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An SMWC Production - All Map Music

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I really like the Ice and sky ones, as well as the bonus.
You really outdid yourselves on those, people! Just freakin' awesome!
<_< >_> When this hack is released, will I be able to get the mp3s for Ipod goodness? (Wow I'm SURE there was a better way to construct that sentence.)

Yes, it should not be too difficult to convert the ripped SPCs to MP3s and then upload them.

..of course, that's the last thing on my mind right now. I'll pop back in this thread after the hack is released then.
Wait, how did you make the main OW have different music depending on which world you're in?
Overworld ASM.

Big thanks to smkdan for whipping that one up.
I like the desert the best but the bonus is awesome and a second best #w{=)}
PS:sorry for being late with my comment.
PSS:I can give you a mp3 copy of the map music for a price just kidding its free.
Sorry if my English is not perfect i moved to the U.S.A from Austria and I do not always spell things correctly so please excuse "typo's" for I try to avoid them
Sorry for the bump, but are you guys planning on releasing an official MP3 OST for SMWCP after it's released? Would be epic.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Yes, it should not be too difficult to convert the ripped SPCs to MP3s and then upload them.

Good fucking bye.
The Cave, the Sewer, the Desert and the Island themes are just too epic.
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what is the music that plays during the bosses, can i download it?
Originally posted by georgevssonic
dylanx0199: It's Epic Battle by Moose.

is there an mp3 file or something i can download?
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