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My Secret Project
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...or what was left of it is here:

However, due to evil forces that plot against me, the site is down for the moment while things get fixed and since I don't have any proof that I worked on anything...

DON'T LET THIS BE YOU! Be sure to back up your project on your computer as well as your site.

Later edit: Well, just so I can have something to 'show' for, here's a horrible old joke hack.

Need someone good at CSS site/design! Please contact!

Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
How are the munchers down there?

Hopefully i won't have to join them *looks down at them* GULP.

I just need to finish my hack.

Also,unlucky that you lost your project... :<
Yeah, just a shame my computer was acting goofy so I decided to move my to my site only to find that my site is now in muncher land. I just joined my site. #w{:<}

As for how the munchers are...

I couldn't tell you. :>

But that my way to escape the munchers or is that Smallhacker's even worse muncher pit?

Need someone good at CSS site/design! Please contact!

Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
Sucks you lost your project. But you still found a way to avoid the Munchers! :D
Or did I...

CURSE YOU SMALLHACKER! You forgot to number your exit. No, it is worse than a muncher pit- it is an endless bonus game!

Well, I guess the endless time I spend down here will allow me to work on a project. Wait, perhaps there is hope for you all yet to see a project from me...

Need someone good at CSS site/design! Please contact!

Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
I creep along the dark path, careful not to let the munchers catch sight of me. "Endless bonus game dungeon," I mutter. "What next?" The way was dark. Who knew what unpleasant surprises were hidden in the shadows.
"You know, imamelia, I'm actually starting to get bored here," said Belladonna, one of my faithful mutants. "Can't I pick off a few of those annoying Munchers? They're doing nothing good."
"No, Bella," I said. "Remember to stick to the plan. We're here to rescue Superderek, not to bash Munchers."
"The plan, the plan..." grumbled Bella. "Who cares about the plan? Besides, if Superderek can use the power of the Dimension of Destiny that well, being mischievous but not unkind with that chaos, why can't he get out of there on his own?"
"Maybe he can, and maybe he can't," I said. "But you have to realize who we're dealing with here. The crafter of this dungeon is a devious and cunning man, with a mind as convoluted as the Minotaur's labyrinth. If he can trap someone this powerful in a simple endless bonus game, he is not to be taken lightly." I paused. "Besides, those Munchers...I mean, they could become enamorate of you, for all I know. An attractive young plant-girl might be a welcome sight after all that mindless floating and stacking. Do you really want to risk losing your virginity to something spammed in Kaizo hacks?"
Bella clammed up after that, but I could tell she still wanted to bash in some OMNOMing faces.
We came to a wall. It seemed pretty solid, and I saw no way beyond. "Dr. Dork? You got any acid on you?"
"Oh, do I ever," said Dr. Dork. A nerdy 17-year-old who was socially awkward in every way you could think of, he had once gone by the nickname "Dr. Dirk", but it was so close to "Dr. Dork" that someone had called him that, and the name stuck. He was another devout follower of mine, albeit not a mutant like Bella, who was part plant and part human. He had great scientific skills, particularly in the field of chemistry; he could tell you everything about every element on the Periodic Table, from actinium to zirconium. He could synthesize things that the average bystander couldn't even pronounce. And boy, there was no one better at doing impersonations of Nitrus Brio, Neo Cortex, Dr. Wily, and various other famous mad scientists. Since coming to work at Dimension Laboratories, he even sprayed and bleached his hair to look more mad scientist-y.
"I think this should do the trick," said Dr. Dork, taking out a bottle of aqua regia. This was nasty stuff, a combination of concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids. A few squirts of it left the metal blocking our way in worse shape than Air Man after being pushed into a giant leaf pile by a hyperactive kindergartener. "Don't worry, Superderek," I whispered to myself. "We'll get you out of this place. He doesn't know who he's dealing with."
With the path open once again, I couldn't help but wonder: Why had such an awful fate come to such a kind and loving person? What was Smallhacker's real motive for unceremoniously throwing him to the munchers? What traps await imamelia in this new world? What will become of Superderek?
Originally posted by imamelia

Holy crap I read all of that
Sorry guys, due to being in a different area, I couldn't take screenshots of my escape but I can thank imamelia for finally escaping. However, it was no easy process of an ENDLESS Bonus room.


Superderek stared up towards the pipe that he had entered when suddenly he realized something. Smallhacker isn't dumb, he didn't make this an endless bonus room. He obviously did some neat ASM trick to fool me into thinking that. Superderek began to play the bonus game as he normally would. He seen the block in the middle; a mushroom. He would have to hit them all and make sure they all matched in order to escape.
If he messed up, the pipe would be broken and then Superderek would never escape the evils of this room. He suddenly heard imamelia's voice through the pipe. Is...imamelia rescueing me? "imamelia!," Superderek's voice boomed, "Don't enter this pipe! I have figured out a way to escape but we need to run quickly."

As Superderek hit the last block, the room shook violently and the pipe turned into the version that allowed escape- hopefully Smallhacker set this pipe up right. He rushed to the pipe and exited through it. However, Superderek lost his footing while crawling through the pipe and almost fell backwards but imamelia quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him up. Once outside the pipe, he seen his best friend, imamelia, and the friends brought by imamelia. Superderek was happy to see someone after all these long hours. "It is finally good to see you..."
But now they must escape the level or the countdown of death would surely end them all. "If you are wondering why I can't use my power...there is a disturbance at Dimension Project. I believe it is Lord Mazon. He is up to his usual evil. This is why my site is down and this is why I can't use my power nor get my project. Now that I think of it, I forgot what my project is! And now I can't think straight"
It was up to imamelia now to help them escape.

Need someone good at CSS site/design! Please contact!

Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter

What the hell is this?

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
Originally posted by JeRRy86
What the heck is this?

That's what me and imamelia are trying to figure out. Obviously Smallhacker is working with a great evil. Possibly Lord Mazon himself- but...why?

(Also, there are some who will get it and many who don't. This is all leading to a big finale of sorts. A Release of something? Who knows?)

Need someone good at CSS site/design! Please contact!

Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
Sometimes I wonder if something is wrong with you.

Good fucking bye.
You should have just taken Yoshi with you to cross the munchers.
Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
Sometimes I wonder if something is wrong with you.

Only sometimes? Don't you mean all the time? I live with a madman for goodness sake! That's what's wrong. :( It is turning me into something crazy.

As for the Yoshi idea, that is pretty good. Hopefully imamelia brought it...

Need someone good at CSS site/design! Please contact!

Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
I hugged Superderek, glad to have helped him finally get out of that room. But the sound of munchers in the distance reminded me that we were still in a very dangerous situation. There would be time for sentimentality later. "That was clever," I said. "Even Smallhacker isn't completely unfair."
OMNOMNOMing getting louder... "We need to get the heck out of here," I said. "If we stay in one place for too long, we're muncher food. And sorry to say, I didn't think to bring a Yoshi."
The four of us ran back along the dark tunnel, hoping for a good escape route. Unfortunately, the one I had used before now seemed to be swarming with munchers, and the only other option I saw was to climb the wall.
"Bah..." I grumbled. "I should have brought more items. I now know why you're so low on power, and I'm feeling quite a bit drained myself. I wish Kristian were here...I could go for a KerokeroCola right now, not to mention he could help us get rid of some of these munchers." I decided to try telepathy; at least I had enough power left for that. *Kristian, can you hear me? This is imamelia. I'm with Superderek in Smallhacker's dungeon. We could use some assistance...and bring some good items with you.* If he didn't come, we could still get out ourselves, but if he did, so much the better. I could tell that we were close to the exit of the dungeon, so it wouldn't be much longer. What I wouldn't have given for some Dimension of Destiny power to make some chaos in the dungeon.
As soon as I heard the message from imamelia, I checked my bag of items, which was quite full of all different kinds of stuff, and hurried out my front door. I grabbed a P-Balloon out of my items, and stuffed it in my mouth.
I felt the sensation of being feather-light, and floated away.
Before long I was on top of the cliff and could see my friends below.
I yelled down to them.

Take it away, imam.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns

You guys have been playing too much Super Mario World.[/obvious]


Who knows when I'll have
something to put here.

Credits go to Counterfeit for the bitchin' post layout.

Now I am tempted to join just to hit on the cute half-plant girl. Cause srsly, half-plant girls are hot. :P

Your layout has been removed.
you could of just made something half-assed and submitted it like 1/4th (over-exaggerated of course) of these threads you see :\
just get a clean rom, make fuck every other word, and boom: 60 replies :\

im dying of hyperbole
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