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"Checksum Fail"

I´ve got the ZSNES on muy PC.
When I´ve downloaded a Rom Hack and open my Zsnes and load this rom hack it says checksum fail and it doesn´t run. I´ve tried it with other Rom hacks and there is the ckecsum fail, too. Only not hacked roms are running on my emu. So how can I make it that rom hacks are running?

sry for my bad english^^
Not sure, but the problem might be the version of the emulator you're using or the rom you downloaded.
ROM hacks? I presume those are IPS patches, which must be patched to a clean ROM.

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And for the record, the "CHKSUM: FAIL" message by itself does not mean that the ROM is corrupted. It simply means it has been edited from its original state.
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You're playing the downloaded file, which is an IPS Patch. You need a program called Lunar IPS. You can then patch an original SMW ROM with this patch, which you can then play with ZSNES.
No, it could also be a non-clean rom that he is using to patch it. Also, I doubt he needs help as the creator of this thread is inactive