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SMWC Idol, 2!: It's over already?!

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I think I'm going to have to sit this round out. It sounded easy, combining two or three songs into one, but it actually turned out to be really hard. Porting something new would be a lot easier. I could do it if I were just remixing one song (although I'll most likely blow round 6 anyway), but more than one? Not worth the struggle.


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I know how you feel. I'll try and be in this one, but...well, it might not turn out so well. Remixing is not my skill.
yea, i get you both here, it sounded easy till i started thinking about how the different lengths of the tracks could interfere easily
Well, despite the fact that I hate remixing, I managed to cobble together something for R4. I'm mainly interested in R5 and beyond, are most other people.
i got a question for round 4, does taking the same approach the ending of sonic 2 did were it put a million of its songs into 1 in a random order count? i mean it will involve having to do alot of testing and stuff to sync it properly and maybe stitch them, and pretty much replace parts that could sound better, summing this up, can an approach like this be taken?
That's still technically remixing, so it makes sense that it would count. Don't expect to score too high though - I have a strong feeling I know exactly what they are looking for, and it isn't something like that.
i know, but remixing things like so turned out to be harder then i thought, so i may very well have to pull it off this way.
Functionality and Quality can be graded fine, but how will the four remaining points be portioned out? It can't really be Accuracy, and it can't really be Ingenuity (it's not a full composition).

Will the pieces be graded on how well they remix instead? That would arguably make more sense.
Originally posted by Camerin Neede
It can't really be Accuracy, and it can't really be Ingenuity (it's not a full composition).

It could be on the accuracy on what parts used and ingenuity on how original the parts were mixed possibly?

Also I submitted my Round 4 entry, I think it is pretty ok.
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Good. I hope more people join in for this round.

Round 5 is hard, I'll say that. I've written two possible entry songs and am now in dispute over which to submit. I want to do well.
same but something tells me your gonna hold firstplace to the end from here on, the most i can do is pass imamelia this round if i submit something in time., I won't hold first place, there but for some unseen event.
just think about it, you entered every round, you have more points then anyone, your fullfilling ther most rounds entered and most points.
...I guess you're right.

I'll say this, though; I am going to be creamed in the fifth round. My submission will be good--it's in the SPC showoff thread if you want to hear it--but I know--and I hope--that better music will be written.
Yeah, I'm not feeling too optimistic about the fifth round either...or any of the rest, but with absolutely no rules whatsoever for Round 5, there should be a lot of people entering, which means a lot of opportunities to lose. I already know that there are quite a few people who can port and/or compose a heck of a lot better than I can.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Is it too late too join yet? If not, I think I shall.
you can join in any round, they say so just about evverywere, on the smwi site, and here.
R4 is ending tomorrow, just so you know, but R5 would be a nice time to join in. It's a 'no punches pulled' round, where anything goes.

Speaking about that round...we need a huge announcement for it, like with emboldoned letters commanding people to join in. Bribes might work, too.
i wouldnt use a bribe but, i would however ask for others to try in atleast round 5 and above if they decide to,
basically, ask everyone to show what they can do, even if its a little, every bbit counts.
Could someone give me the start and end dates for round 6?
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