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Your first level in Lunar Magic

Ahem..So yeah, just as the title suggests, what did your first level in Lunar Magic looked like? Was it full of ugly cutoffs and glitchy graphics? Or was it something decent? If you still have some screenshots or videos of it you can show it us.

My first level was called "water cave" I made it to test the events overworld, it was placed below yoshi's island 1 in the sea and could be accessed by activating a secret exit I added on yoshi's island 1. As the level name suggests it was a cave with water, but the level design was boring: you started on a donut bridge over the water and you had to activate a p-switch to turn some brown blocks placed on the bridge into coins and get to the water. The water had gliched graphics due to the cave tileset and created cutoffs with the diagonal edges, it also had fishes but since I didn't knew I had to activate the sprite boyuancy they were just drowning. After swimming for a while you had to avoid some jumping piranha plants coming out from pipes and a couple of munchers and get to some cement bloc structures where you had to avoid several chucks and koopas until you get to a giant pit that you had to cross by koopa jumping.

Long term edit: fixed the horrible spelling...yeah, old times.
I started my first level just 2-3 weeks ago. I'm still not done, but I'll make a video when it's finished. It's basically a fire cave.

mine looked like a very very crappy edit of level 105 because thats all I knew how to do at the time but at least it didn't have floating munchers only lots and lots of cutoff.
It was a crappy level with flat stuff, bad sprites, flunchers, etc.
i just lurk sometimes
My 1st level was a bunch of cut-off, floating munchers, and blatant level edits. But hey everyones first time isn't good of course.
My first level, I made before I learned to change the level you are editing and resize block brushes in Lunar Magic.

Mine was a blatant edit with cutoff, glitched land graphics and a missing goal point sprite that I put in there and it was missing in the game! Wow, noob type run on sentence! -shot-
My first level had bunch of grey cement blocks and munchers.

It didn't even have a goal because I couldn't find the sprite. O.O
Here comes slippy!

I don't need to tell you more than this: I used the slope tiles from the direct map16 accsess in my first level... as you might have figured out, it didn't work at all.
Mine was a blatant edit of 105, but I replaced parts of the ground with donut bridges and water. I also added a vine that led to a cloud platform up high that I put something like 10 Banzai Bills in a row on (I figured it would be fun to stomp each in succession)...I was rather surprised when only one or two showed up...

At least I had the sense to not put any floating munchers (can't remember if I had cutoff, though...)

I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
This is it.

It could be was mainly just too flat, and it did have a bit of minor cutoffness (corner tiles). Notice that although it's not a truly blatant edit of level 105, it has the exact same tileset and palette. The entire hack was like that. The overworld was also almost unedited, and I didn't insert any custom stuff.

Maybe I should upload an IPS of my first hack at some point....


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
It was a kaizo-styled level with flying fish.
My first level had one platform. I was testing out my Custom Music.
I remember that before I uploaded Super Mario World Super Worlds, I was making it. My first level was a blatant edit of 105 with 3 Yoshi Eggs and a P-switch at the beginning. Also, it had a Big Mole. The level got a bad palette and I named the level," Corrupted Forest". All the main levels in the 1st OW were blatant edits and had the forest BG. then, the ROM got corrupted after I joined SMWCentral. I restarted the hack, which was HORRIBLE.
My first level was called Parade of Rexes, which basically was spamming Rexes to hell. It was never completed.

My first completed one was Emerald Greens, which could be found at the beginning of my hack thread. I probably may or may not keep it where it is, either that or toss it in the special world.
flunchers + trying to be kaizo but sucked even more = my first level

yeah it was bad
Originally posted by Ixtab
I started my first level just 2-3 weeks ago. I'm still not done, but I'll make a video when it's finished. It's basically a fire cave.

Lies. I remember you hacking a LONG LONG time ago.

As for mine, it was a good level. 105 of course, but not blatant, I deleted everything first. It still had that SMW reminiscence, mainly because I built it w/ just the Standard Objects and Standard Sprites windows, but it was pretty good.
Your layout has been removed.
My first level, was a one level hack, the title screen had stacked munchers, and my level, had floating munchers, and map16Bs to make a muncher act like a cement block. Had some tricky jumps, required shell jumps, required p-switch jumps, moon acting like a muncher, and having to keep the mushroom.

Itwas bad.
Don't have my very first level on file anymore, that was 9 years ago. From what I remember, it wasn't a real serious level, as I was pretty much pissing and shitting my pants since I finally found a way to make my own Mario levels. All I remember was that it had a bunch of cutoff rope platforms...something that would cause instant removal around these parts.

This video has my first level in my first released hack though.
This video contains my first level. Technically the third level is the first one I made, but you don't get to see much of it, but you can see most of the first level in the first level shown, it's just made so that it is impossible to die in. Anyways, could be better, but I never said I was a good level designer, most of my levels are of about this caliber...