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Title Screen: VOTING

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Time for the voting to take place. I just finished downloading the IPSes included in my PM box. If you created an entry and you don't see it pictured below, it is because either a) you never PMed me with an IPS, or b) you removed the IPS you uploaded.

Without further ado, let the voting begin:


Created by: Koops


Created by: FUGGNUTZ


Created by: Counterfeit


Created by: WhiteYoshiEgg


Created by: SMLink64

Voting will remain open for 48 hours.
I vote number 3. It's pretty awesome, graphics are nice. It's even cute (the stars and moon x3).

Sorry, WYE, yours is great too, but i'm the kind of person who doesn't gives a shit about the mario-ish or title screen-ish style. Anyway, if #3 doesn't wins, i hope #4 does.
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Hard to choose...I'll go with WhiteYoshiEgg. Sorry Counterfeit.

Yeah I had a hard time between 3 and 4 as well, but I like counterfeit's slightly more, so I pick 3 as well.
Counterfeit wins again. She is SOO having my babies :>

(votes for #3)
Hard choice, but I'll have to go with 4. Even though Counterfeits is incredible, it just really doesn't fit with the "Smwc" style.
entry 5. now where's my ban.

I'm gonna have to go with #3. It just looks plain awesome. Though WYE's is pretty amazing, too, #3 just slightly won me over.
Your layout has been removed.
I'd go with entry 3, it just looks amazing and it looks like a lot of time was spent on that.
Haz to be entry 3.
YOUR layout has been removed.

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I think Counterfeits would actually fit a closing shot in the credits more.

4. It is very mario title screen-ish.
I've realized this was outdated.
#3 amazed me the first time I saw it. Have to go with that one.
I vote entry 3. It's totally awesome. #w{:>}
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3.. Most professional, and really puts emphasis on the "Production", which is associated with plays and such, heh.

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I'll have to go with #4. The design of the text won me over.


I vote for 3. However, the screenshot looks too good to be true to me, so if it's just a prank, then I choose 4. But 3 is still my main vote if that is a legit Intro.

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Definitely #3, absolutely incredible. Certainly right up there with vip 5's title screen.

Outstanding job kyo.

Number 3 is awesome. But the style does not fit this hack that very much.

Something in-between #3 and #4 would be nice, but hard.
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