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What are your current goals?
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Find a hobby that I can stick with for a long time other than my elastic band ball
Finish watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (seriously, only a season to go).
Find a game to play online with Blumiere that will stay entertaining for more than two weeks

Get a university degree in physics + math
Become a significant enough person in the scientific community to have an element named after myself

Things that aren't goals but probably should be:
Hand at least one assignment in this year for English class

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To graduate cum laude (in the Netherlands, that means everything avg. =>8.0)... though that's not going to happen soon - I still have to finish two more years. But the results of last test week already count for the exams in two years, and I averaged 8.0 exactly this test week. {B)

Also, get in university.

Currently, nothing really.
Regarding SMWC:
-> Finishing this patch for mario90
-> Finishing Tap-Tap completely for SMWCP
-> Finishing Mode 7 OW completely for C3

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
-To finish college alive...and find a university near my home that offers further education in the Game Development field
-To get a job in the game development field. Failing that, either become a writer, form a band and tour the world, or manage a music store.
-Prove that, as a guy, you can have long hair on a 9-5 job and still look professional and not "kinky" (but due to living with parents that shit might not happen any time soon)
-Get a license, a decent car (never about speed, more about balls and "what can take you from point A to point B" SAFELY), and drive like never before
-Meet with JELLO and Sniggerb0bble anytime, anywhere, and become a merry little trio of good friends just hanging out (share a soda any time of the day, talk about shit, hang out wherever, etc)

SMW Hacking:
-Learn ASM
-Create my own bosses
-Learn custom music
-Finish The Cruxifis Legend before I turn 23
-Submit SOMETHING that will get accepted to the site

To get all A's at the end of the school year so I am not grounded ruthlessly all summer. (My parents are extremely strict about my education)

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Originally posted by aj6666
Originally posted by Sniggerb0bble
-To meet up with JELLO and Jeuda at least.

Be carfull guys, he's gong to kidnap you! (joking)


Real life:

-Get a girlfriend who actually decides to stay with me LONGER then 3 months.
-Finish high school without to much of a struggle.
-Get to play better piano.
-Meet up with Assbee and what-is-his-face
-Make a musical called: Jello the musical (Or just sing)
-Not kill myself by being awfully corny.


-Learn how to use certain patches and tools I'm normally too lazy for.
-Get better at ASM.
-Finish RiS.
-Get parts 1 and 2 of the Randorland (name pending (Due to Scorpion stealing the name Saga >_>)) Redone and submit them.
-Learn how to properly end a series next time -_-
This site:

-Become an expert in ASM (or just neccesary enough to make Ersanio say:"You could be better")
-Finish my hack and start another one
-Know hot to do anything on orfer to help those who need help
-Stay on this site as long as I can
-Beat S.N.N on his postcount I really don`t care the postcount, I have never celebrate any level I have reached, If I do, yell it in my face (Or PM me)

Real Life:
-Finish school and become a game desogner
-Get a girlfirend that don`t drop me because she was in love of other guy
-See again my little sister Diana (i miss her so much)

I guess that`s is

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Less serious:

~Actually finish a SMW hack for once
~Finish my website I'm building
~Learn how to mod L4D2 better
~Learn GM or MMF2 so I can make my own platformer games

More serious:

*Find a friend that lives near the portland metro area of Oregon
*Go back to College and get a degree
*Buy a house
*Figure out how to stop my kids from trashing my apartment

Most Important

#Figure out what I want to do as a career

Oh, i remembered another

1. stop being a fucking pussy

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
Originally posted by BloodyToothBrush
Oh, i remembered another

1. stop being a fucking pussy

As bloody as your name?
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

Originally posted by Chikane
(Due to Scorpion stealing the name Saga >_>))

Hey, I changed that... anyway, isn't Saga a common term for indepth story told with multiple references and content relating to one thing or function?

Anyway, here are mine:

Real Life
1. Get a girl friend
2. Get my little brother to stop harrasing me
(now more important)
3. Get a college scholarship so that I can become a game designer and make my dreams become a reality.
4. Become a fighter pilot for the US Army.
5. Meet up with some school-related friends after college (providing if I get in one) and start projects we've talked about since middle school.
6. Lose my fear of hieghts.
7. Learn how to be a better speller.
8. Get an A in math.
9. Get my manga published and sold.

Hacking Related
1. Get better at making ExGFX
2. Learn how to compose musical compositions for my hacks so that I can stop relying on others (this also includes porting)
3. Learn more ASM than already known.
4. Create more non-linear levels
5. Participate in more contests.

Hmm, that might be it.
Since there seems to be a common format of the posts here
Originally posted by almost everyone here
-Goals go here
-Get a girlfriend

I will do the same:

-Get off my ass and figure out how to do Addmusic on my Mac
-Get off my ass and release a demo for 'SMW3: Yoshi's Island Forever'
-Get off my ass and teach mockingod and Megafonzie and anyone else on a Mac how to use Lunar Magic, Spritetool, Blocktool, and Addmusic while on a Mac (Or just make a tutorial)

Real life:
-Stay with my girlfriend (Already got one)
-Learn the C++ PL
-Master the Java PL (Already know some of it)
-Meet an active SMWC user that lives near me (I'm going to be meeting mockinbird on my trip to Oahu next summer HOPEFULLY)

Let's start off with important ones:

- Finally finish school with hopefully mediocre grades
- Find work and/or start an apprenticeship
- Eventually emigrate to Japan

Less important:

- Learn more Japanese
- Start learning Russian

As you can see, I don't have many goals.
Let's see:
  • Pass this year (and my next two years of high school) with decent grades (As and Bs)
  • Attend a university with a game design course, and possibly a game programming course
  • Finish the first level of Wario's Quest For Cash within the next week or two
  • Release a demo of WQFC
  • Actually work on my secret project
  • Finish my C3 thingy

And that's all I can think of, atm (besides obvious ones like staying with my gf).
With respect to SMW Central etc.:

Short term:

- Finish everything I have to do for SMWCP...three levels, a boss, and a piece of music.
- Finish a couple of ports.
- Finish a couple of ASM-related projects that...are either hard to explain or semi-secret.
- Try out LPing.

Long term:

- Create/finish Plum's Worlds of Chaos and as many sequels as I can manage (but I'd stop after the sixth game).
- Get better at ASM. (Be comfortable with certain relatively advanced sprite routines such as manual sprite/player/object interaction, learn more about SA-1, maybe do some vaguely interesting things with HDMA...I don't know.)
- Finish my YI sprite project.
- Work on and finish my team hack with a couple others.
- Do something awesome and be recognized for it.

With respect to "real life":

Short term:

- Have my lines memorized for a scene I'm performing with two other people for drama class.
- Get at least a B on my upcoming calculus test and the subsequent exam. (I want a REAL B, too...technically, I can get all the way down to a 76% or so in that class and still get a B, but I want at least an 80%.)
- Perform well on my other exams.
- Find a 2- or 3-credit class to fill up those last couple of credits in my fall 2010 class schedule. (I currently have 16.)
- Figure out if I want to take any more summer classes besides the two I already signed up for.
- Figure out what the heck is up with my scholarships and rectify any problems.
- Renew my Mensa membership.

Long term:

- Write a lot more music.
- Write a lot more stories, poetry, and books.
- Get more exercise. (I'm lucky I'm so skinny...)
- Get into Mensa more.
- Complete at least 4 years of college and get a degree.
- Find a job I like.
- Maybe or maybe not get a girlfriend/wife.
- Do something positive for the world, something that will open eyes, minds and hearts...even something as simple as bringing to attention some of the evils of society in my writing.

Yeah. I have LOTS of goals, if I can just fulfill them. I doubt I'll be able to manage all of them, but I can dream.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
-Finish Iconorend and Perils of Mimorb, my two current Game Maker games.
-Learn more programming languages.
-Make a game in Flash
-Get A's on all subjects for the final quarter
  • Actually important ones:

    • Finally graduate from school with reasonably good grades, which sure is going to be tough if I keep up with my horrible procrastination habit and being a lazy butt.
    • Kind of obvious, but stop procrastinating, so that I can possibly get better grades in school, as well as get everything in order.
    • Hang out with my friends a tad more, as I'm still kind of anti-social, and I'd possibly like to get rid of the anti-social syndrome.

  • (Slightly) Less important ones:

    • Get a girlfriend that actually likes me for who I am.
    • Learn more programming languages, and eventually become a somewhat decent programmer.
    • Be somewhat recognized for my art.
    • Migrate to Canada or whatever country that is better than the mediocrity Brazil is.
    • Actually contribute to this site like I would, by occasionally submitting graphics to the database and whatnot.
    • Get something to show off by the next C3, as I will unfortunately have no chance to get something ready until this one, plus school exams will take up my spare time during the entire event. Eh.
    Main goals: (Note: Main goals are subject to change at any time.)

    -Finish school. (serious one)
    -Get a job.
    -Finish all 5 of my stories. (Yes, I have 4 more other then"Imaginated")
    -Get a girlfriend (An obvious one.)

    Secondary goals: (Same as above.)

    -Become friends with a star. (Already going down this path.)
    -Become better known.
    -Finish my hacks. (Yes I'm still hacking, but it's all classified for now.)
    -Help Bungie finish off the Halo trilogy. (Yes, I'm an staff member and a concept artist for them.)

    I guess that's it for now.

    - ignore the watermarks, working on a fix for those
    Originally posted by GodofDivinity
    (My parents are extremely strict about my education)

    WOW!!! You must really have MEAAAN parents! I'd suggest...GET ME AS
    A PARENT!! ANYWAY, my goals are:
    On here:
    .Finish demo 1 of my new hack: Paper Mario 6 Colored Eggs!
    .Become a humorous member!
    .Get SMG2
    .Finish my current grade
    .Get better at TaeKwonDo
    .Get my Yellow belt(I'll tell you when I've done this)
    .Jump higher
    Those are my goals for now. Peace out.#w{xD}
    Main Goals:

    -Finish school (doing great so far!)
    -Heal up, so I can sport again (not doing great... bloody foot)
    -Get some (serious) rest

    Secondary Goals:

    -Make a video of all glitches in the Glitchlist
    -Learn Hex edits and LevelASM and how HDMA gradients work and how to remap GFX
    -Make a Pit-Hack (for those wondering what a Pit-hack is, search for 'Pit of Despair' or 'Pit of Death')
    -Start TAS'ing to become better at creating a Pit-hack
    -Teach Kaizo community to stop using shelljumps (not likely to happen)
    -Maybe make a short 'regular' hack

    Of course you should fight fire with fire, you should fight everything with fire.

    Oooh look at my userbar!

    Sadistic Designer - testing Pit without tools.
    -Start a decent hack
    -Doing good in College
    -Making it to University
    -Being really good with Grammar
    Those pretty much are my goals.
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