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SMWC Idol, 2!: It's over already?!

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What makes you think the people in round 1 + 2 will do as well throughout the remaining rounds? There is still a chance for everyone to participate, and if you can port/compose, why not give it a shot? You might surprise yourself.
I just realized that it might not be just fear of competition that's keeping people from joining--it's probably school. For me and other post-secondary students, our school finished in April, but most of the people here are in high school, and June is assignments and exams month. I expect that when the last few rounds roll around in early July, there will be much more participation.

This scheduling isn't anyone's fault, by the way; it's just how things fell together.
you hit that on the head >.< i have quite a bit to do and im already aware of my finals so finding time is gonna be hard
Okay, a few new things.

After talking to SNN and getting ideas from him, here are some changes.

Instead of weekly submissions, R4 and beyond will be due bi-weekly (as in 2 weeks)

Also, I suck with time signatures, so R5 is now a no punches pulled round, there will be no specific requirements for this round, compositions or ports, sampled or unsampled, you can do it.


I'm sorry that this contest has run far from smoothly, I am the one at fault here and would like to thank SNN and Counterfeit for holding this contest together.
oh, my, gonnna do my absolfuckinglutely best in round 5
i cannot wait #w{>=)} heh, dont worry about it, its not like we have a ton of music porters here, also, practice makes perfect i guess. but i guess the only thing you can do is next time, make sure not to make mistake i do all the time, announcing something without considering everything so there wont be any changes.
This contest hasn't been run for a few years, and there were bound to be a few bumps along the way. The most important thing is that songs have been submitted and judged.

Bi-weekly rounds will help a lot of people out. And though you changed round 5, I think I'll still compose in 9/4 because it was a really novel idea.

I'm happy to be in this contest, with its swift changes of rules and sudden info relocation. It honestly makes it more fun.
a bit unexpected and they changed things for the better too.
man round 5 is going to rock so much now <3.

1st place: Jimmy52905's "Frozen Volcano" - 43.6 points
2nd place: Camerin Neede's "Teresa's Parlor" - 42.3 points
3rd place: JeRRy86's "Walking in the Rain" - 35.7 points

This ties Jimmy52905 with S.N.N. in wins and puts Camerin Neede in 2nd place in the points race.

Check out the judge commentary here.

...and reading this over, Atma - disregard my PM reponse. People seem happy with two weeks.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

Jimmy is 1nd and SNN is 1st?
Well I expected to come last anyways. Congratulations Jimmy!

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
I ended up doing a lot better than I thought this time, and I think I'll do even better next round. Congratulations, Jinnmy52905!
grats jimmy.

atma: might want to update the first post with the changes you've made to round 5.
Originally posted by site
The sample bank for Round 3 can also be found here. Remember the deadline is Sunday, JUNE 20, 12:00 AM EST - the very END of Saturday the 19th, on USA's east coast time. Hopefully there isn't a repeat of the confusion this time around, and participation will increase.

round 3s deadline was extended too?
Originally posted by omegazeroINFI
Atma - disregard my PM reponse. People seem happy with two weeks.

Oh, cool! We get an extra week for Round 3 after all! :D
Also, I'm tied with SNN for first...heh, this is going to be interesting.
Two small things:

Firstly, shouldn't this thread's title be updated? Round 2's grades were released, but it only mentions round 1 in the description.

Secondly, the link to my song is broken. Anyone who wants to download it can find it in the To Be Moderated section of the Music area.

Edit: It's now in the Music section proper, so download at your liesure.

Lol? "1nd <- yes jerry 1nd you read right"

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
Is it allowed to rearrange the given samples? Like, say I want both the Secret of Mana piano and the steel drum. Both would use sample 9, so in that case, if I weren't using sample 0C, could I move the piano to sample 0C instead?


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
There's no rule that says you can't, so I'd say you can. All we have to do is use the samples.

Good luck with your piece!
Hm, well, it turned out that I didn't need to worry about that. But thanks.

Now I have a couple of questions about round 6. First, your use of the word "remix" you mean it should be as accurate as possible, same song, same notes and everything, just sounding 16-bit? Or are we allowed a little artistic license with it? Second, you said NES or GameBoy...what about other 8-bit games? The port I had in mind was was from Mega Man 9, which is styled like a NES game, but is for the Wii. (But you knew that.)


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Can I come in late and enter the last round only? Or do I have to wait for the next one?
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