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Hello Engine 4 SMW Mod

A modification of Hello Engine 4 with Super Mario World theme.



Note: I used only lite game maker.
What's the point of this, when Smw hacking exists? And is way easier and more efficient than gamemaker

Sorry but, the Overworld is very blocky, and the third screenshot is very dull.

Nothing to put here at the time being.
Thanks to Tom Servo for the awesome new layout!
Another reminder that I should seriously restart working on Project RED and totally PWN any other Mario Engine on Gamer Maker :/
Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
Awesome video game music on my youtube channel
Game Maker is harder to use, but way more flexible. I mean, in terms of limits on SMW Modding, you're working with 20 year old hardware.
I don't think Game Maker is harder to use, but it is more work to create something good.

Also, I can't stand using someone else' engine. I like to create everything, including the programming/graphics by myself. It makes me happier with the product than if I create something that was partially coded by someone else.
I actually kind of like it. It is kind of redundant, but it opens up a lot more hacking/modding options.

Although the overworld really does need some work.