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Aetasparris rom hack

Name: Super Fun World
Description: Well, this is my first hack.
note: Smallhacker told me this was an Aetasparris hack, so I needed to create a new thread for it. Enjoy..

my project: (unnamed)
current status: writing asm..

Aetasparris? What?
Good fucking bye.

quote from irc:

[16:18] <Smallhacker> I don't think there has been an aetasparris contest so far... and they're normally not allowed in the hacks section due to their "half-kaizoness"
[16:19] |<-- reghrhre has left (Ping timeout)
[16:19] <Snake_X> so what do I do then..?
[16:19] <Snake_X> is it not submittable..?
[16:21] <Smallhacker> I don't know. Aetasparris hacks are in that grey area where rules become fuzzy, because aetasparris hacks are rare and frankly, hard to make.

in other words... Idk either.

my project: (unnamed)
current status: writing asm..

I'm guessing it's too hard for the hacks section, but not hard enough to be kaizo.
Why not go to my Youtube channel?

its a word made up by smallhacker. I just now knew that.

edit: ownerthungs is right. its in between difficulty

my project: (unnamed)
current status: writing asm..

So, an asm hack contest? I don't really understand what's going on here.

I am submiting a hack that was rejected because it was "kaizo" so then, I submit it to the kaizo section as directed, then it got rejected because it "wasn't kaizo", so now I am creating a new thread to submit my rom hack. There. Confusion BeGone!

my project: (unnamed)
current status: writing asm..