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SMWC Idol, 2!: It's over already?!

Link Thread Closed
I just want the majority of it in B major. I'd prefer all of it, but that restriction seems a little too much.

So to answer your questions, yes you can.
Er .. you mean B minor, right? That is what you said originally, so I'm assuming this second post was just a mistake.
Good. That's all I needed to know.

Thank you for the clarification.
Just a reminder to everyone that round 2 has started. The finished product is due by the end of Saturday.

Round 1 scores will be out ASAP.

Edit: Just a reminder, for all custom compositions. the 4 points for accuracy are instead awarded for ingenuity (pushing the song to the SMW limits). Also, all submission are to be PM'd to Counterfeit instead of the judges. She will be lumping them into one zip and removing traces of ownership so that judges may judge in an unbiased fashion.
Round 1 Scores are In!

1st place: S.N.N. scoring 46.3 with his port from Actraiser: Link

2nd place: Slash Man scoring 45.2 with his port from Sonic and Knuckles: Link

3rd place: Supertails scoring 43.4 with his port from Chrono Trigger: Link

4th place: Jimmy52905 scoring 42.9 with his port from Megaman 9: Link

5th place: Kipernal scoring 42.2 with his port from Lemmings 2: Link

6th place: Imamelia scoring 42.0 with his port from Mickey's Magical Quest 3: Link

7th place: Red Chameleon scoring 41.5 with his port from La-MuLana: Link

8th place: Buster Beetle scoring 41.2 with his port from Megaman X2: Link

9th place: Camerin Neede scoring 37.8 with his port from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicals: Link

10th place: omegazeroINFI scoring 36.6 with his port from Touhou: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody: Link

And here's a link to the scores from each Judge: Link

As a final note. Realize that the entry range was within 10 points. All these ports were good, but some just had that needed push to go above and beyond. As SNN proved, simple songs can beat the more complex songs out there if they just have that extra push.
Holy crap! I never expected I would get second. =D

I just threw that together in a half hour because of setbacks and whatnot too.
I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
Because Atma is too lazy to edit this mistake into the normal txt, here's my score for ST:

Originally posted by Judging
10) Supertails - schala
Overall: 4.5/5
Accuracy 3.5/4
Functionality: 0/1
Total: 8/10

Comments: Very nice port. The pitch seems a bit higher than the original, but overall it is very pleasent to listen to. Atma informed me your song has an echo error, though.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns

now to actually get some care/motivation to finish the b minor piece, i guess.
Heh, I could have been 3rd place if I didn't make that stupid echo error. Anyways, I'm happy with my standing, and at least I learned something from this experience. Good luck with Round 2 dudes.
Ah, well, you win some, you lose some. I doubt I'll do very well in the next round, though...I just hope I can get it in on time, which could be hard to do. By the way, you guys all need to take a leaf out of Kristian and Dotsarecool's book...I liked that you two actually commented on the scores. (More...instruments? I have the original SPC, and I used all 8 channels in there...)

Anyway, on to round 2! Atma, if you haven't done so already, you should state the deadline for the next round in the first post.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Ah, fourth place. Not too bad I suppose. I probably should have maybe picked another song to use for this, but eh. I should do better in the next round.

Originally posted by S.N.N.

now to actually get some care/motivation to finish the b minor piece, i guess.

Cool! Now I get to lose miserably to SNN with my stock kids' games-style music in the next round!

e: oh goddamnit snn -_-

Ah, round 2. I'll probably join this round.

Also congratulations SNN!

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
Well...I made it into the top 10!

Congratulations to everyone who entered, and good luck to all with the B Minor piece.
I got fifth place? Yeesh, what were you guys on to give me a score that high? :P But I'm not complaining, of course...

Anyway, good luck with the next round, everyone. There's no way I'll be entering this one unless you want to hear something ear-meltingly bad.
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
Round 3's sample bank is ready for use (almost)


I'll leave you guys to figure out what's what. #w{=D}

Originally posted by JeRRy86
Ah, round 2. I'll probably join this round.

Also congratulations SNN!

Forget what I said here. No inspiration + lazy = bleh

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
Yeah, composing is...tricky, especially when you have to stay in more or less the same key. I think I managed to get most of my piece in B Minor (B Minor harmonic, but that still counts...I think).

I hope I do better this round!
Ugh. Why isn't there just a ''normal'' round? |-O

Wellm I'm gonna join round 8.

Round 8, PiT songs allowed? PLEASE?! #w{<3}
Your layout has been removed.
I have two things to mention.

1: Information can now be found here:

2: All composing rounds will allot the participant an extra week to turn in the port of their composition.
i know exactly what to do for round 3 :D though round 2 is one ill probably not be able to do :(. oh well, theres always another round to partake in :D
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