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What are your current goals?

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Just post what you're currently trying to accomplish!

To start, I'm trying to see if anyone lives nearby Fremont, CA. In the long run, I'd like to meet another member.

For one, I'd like to finish a demo of my hack some time this year (which shouldn't be too hard). The fact that I haven't really playtested it at all will probably delay it by a week or two.

Another thing is to do better in school or my dad will ban me from doing stuff. Not that I'm doing extremely badly at all, my dad just seems to expect a lot from me. I should probably take that as a compliment.

Aside from that, I guess I don't have any other short-term goals. Or any long-term goals actually.
May we meet again outside the battlefield.
Fully complete a SMW hack. I'd assume that is a goal of a lot of people here.

As for RL goals .. get into teachers' college, get a real full time job, and end up with a decent girlfriend. Obviously, the last one is wishful thinking.
Finish off my studies and become a successful system engineer.

And complete a long hack (the one i'm making is short, about 5 levels long)
i just lurk sometimes
I have a few goals:

Make revolutionary stuff for SMW instead of some misc. ASM.
Finish TMR3.

As for real life:
Becoming a programmer, and (most-likely) eventually earn an official title of "Master of Informatics".
Hopefully ending up with a girlfriend.
Live with a non-pessimistic mental state.
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
I have a small handful of goals, that is in terms of SMW rom hacking:

- Finish or at least complete a decent demo of a hack. (Yes, I made one but it's not my best; I can do way better than that.)
- Be a bit more active around here or on the IRC.
- Finish my learning of ASM and be able to apply it in a useful manner.
- After that learn the more advanced phases of ASM, which may take a while.

And as for real life:

- Finish high school and later go to university to get a couple (bachelor's and master's) degrees in medical sciences.
- Get a girlfriend, or at least have the guts to ask a girl out (please don't make this an RC moment).

Edit: Oh hey, 500 already. I wouldn't mind accomplishing some of this before the 1000th.
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Less serious:
  • Attempting to beat IWBTG
  • Actually code an awesome layout but with lack of ideas and resources that's unlikely
  • Actually start hacking or creating a game
More serious:
  • Develop my skills when it comes to Art, stop being lazy, actually draw something and post in the Art forum
  • Become an awesome programmer
  • Figure out what I want to be when I leave school
  • Convince my mum to let me get a job
Purely for my happiness:
  • Get a long term girlfriend
  • Workout a little and look better (I'm sick of being skinny)
  • Get a decent hair style
Get done with my hack, and start working on a pokemon emerald hack im planing
You know its a kazio hack when theres munchers involed

For this site my goal is to get a one-world demo of my hack ready by C3, then to get it finished.

IRL, my goals will be a 4.0 GPA my senior year (next year for me) and to get into a college. The first goal will be hard with my classes though.

You hear dice being thrown...
My SMW ROMhack: Super Market Roll Drums is active once again!
Second 2014 C3 Demo Here ([thread] [demo])
Lunatic Lolo, an Adventures of Lolo 2 hack: 20/54 Levels ([C3 thread] [demo])
  1. Completely finish HeartGold.
  2. Finish learning HTML.
  3. Start learning CSS.
  4. Get back to learning C++.
The only thing I remember from the last one is <iostream> for some reason. Maybe because it looks like a HTML tag. Eh.
Finish Pokemon HeartGold and at least one world of a Kaizo hack without cheating.

Real life:

Live a more healthy lifestyle (ahaha that's not gonna happen this year) and try not to fail math.

Edit: By the way, I meant cheating as in no codes, not as in without using savestates. >.>
Good fucking bye.
* To get a high average in maths (B+ or A+)
* The finish my ROMhack, or at least have a demo ready.
Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
at least one world of a Kaizo hack without cheating.

Good luck with that.

Oh, and I want to figure out ASM soon... whenever I am bored, I guess. (NOT RIGHT NOW)

Hi! I'm dead!
Here's mine:
To learn more about ASM
To finish playing Megaman X-X6
To use my computer less than 24 20 hours
To comple the episodes of the animes i watch

Rom hacking:
Learn ASM
Become a great level designer
Create an epic romhack
Finish my smb1 romhack
Hopefully being able to finish the smw hack I'm working on before 2011.
Get better at ripping & porting.

Real life:
Become good at programming (I want to become a game designer).
Get better at PHP
Learn C++
Create a epic video game
Become more social (altough lately, I've improved alot on that)
Getting a girlfriend, Maybe.


My Rips/Exgfx:
-To get good grades in GCSE/A Levels and beyond.
-To earn a game designing job or, failing that, to become a writer.
-To meet up with JELLO and Jeuda at least.

-To learn ASM and music composition
-To completely finish the Dark Sniggerbobblian Mythos, and do it well, by the end of 2012

Not blue.
Originally posted by Sniggerb0bble
-To meet up with JELLO and Jeuda at least.

Be carfull guys, he's gong to kidnap you! (joking)

Anyway, I'm not realy seeking for anything besides what I realy want in order to avoid obsesions, but I still have some goals:

In here:

-Finishing my hacks and getting it accepted.

-Making a hack in the future that will be featred

In real life:

-Finishing school and starting my studies.

-getting a girlfriend.

-And for the future, getting a family and a job.

SMWCentral Related
1. Finish my demo of my hack for C3 and get it recognized. (my part is done, i'm just waiting on the OW now...)
2. It Would be cool to meet up with like magmar and MSA irl, but their over in Europe so i dont think thats gonna happen any time soon. I think Spade lives near me though...
3. Most importantly, I want to be this person :
Originally posted by Ultimaximus
A $1000 donation will lead Kieran to replace Caffie with Toffee.

1. Certain "things" need to happen, otherwise, well my life has little purpose.
2. Keep exercising.
3. Actually DO something with my writing talent.

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
In SMW Hack :
Finish my project called "Super Mario World - The Real Path Series" from 2 to 5.

In Stepmania :
1. Finish simfile pack "Dance Dance Revolution song Indonesian Edition Series"
2. Making a theme for Stepmania called Inddonesian theme
3. Finish some of my simfile that I make

In Real Life :
1. Should be to higher class, and could classmates again with girlfriends who I loved.
2. Getting a girlfriend that not betrayed me and not hypocritical me.
3. Must be a popular and diligent student in my school.
4. Getting rid of friends who made my life miserable.
5. Getting a lot of friend, both in the real world or on the internet.
Sorry, about my bad english. Because I'm Indonesian.
At first, finish Taomb Demo 2 and hope it will reach the top and stay there for a longer time.
Also, my plans are certainly to complete that hack as well.

When it comes to real life goals, I am going to graduate. Hopefully I will manage my exams, that is also what I am learning for all day long and why I am rather inactive on SMWC these days...
I play different games on Twitch, currently I speedrun Pokemon Gold or play some other shit, can also include SMW hacks. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 45, Overworld: 85%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. For how long I don't know. But it's "only" four more levels to go.

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