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Title Screen: VOTING

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My vote would be to 4. 3 is exceptionally good, but it does not fit the SMW style.
Number 3. It's just so detailed, and while number 4 is nice and simplistic, I just go past 3. Nice work, Counterfeit.
Should I vote for 3 or 4?

I choose 4 through because it simply awesome (third is also through).

... hmmm, or maybe... make ASM script which will randomly choose titlescreen 3 or 4... (basing on SRAM, since I won't think anybody would press keys before titlescreen)

The others aren't worth voting :(, since those are plain lazy.
If you want, I will test your stages for bugs. Just PM me those ;). Don't expect Youtube video, since I have too weak connection to send any videos. (this only apply to hacks which could be sent to hacks section, I'm NOT accept Kaizo nor very very very crappy hacks)
I vote for number 3 just for the time of the work, 4 is nice too but it's more easy to make
Entry #4. #3 is nice, but #4 looks more title screen-like.

I vote Entry 3.
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Number 4 .. because it's simple, to the point, bold and clear.

I agree with number 3 being really well drawn out, but it seems a little too detailed and less title-screen like but would fit a credits part so well.
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Sorry about my title screen...
I vote #2!!! #5, you have been bad. Go sit on the stairs.
#3 or #4 they are both great.
i vote for entry 4
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i vote for entry 4 because it fits the titlesceen perfectly
entry 3 would fit as cradits screen best
I like #4 the best.

Edit: Level'd.
I vote for #3. This is a very good title screen.
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Close call by 3 and 4, I'll choose 3.
I vote for #4.

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Counterfeit all the way for me.
3 and 4 are so awesome, but I have to go for 3...
i vote 3, 4 was really good to though
#3, all the way, that just looks like a bad ass mother fucking screen. Put that shit in there.
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