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Title Screen: VOTING

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I like Counterfeit's, so Im voting number 3. Im just glad I could contribute to this even if its just voting for the title screen.
Finally returning to this awesome hobby!
I'm for 4 as the title screen, and 3 as a sort of credits...thingie, as has been suggested by some previously. In any case, they're both awesome, so I wouldn't mind seeing either as the title screen, heh.

Number 4

I'd have to say number 3, it looks really nice.
I vote entry 3.
I prefer WYE's entry (number 4). It seems better as a title screen, and using Counterfeit's (number 3) as a credits screen thing seems like a much more suitable place for it. While you do need something appealing to start the game, you need to keep something absolutely epic till the end. Not that I'm insulting WYE's work, not at all, in fact I'm voting for it.
May we meet again outside the battlefield.
Even if #4 is more title-screenisch, #3 wins for me! #w{=P}
(That means I vote for #3 #w{=3})

Sorry WYE :S


Also I just noticed #3 is also perfect for the credits, argh... HARD TO CHOOSE!!!

I choose #4.

But change the ''2009, 2010 SMW CENTRAL'' font gfx, and the BG hills GFX please.

And that cursor is in the tile screen, right?
Your layout has been removed.
I vote for #3. I it. It's epic, very well designed, has some wonderful little details added to it. Even the color is quite wonderful!
I vote for WhiteYoshiEgg's Title Screen :3 Is cool :D
Number 3 please?
I vote for #3, Counterfeit's title screen. It's just so good!
I think im gonna go with counterfeit's. it just looks so.....awsome#w{O.O}
screw narwalls. i am so over them *nervous laugh*

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expect great things from me.

I pick number 4 because the style fits the hack.
Nothing to see here. Move along.
4.No question.It has what looks like the site's actual LOGO.
Entry 4 is my favorite. I must say though, all of them are very good. (And of course one may be better as the credits >.>)
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I vote for Entry 3 by Counterfeit.

wow.. thats an amazing title screen!
Definitely number, it has nice graphics and is really cool.

Originally posted by Techjar
Definitely number, it has nice graphics and is really cool.

Number what?

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
Going for 4 as well, since 3 is better for credits.

WYE = best person ever on SMWC.
I think I lost one point of karma.
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