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SMWC Idol, 2!: It's over already?!

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Yeah, only three entries for the final round. Kristian just sent me his round 7 scores, and I got round 8 scores already from him and Dots. I'll be getting those up momentarily.

Regarding the site, I don't think anybody should worry about archiving it. I won't be taking it down, and not to mention, the templates are ridiculously simple. =P

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It's been a fun run judging this all. I've heard some great stuff, and some not-so-great stuff, but overall I think everyone that participated did awesome.

Thanks to all the contestants, fellow judges, and whoever happens to be a winner for making this amazing.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

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Is there any chance of getting access to SPC's so we can listen to the songs that were submitted into this???
After each round, Counterfeit puts up the various download links for each song. Unless the participants have put their SPCs in the showoff thread, you will have to wait until then. It shouldn't be long, though.
Oh right... SMWCI

Round 7:

imamelia's entry: StarFox - Titania Boss

Tornado's entry: Megaman 7 - Wily Battle

Camerin Neede's entry: Tetris - Enter Your Name

Karatekid5's entry: Pikmin 2 - Wistful Wild

Congrats to Imamelia!

Expect Andy and I to get off of each other long enough to judge r8 soon.
Imamelia deserves that round; that song was incredible.

And I'm still happy with my song because it got, if marks matter, an A-.

Good work, Imamelia! I'm glad you won a round.
Thanks, Camerin. I'm kind of surprised...I really didn't think it would do THAT well. I'm happy I actually won a round (and got a song featured), and even more so that it was a port that uses only 5 channels, no samples, and only 933 bytes. I actually forgot to mention that the .zip file I uploaded to the music section contains two different versions of the port; the original one actually had @4 instead of the @5. Interestingly, when my brother heard it, he said it sounded like it could suit an airship or something, and when I thought about it, I could imagine, an airship with a sunset background that is fairly fast-paced but not necessarily auto-scrolling.

So, now all that is left is the last two scores for Round 8...and for Counterfeit to update the total scores.


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May I be the first to welcome you to the victor's club.
Well, thank you. Heh, look at you, you fresh new music moderator with a blue name...I wonder if either of us would be viable judges for the next SMWC Idol if there is one?

Also, what's taking Atma and Andy so long on Round 8?


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 61/95 levels.
I don't know. If I've crunched the numbers right, though, I think you got 3rd, which still gets you a trophy. I think Tornado and I tied for wins, but I can't be certain.

Also, next year, we should run the Idol again. You would make a fine judge.
Originally posted by imamelia
Also, what's taking Atma and Andy so long on Round 8?

are they trying to eat a the moon with a spork before they can score round 8 or something

If I am in charge of the next SMWCI, then I would definitely consider you guys, among others, to judge. I'd like judging to be a little more open next time, as in, possibly have people apply to judge, rather than having an all-mod judge team. A lot of regular users are excellent critics as well.

I am thinking next time we should split it to test people in two divisions (which won't compete with each other for obvious reasons) - an MSU1 division which should test people's skills with soundfonts, composing, audio splicing etc., and an SPC division which will be much like what we had this time around. Maybe we could have a different set of judges for each, if there's a lot of judging interest, and fewer rounds to compensate for having two divisions?

Of course, that is just speculation. Atma has agreed to help me plan out some of the round criterias if we ever get around to an SMWCI 3 next year, and if we aren't involved in it, it would be cool to see these ideas considered.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
I like the idea. Let's hope we don't have a forum rearrangement if we run the contest next year.

Ah, but we'll leave next year to next year. We'll all unfortunately be too busy to plan anything, what with C3 drawing near.
It was a good run, and I'm glad it got finished.

Once the judging is complete, I'll get the final results and hand out trophies/badges accordingly.
For wins:
1st 2 winsCamerin Neede/imamelia
2nd1 winJimmy52905/Slash Man/S.N.N./Tornado
3rd0 winseverybody else

For score:
1st335.8Camerin Neede
4th147.2omegazeroINFI (honorable mention)

Relinking the entries I probably forgot to link:
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7
Round 8

Full leaderboard

Congratulations to our winners, and to all four of our four top-score people for their devoted attendance and effort, and especially to 'everybody else' - enjoy your bronze. Thank you for participating in SMWC Idol.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
I won another one? Awesome. I really did better than I'd expected overall.

So, I guess it's over.... Congratulations to Camerin and everyone else who participated, and thanks to Andy, Atma, Dotsarecool, Kristian, and Ladida for judging the contest. Thanks also to Counterfeit for compiling the scores and making the website for it. SMWC Idol was an interesting experience, and I learned some things from it.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 61/95 levels.
eh i did about as well as i expected, i guess ill be much better at it next time.
I thought it would be Tornado that would tie me for wins, but it looks like imamelia has done better than he thought he would several rounds back. Excellent job to you and everyone else who competed.

If this runs again, and I hope it does, I will not be competing; I instead hope to judge.

But we'll leave that for another year.

Thanks to Miss Counterfeit for organizing everything, as well as the judges for taking forever awarding points.

I'm going to stop here before I start getting sentimental.
Congrats. Too bad interest seemed to die down near the end. Maybe we should make the guidelines a little more user-friendly next time.

Destickying/closing. It was a good run.
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