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Small Insignificant Data
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Some minor data from the On/Off Layer 2 Generator (Sprite F2):

DATA_05C71B: dw $0020,$00C1 ; lower, upper on/off layer 2 position

DATA_05C71F: dw $FFC0,$0040 ; downward, upward on/off layer 2 speed

DATA_05C723: dw $FFFF,$0001 ; on/off layer 2 acceleration

See if you can find a use for these addresses.

Figure I may as well make a post about the third usage of $0AF6 since I don't think that's been documented anywhere.

The "various tables" mentioned are also used during the castle destruction cutscenes too, and they're all sprite tables. Each table is 15 bytes long:
$0AF6 - Used by the baby Yoshis in the credits as downwards acceleration.
$0B05 - Sprite Y speed.
$0B14 - Sprite X speed.
$0B23 - Sprite Y speed accumulating fraction bits.
$0B32 - Sprite X speed accumulating fraction bits.
$0B41 - Sprite Y position (low).
$0B50 - Sprite X position (low).
$0B5F - Sprite Y position (high).
$0B6E - Sprite X position (high).
$0B7D - Used by the debris in Lemmy's cutscene as downwards acceleration.
$0B8C - Used by the debris in Lemmy's cutscene to indicate a taken slot.

(idk if there are any more, there weren't any for $0B9B anyway)

There is at least one sprite though, the white flag in the castle destruction scenes, that reverses the X/Y designation.

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Since I apparently didn't repost this anywhere else, here is some info about the use of the scroll sprites:

Originally posted by imamelia, post 6781
The range determines how far up and down it moves. The range 12 version was used in the second room of Wendy's Castle.

Actually, for reference, here is where all of the scroll sprites were used in the original game:

Sprite E8 x0, Y position 0 - Auto-Scroll Special 1: Donut Plains 2 (level 9)
Sprite E8 x0, Y position 1 - Auto-Scroll Special 1-A: Yoshi wings bonus area, main map (level C8)
Sprite E8 x1, Y position 0 - Auto-Scroll Special 2: Unused.
Sprite E8 x1, Y position 1 - Auto-Scroll Special 2-A: Unused.
Sprite E8 x2 - Auto-Scroll Special 3: Unused.
Sprite E8 x3 - Auto-Scroll Special 4: Butter Bridge 1 (level C)
Sprite E9 x0 - Layer 2 Smash-1: #6 Wendy's Castle (level 1A)
Sprite E9 x1 - Layer 2 Smash-2: Valley Fortress (level 111)
Sprite E9 x2 - Layer 2 Smash-3: Bowser's Castle (level 1CF)
Sprite EA x0, Y position 0 - Layer 2 Scroll, Range 12: #6 Wendy's Castle (level D4)
Sprite EA x0, Y position 1 - Layer 2 Scroll, Range 05: Bowser's Castle (level 1D1)
Sprite EA x1 - Layer 2 Scroll, Range 08: Valley of Bowser 2 (level 1E3)
Sprite EA x2 - Layer 2 Scroll, Range 05: Valley of Bowser 2 (level 115)
Sprite EA x3 - Layer 2 Scroll, Range 06: #3 Lemmy's Castle (level 1F3)
Sprite ED - Layer 2 Falls: Unused.
Sprite EF x0 - Layer 2 Scroll Sideways Short: #2 Morton's Castle (level E7)
Sprite EF x1 - Layer 2 Scroll Sideways Long: Bowser's Castle (level 1CE)
Sprite F2 - Layer 2 On/Off Switch: #4 Ludwig's Castle (level DC)
Sprite F3 x0 - Slow Auto-Scroll: Forest Fortress (level 1F), Bowser's Castle (level 1D4), #1 Iggy's Castle (level 1FC)
Sprite F3 x1 - Slow Auto-Scroll*: Yoshi wings bonus area, submap (level 1C8)
Sprite F4 - Fast BG Scroll: Forest Secret Area (level 122)
Sprite F5 x0 - Layer 2 Sink Short: Chocolate Secret (level 1ED)
Sprite F5 x1 - Layer 2 Sink Long: Vanilla Dome 1 (level 1EF)
Sprite F5 x2 - Layer 2 Rise Up: Valley of Bowser 2 (level 1E2)
Sprite F5 x3 - Layer 2 Give Some: Unused.

*The Slow Auto-Scroll used in level 1C8 actually has a different extra bit setting and a different speed than the others, despite Lunar Magic not reflecting this: it is twice as fast as the normal one.

Other notes:
- The Range 12 version of the Layer 2 scroll sprite is the only one that starts out going up. All the others start out going down.
- Yes, there are two different versions of the Range 5 version of the Layer 2 Scroll Sprite. The alternate version is notably used in a place where Layer 2 is a non-interactive background, but as far as I can tell, the two act identical.
- There are three unused variants of the Auto-Scroll Special sprite. They all seem to function just fine, though, and their movement patterns are strongly reminiscient of SMB3's airship stages. Auto-Scroll Special 2 and 3 stop at screen 07, while 2-A stops at screen 0B. (Incidentally, why are 1-A and 2-A called that anyway rather than just Auto-Scroll Special 5 and 6?) Also, I'm fairly sure Auto-Scroll Special 2-A actually pulls garbage data as well and just acts like Special 1 without the Layer 2 scrolling. I suppose if it works, though...
- The Layer 2 Falls sprite and the last variant of sprite F5 are unused. They still work, though the latter is pretty much useless.
- Sprites EB, EC, EE, F0, and F1 also count as scroll sprites, but I'm not entirely sure what any of them do. Sprite EB seems to be an auto-scroll sprite that also moves Layer 2, similar to Auto-Scroll Special 1. Sprite EC just auto-scrolls, but it seems to start scrolling vertically upon reaching the last screen. Sprite EE seems to do absolutely nothing; all four of its pointers just return. Sprite F0 also seems to do nothing, though it does clear a few scroll sprite-related addresses. (Perhaps it was intended as a scroll sprite version of the "Turn Off Generators" sprite or something? It doesn't clear the actual scroll sprite number, though...) Sprite F1 also autoscrolls and doesn't move Layer 2, but it does something upon reaching the penultimate screen, possibly another vertical scroll. At least some of the unused scroll sprites seem to be designed for some of the unused level modes 03-06, which were never fully coded into the game (and I still say FuSoYa or somebody should look into that...).
- Also, the Layer 3 Smash sprite (sprite 89) is not actually a scroll sprite, just a normal one, but if you care to know, it is found in Forest Fortress (level 1F), Bowser's Castle (level 1D4), and #1 Iggy's Castle (level 1FC).

I should mention, though, that the medium-speed variant of sprite F3 now does display correctly in Lunar Magic.

Also, I've looked into the scroll sprites' code in the past, and frankly, I think it would be easier to just make your own with UberASM and a standard routine (which I did do in the fortress level I showed off last year), but I did at least disassemble sprites E8, E9, EA, and F5. Not sure if they'd be useful to anyone.
(Sorry for this bump)

SMW's @7 (steel drums) have some weird quiet high pitch noise behind this sample, like it was meant for the NES DPCM channel (and sounds 4-bit too) and you won't really notice it unless you listen closely and mute other channels.
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When a note block is hit, it briefly changes into 0x152 (inv. solid tile), but then changes back into 0x113/0x116 (note block/note block, bounce on all sides).

If a tile acts like a note block, however, it'll change into whatever's in pos. 0x113/6, even if it's not actually a note block.

The results could be pretty cool.

The downside is that all note blocks of that type now do that, so... no normal note blocks. (Well, 0x113 and 0x116 are independent of eachother, but they act slightly differently.)

This can also be done a bunch of different ways, as many blocks- i.e. ?-blocks, turn-blocks, vines, etc. all do some sort of tile changing. It won't work for large hacks, but for smaller ones or contests it's kinda useful.

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I figured out something similar years ago. Can keep regular note blocks and have your own custom hidden blocks.
Originally posted by Kaijyuu
I figured out something similar years ago. Can keep regular note blocks and have your own custom hidden blocks.

I was referring to the "bounce from above" ability of the note blocks (the video showcased note blocks disappearing after being hit), but that's definitely a nice thing to know!

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Small post about the format for SMW's compression of GFX27:

The graphics are compressed in an unusual 3bpp format, different from the standard SNES 3bpp format (hence why YY-CHR can't display it). Each row of pixels for a particular tile uses 3 bytes, with 1 bit for each pixel per byte. Like this:

byte 1: hgfedcba
byte 2: HGFEDCBA
byte 3: 76543210

The first pixel is then assembled as color "-----aA0", second pixel as "------bB1", and so forth.

During decompression, each individual 8x8 tile is then duplicated in reverse to the next 8x8 tile; that is, tiles 0x00 and 0x01 are the same, but 0x01 is an X-flipped version of 0x00 (same for 0x02 and 0x03, and so forth). Hence, the original GFX file doesn't include X flips for any tiles, and can only be 0x80 tiles at most (rather than the 0x100 that Mode 7 actually allows for).

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All the Mega Moles in the original game that I could think of are placed 1 tile above the ground for some reason.

Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
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