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C3 Poster Contest

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Originally known as A Yoshi (2006-2009), Aquifer (2010-2011), and Azurik (2012-2014).
@Counterfeit: I really like your poster. It really seems unique. #w{:>}

@Aquifer: That's an amazing poster there, staying right with the style of SMW and Lunar Magic. Really great job. #w{=D}

As of now, I think Demonsul, Dots, Counterfeit, Aquifer, Orbis, and Exor have the best ones right now.
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
Here goes mine, I guess..
I'm intimidated by the other images. o.o

Might as well my throw my poster into the bunch. Also, good luck everyone!
How To Design a Good Overworld
my poster is the best ever :(
I would definetly say, that Counterfeit and Orbis have made the best Posters.
Counterfeits is just beautifully made and Orbis' just looks cool.
It's 3-D and has this "we-have-no-outlines-we-look-cool" thingy, that I just love.
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by Dinomar
and not most of us who made... low quality stuff.

Like I did, but these last ones are just damn good.

They're awesome!

I cry when angels deserve to die <3
Lay-out made by Broozer

Not entirely serious, as it's not my art, and hardly motivational.

But eh, it was fun, even though it sucks.

well, it's all I've got:

my project: (unnamed)
current status: writing asm..

Originally posted by Snake X
well, it's all I've got:

lol #w{xD} thats actually a good one!
Your layout has been removed.
I call this one you gotta help us

#w{:>} yeah... i suck at painting on the computer.

My 3rd attempt, because my previous attempts were 'filtered out':

Thanks to Sonikku, Blue Kirby and all other people on TSR for the spritesheets.
Originally posted by Snake X
well, it's all I've got:

Not bad. I would try to use the same font as the "CANNOT RENDER" text, though. (I think it's MS Serif or something like that.)

bit big.. and bad, but hey i tried xD

200th post!!!

seems like a ripoff from this:
Originally posted by Aquifer

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
Some ideas was taken form this.
Here is mine.

The line near the top was something that created. I don't know why.
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