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Title Screen: VOTING

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3 looks the best in my opinion. But 4 looks more title screen-ish.

I vote 4 as the title screen; 3 looks really great for a credits shot. #w{=)}
3 must win, if not, credits will be fine.
Did you plan on using it as a credits shot or was it from my idea?

EDIT: Maybe replace the copy right with Thanks for playing.
I'd say that Entry 3 looks the best, but doesn't exactly fit the titlescreen of a hack... (If it could be used elsewhere in the hack that would be great! Like... the credits?)
I vote for Entry 4. It sums up the "collab" portion of the "SMWCentral Production" the most (personally). It also seems a bit more like a titlescreen.

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I vote for #4.

No offense to the creator, but I think #3 looks terrible. Could be dramatically improved, though the idea is certainly good.
I vote for #4.

From what I know of the average graphical style of this hack, #3's style doesn't really fit.

(Also, #4 could have a title screen demo in the background.)

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My vote goes to #4.
3. Probably one of the most fantastic title screens I've seen. While I guess I can understand people picturing it as a credits screen, the curtain idea has been used as the title screen for other Mario games, i.e. the All-Stars version of SMB3.
I vote Entry #4. If both will be in the game upon entry 4 winning, then #4 should be the title screen. 4 is more fitting, 3 would fit the end fantastically, and above all; there is no reason either of them should not be in the game.
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I have been following this collab hack and playing the some base ROM's. I have to go with 4, 3 does not seem to fit with the rest of hack although that was good.

I vote number 4. 3 would be good in credits.
Hmm... i'll vote for 4 it seems abit more titlescreen-ish than number 3. But i do agree that it can be used in the credits!
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3 : the graphics are very nice, and has a lot of effort put into it.
I vote number 3. It is very awesome!

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I vote 3. I like it.
I'm voting #4 because I fell in love with WYE's title screen as soon as he showed it off to the public. The lettering is just perfect and neatly sums up the hack without having too much going on.

3 is really nice but as others have said, it doesn't feel much like a title screen and the graphical style is quite different.
#3, Simply amazing.
I'll vote for #3. It looks just adoreable. Needless to say more.
I don't really like #3, it's too non-mario
So number #4, though I don't think it'll win..
Oh well.
I'm voting for entry #4. #3 would fit better in the credits as a closing shot or something. Both of them look awesome though.
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I like #4. I vote it.
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