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Vanilla Level Design 2010: Results
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It's finally here! The results for the SMWCentral Level Design Challenge 2010 are finally in! It's 6AM local time so please excuse any and all incoherence on my part. Insomnia is a bitch.

Submissions Thread
Discussion Thread

So first off congratulations to all the participants. This year we had 124 people submit an entry. That's an amazing number! If this trend of doubling the previous year's number of entries continues, I'm not looking forward to judging next year!

Second, a great thanks to our judges. This year we had four judges. Myself and SNN were known from the start of the judging period, Supertails revealed himself a couple days ago, and our 4th judge, the "mystery judge," was SyStemkraSh. Thanks to all of you for putting up with the enormous amount of entries we received this year.

Due to delays and not wanting to wait any longer to post results, SyStemkraSh's scores have been thrown out. His scoring was only 2/3 finished and so as not to skew results by averaging in what he had completed, we all decided this was the best course of action. Final scoring is based on the average of mine, SNN's and Supertails' individual scores for that level.

"He's still talking about formalities, I just want to see the results!"

You're right about that random speaker, so since I don't know what else to preface with, I guess it's time to get to the main event.

The results of the SMWCentral Level Design Challenge 2010!

First Place

Lynnes - Forever Factory (47.50/50.00)

Second Place

superwiidude - Mountain Fortress (46.00/50.00)
Aqualakitu - Lunar Island Exploration (46.00/50.00)

Third Place

Ddoomm10 - Mario's Endless Adventure (45.17/50.00)

Honorary Mention (4th Place)

Zildjian - Mario Takes a Stroll (44.83/50.00)
reghrhre - Mystical Orb Search (44.83/50.00)
Agent Q - Watch Tower Duke-Out (44.83/50.00)

Honorary Mention (5th Place)

Darky - Muncher Sphere (43.67/50.00)

This concludes the winners and honorary mentions. The rest of the places are as follows. (Note: For those that didn't place 5th or higher, I'm not including the level names for their entries so as to make this post not take any longer than it already is taking to write. Sue me later for being lazy.)

RedToonLink - (43.33/50.00)
Dotsarecool - (43.33/50.00)

Hadron - (43.00/50.00)

Senjan - (42.83/50.00)

Chikane - (42.50/50.00)

TRS - (42.33/50.00)
Counterfeit - (42.33/50.00)

TOS - (42.17/50.00)

yogui - (42.00/50.00)

cyphermur9t - (41.83/50.00)
Marioman - (41.83/50.00)

GN - (41.67/50.00)

Kristian - (41.33/50.00)

keckcellent - (41.17/50.00)

Tails_155 - (41.00/50.00)
Neutron - (41.00/50.00)

PercentN - (40.83/50.00)

LunarYoshi - (40.50/50.00)
Zmann - (40.50/50.00)
Riolu180 - (40.50/50.00)
TLMB - (40.50/50.00)

Master S - (40.17/50.00)
DaxterSpeed - (40.17/50.00)

MoogleEmperor - (39.83/50.00)

TheGamer - (39.50/50.00)

Z. Raffle tikt - (39.33/50.00)

Brad172 - (39.17/50.00)

Argumentable - (38.83/50.00)

Hach - (38.67/50.00)

dottedboy - (38.50/50.00)

MajorasMask9 - (38.17/50.00)
Whoamme - (38.17/50.00)

RealLink - (38.00/50.00)

imamelia - (37.67/50.00)

Randoguy101 - (37.50/50.00)

PowerStrike - (36.83/50.00)
Patgangster - (36.83/50.00)
Rocket Sparkster - (36.83/50.00)

losoall - (36.67/50.00)
jesus - (36.67/50.00)

SomeGuy - (36.33/50.00)

jur132 - (36.17/50.00)
Darkdata - (36.17/50.00)
Lu-Kaz - (36.17/50.00)

E-Man - (36.00/50.00)
---smwExpert--- - (36.00/50.00)

DarthYoshi492 - (35.67/50.00)
Time Traveler - (35.67/50.00)
MarioFan22 - (35.67/50.00)
arnpoly - (35.67/50.00)

HuFlungDu - (35.50/50.00)
Creatorofchaos - (35.50/50.00)

hebesphenomegacorona - (35.33/50.00)
Snifit - (35.33/50.00)

Mariowings77 - (34.83/50.00)
tatanga - (34.83/50.00)

K3fka - (34.67/50.00)

BlackEagle766 - (34.50/50.00)

ToasterTank - (34.17/50.00)

booblock - (34.00/50.00)
x-treme - (34.00/50.00)

CCF9Unite - (33.83/50.00)

sky_blue_wiggler - (33.67/50.00)

Dashie - (33.00/50.00)
Rayman Man - (33.00/50.00)

Luigi Pikachu - (31.67/50.00)

FUGGNUTZ - (31.50/50.00)

Lunar Rico - (31.17/50.00)

Miguel20 - (30.83/50.00)

Diddy Kong - (30.00/50.00)

kirbyeatsbomberman - (29.83/50.00)

boredman - (29.00/50.00)
Snowshoe - (29.00/50.00)
mootbooxle - (29.00/50.00)

Elite Goomba Hacker - (28.67/50.00)

GanonTEK - (28.50/50.00)

mariocool1999 - (28.17/50.00)

joeblevins123 - (27.67/50.00)
Bowser's Level Designer - (27.67/50.00)

Triple Q - (27.33/50.00)

Best Video Gamer - (27.17/50.00)

mariofan1000 - (26.33/50.00)
10204307 - (26.33/50.00)

everest700 - (26.00/50.00)
Akhenderson - (26.00/50.00)

vindew332 - (25.00/50.00)

xman0444 - (24.67/50.00)

super pokemon world - (23.83/50.00)

Immortality - (23.33/50.00)
GoldRogerPirateKing - (23.33/50.00)

PwndGames - (21.67/50.00)

TiersWTF - (21.00/50.00)

Wizard the Wizzisential - (20.67/50.00)

Smallhacker - (19.83/50.00)

kurosaga - (19.33/50.00)

Posiedien3 - (19.00/50.00)

jailerman - (18.50/50.00)

neosaver - (18.33/50.00)

MalcolmBellman38 - (16.83/50.00)

DragonManGuyDude - (4.00/50.00)


The follow users were unfortunately disqualified due to various conditions such as bad patches and graphical changes.

swamp cecil


The following two users requested early removal from the contest.



So there are your winners and everyone else who participated in this contest. For individual score breakdowns, I will refer you to the judgment text files. If you are in the first 86 entries to the contest, SyStemkraSh has rated your levels so you can look at hsi scores as well.

FirePhoenix's Judgments
SNN's Judgments
Supertails' Judgments
SyStemkraSh's Judgments (unfinished)

For a more thorough comparison of all the entries, including a few statistics, here is the Excel Workbook (97-2003) that I used to compile all the scores. You can also see SyStemkraSh's scores on the side, however, they do not factor into the final score column.

LDC2010 Scoring Final.xls (Excel 97-2003 Workbook)

I think that about wraps up the results. Once more, congratulations to the winners, thanks to all the entrants, major thanks to the judges and thanks to the rest of the website for waiting patiently for the scores even though they were delayed about a week.

If you see any mistakes in the results anywhere please let me know. Early morning is not usually the best time to do this sort of stuff.
Congrats to the winners!
Next competition that roles around Im entering. B)

Well, I can't say I'm not surprised at my result. I rushed my level and made some bad mistakes. Oh well, there's always next year!

And congratulations to Lynnes on winning!
And congratulations to all who placed well.

E: Oh I forgot, thanks also to the judges!
Congratulations everyone, especially Lynnes.
I knew my level wouldn't be the greatest thing ever due to the fact that it was my first ever contest entry but 35.67/50 is not too bad at all.

Congrats to all the Winners! #w{=)}

EDIT: 200th post!
42.83/50.00 ?! Wow, way better than I expected! Congratulations Lynnes and everone else!
38.17 is a lot better than I was expecting to get, I started a week before the level deadline. Congratulations to all the winners, judges, participants, and all other people who did something for this.

I have nothing to put here, so I'm putting these filler words in until I can think of something that I can fit here.

Congratulations to all of you who made it up there!
I'm very glad with my own score of 34.50, because this was my first long vanilla level I made (and my first contest entry). Usually my levels are smw-lenght (and ExGFX).
I'm also suprised it got that score with the couple of flaws I had. :P

Next time I'll try to make an even better level. It was fun to participate in this contest.#w{:>}#w{=3}



My Rips/Exgfx:

I was able to score above the 40/50 mark and I tied for 19th (?) out of over 100 others. I feel so relieved now. #w{=)}

Congratulations to Lynnes and the other winners!
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
even though i wasnt part of this i would like to congradulate everyone for taking part :)

I share 20th with DaxterSpeed? Awesome. Anyways congrats to Lynnes for winning and the others who've entered.

cool, i'm going to go play then now #w{=D}
Woooh! I got the 7th place! For my first entry to the SMWC level design contest this is pretty great, in my opinion. Congratulations to everyone, especially to Ddoomm10 and Darky (as my friends #w{:>}), I'm not surprised that they got a good placing as well.
Thanks for the opinions, judges. I'm pretty sure from now, that I made a quite good and enjoyable level.
Very awesome. I find the comments useful and in some cases, humorous, and didn't expect to rank so high against this many other levels. I can say entering was well worth it to see that this general style of level design is definitely one I should keep.

It's too bad SyStemKraSh didn't finish though. Would've liked to hear his opinions. Nonetheless, thanks to all the judges who put a lot of time into playing and critiquing these levels, and congratulations to everyone who earned a ranking they are satisfied with.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Sweet, im 24th, Awesome, i thought i was around 50th place.
Congrats to evryone else!

EDIT: Flippin' Ninja's

Hey you!
Check out my SMW Blog!

Ok, maybe a bit dead

Also, Visit my Youtube Page!

Depth in Detail:

WLC Entry:

This is where you would read the first line of text of my signature, but it is currently pointless.

- Serious thing kinda happening.
- on hold for some time :|
9th place O_o
Wow, didn't expect that AT ALL!

But is there a .txt version of the judging?
Because I don't have excel.

Edit: I ment for the final scoring (me is fail)
Anime List
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

Congrats everyone. I'll be handing out the trophies to the top three (or should I say, top four since we have a tie) later on today. There were some pretty outstanding entries this year.

too bad dragonmanguydude's didn't win he had the best level ever

e: chikane: our four TXTs are listed there near the bottom. they contain all of the specific comments and such.
Congratulations to all who participated!

and congratulations to the winners!
49th place. #w{:s} Oh well, congratulations to the winners!

“The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision, or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible.” - Salman Rushdie
Well, congratulations to everyone

I can't say I agree with some of these results but oh well
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