progress for the Kaizo Level Contest.
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well... mine is quite the smallest around here.
Originally posted by In progress hacks hacK
Since 2009 Pacheco Project: The Forbidden Land

Originally posted by Contest entry
2010 vanilla contest entry: Vanilla Rain, the endless raindrop.

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everything is unfinished

1- ??1 2006
2- ??2 2006
3- ??3 2008
4- ??4 2008
5- warios puzzling adventure 2008
6- wario on kitchen island 2008
7- wario wario back in time 2009
8- karoshi 2009
9- mother 2009
10- boss 2010
11- kameks review 2010
12- ??5 2010


The Thousand Year Pipe - 2005 (what a monstrosity this was)
Mario's Keytastrophe - November 2009 (been in the making since June '07)
Final Destination


Yoshi's Island: Kamek's Revenge (yeah, shame it isn't an SMW hack

i made nintendo
I own a community of TF2 servers!

ASMT - A new revolutionary ASM system, aka 65c816 ASseMbly Thing
SMWCP - SMW Central Presents a Product- tion long name

Originally posted by Fakescaper
i made nintendo

Get out of this thread right now if all you're going to do is joke around.


1) "The Real Super Mario World 2" was my very first hack, and it was not...good at all, yikes.

2) "Super Mario Zone" looked promising but I slowly ran out of ideas, then got another idea that I thought was better.

3) "Into the Labyrinth" was my most promising project yet, and was the new project I had stopped working SMZ in order to make. However...after I played Azure Chaotic I lost motivation to work on Into the Labyrinth - it made me feel a compelling urge to instead break away from the traditional Mario gameplay formula entirely. The result?

4)...the result was "Saph and the Great Rebellion", which is definitely my most awesome idea yet. It has been going on for more than a year now, and I have made amazing progress and received tremendous support. It daringly turns all Mario conventions on its head thanks to a playstyle that throws jumping out the window in favor of the ability to climb on all walls and ceilings, as well as Shell slide to attack enemies. I have high hopes for this one indeed, and it will finally be a project I will actually complete if all goes well.
2008 - Epic Mario World (Good lord what is this.)
2008/2009 - Super Mario RPG World (Better, but still plain awful.)
2009 - The Windy Castle (Made two levels, which later got used for ASMT.)
2009/2010 - The Cloud Palace. (Yay.)
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
PuniperTV World: Never introduced

Luigi's Trip to Hero Mountain: Failed

HHBSC: Lost it

RATYE D1: Denied

RATYE D2: Same as above

RATYE D3: *shot*

Rotom vs Rico: Never released

Mario: Dinosaur World's End: Never released

Rico Meets Lakituous: Never released

Jerry's Vacation: Pending approval

Keroro Saves St.Patrick: On my page (it sucks because some stuff got removed because of slowdown reasons)

Your layout has been removed.
I don't have many, but I will list them:

2008 - SMW Deluxe - finished one world. canceled because it was not very good.

2008/9 - ROTKK (1) - Started in December 08 and was on hold until mid 2009. My memory stick broke, therefore I lost this.

2009/20XX - ROTKK (2) - Started again. Currently unfinished. (on hold)

2010 - Currently untitled smw hack - My current hack based of Sonic the Hedgehog. (WIP)
Originally posted by Lunar Rico
PuniperTV World: Never introduced

Luigi's Trip to Hero Mountain: Failed

RATYE D1: Denied

RATYE D2: Same as above

RATYE D3: *shot*

Rotom vs Rico: Never released

Mario: Dinosaur World's End: Never released

Rico Meets Lakituous: Never released

Jerry's Vacation: Pending approval


Don't forget your christmas hack! (and that St Patrick hack)
I haven't done many, but here I go.

Fail 2004-2009
Mario world 500
Mario vs. Mouser
Mario Final
Super Mario
The Death World
Geno X
(More others probably, but I can't remember)

Yoshiro - completed 2006,+
Castle of time- completed 2006
Daisy's Wrath - Unfinished- In progress. 2010 [I started to hack again. See signature]
2008 - Bizarre Mario Old
Unfinished and Cancelled
2008/2009 - Wruck's Attack
2009 X
2009 Trash
2009/2010 Last Stand
2010 Josh's Revenge
2010 Kreisa Politika Old
2010 Kreisa Politika
2010 Bizarre Mario (on hold)
i just lurk sometimes