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How many languages can you speak?

SMWCentral is a very international community, consisting of members from all around the world. What I would like to know is how many people on the site can speak two or more languages.

I myself speak French and some Italian, and I tried my hand at Russian...though it didn't quite work out.
i can speak any language i want
umm... can i help you!?
I can speak norwegian (:O), english, and a little bit spanish.

Also, a translator can't SPEAK languages, but it can... translate stuff.
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I can speak English and some French.Free counters!
I speak Dutch, English, some German and I can order a sandwich in French.
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I'm English, so yes I speak English. I can also speak some German and read a tiiiny little bit of japanese. But that's it.
I know English, Spanish, French, and ... I think that's it.
Originally posted by Ladida
I know English, Spanish, French, and ... I think that's it.

Oh yeah, I know a tiny bit of Spanish.Free counters!
English I know (DUH o.o), Fillipino from my mother.

My mother speaks it fluently, although my sister doesn't. (Ang aking ina ang nagsasalita ng matatas na ito, bagaman ang aking kapatid na babae ay hindi.)

I also know a fair bit of French due to a former high school teacher I was friends with (I never took any of her lessons or been in her class, but I would stop by her classroom during any free periods I had; was bound to pick up on a few things). And of course...

I know Japanese, though it's rusty at best when translated to Romaji. (Watashi ga shitte iru Nippon, sore ga sabite iruga toki rōma ji ni henkan saikō.)

I can speak English, and very little French. However, I'm quite young, and might learn more later on. My french teacher kind of sucks.
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English, Spanish, and a very little bit of Italian. Even though I took Spanish in high school for four years, I can barely understand native speakers. I can talk and write slightly better.
I can speak English and a bit of French, although I'm terrible at it and have a horrific accent. I still manage to get B's in French class somehow...
I can speak Turkish, Dutch and English. But my Turkish skills are almost gone, which is weird, considering my native language is actually Turkish.
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If you count the native language too (as I see you did): Hungarian, German, English.
I have a bit lower skills in German than in English, but probably I know the German grammars better than the English. I learn German 10 years ago, and English only 2 years ago, but somehow, this language is sticking on me better. Yeah, it's may be because I learned the language almost by myself, by browsing forums, so simply I had fun. I have a "middle-language-exam" (or something like this) from German, but I'll do another one in October (I'll have to practice a lot of German duh), so after that I won't have to visit the German lessons in school anymore, hurray.
After that, probably I'll choose another language to learn, possibly Spanish or Italian. I couldn't decide it yet.
You hablo y escribo en español, mi lengua nativa (i speak and write in Spanish, my native language), i can write in English, but i can't speak it fluently. I understand Portuguese, French, Occitan, Italian, Latin, Chavacano, Ladino and some others like Esperanto. However, i can't create a single phrase of those languages.
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I can speak Dutch fluently, I can write English fluently (but I'm relatively bad at speaking it, as one can hear by listening to a.wma in my files), and furthermore I'm okay with German and French. I also know a little bit of Spanish and Russian, and a couple of words in a lot of languages, but I don't count those.
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I never thought many people here would speak more than two languages.

I'm a trilingual, I speak spanish english and french.

I also know some words (specialy curse words) in german italian and japanese.
English, duh.

Also, Chinese from my mom and dad, but I cannot write it, I can only speak it.

And I will be learning spanish next year in school.
I speak English natively, and am relatively skilled en français.

That's "in French" for all you uncultured people.

However, I would love to know Spanish, Italian, German, and Japanese. But if I don't learn any of those, I'm still happy with French. It is la langue d'amour, after all.

That's "the language of love". Purr.
I can speak English, German, and some Spanish... I really need to start working on my Japanese, but I have literally no time for it since it's nearly the end of the school year... I'll be polishing it up over the summer.
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