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Title Screen: VOTING

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#1 is bland.

#2 is all right, but too small.

#3 is beautiful, but doesn't really look title screen-ish, as has been stated.

#5 is meh.


I'm voting for #4.
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Yes, you could say I like Osaka.
I also think WYE's entry would be great as title and Counterfeit's would really suit the end of the credits (along with a "thanks for playing" message).
I just spent the past 10 minutes counting votes so if anyone is curious:

1: 1 vote
2: 0 votes
3: 75 votes
4: 59 votes
5: 1 vote
Entry numbers 3 and 4 kinda look best in my opinion.
Entry 4. But if I could vote for two, I'd also vote for Entry 2.
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I vote for entry 6.


Or entry 3.
3 wins.


Because the gradients look shiny.
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#3 is epic, so I'm voting for it.
It is so hard to decide,but I choose Number 4 ...
Let the ship sail in.
Entry 4 all the way

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I'll choose entry 3, but only if it is changed to a more daytime type thing because... who starts up a collab at the end of the day?

If not, I'll just go with entry 4 because it seems more title screen type than the others.

(You know, people should have a reason for voting for what they want, because a ton of people are voting without reason, but hey, it's not my problem.)
I like the way the one which contains my sign GFX has zero votes, when all the others have at least one.

Eh, if 3 wins, I bet we'll be seeing 4 in the credits or vice versa.
3 because the GFX are amazing, and that's how I'd like to show off SMWC in a title screen.
I had a hard time deciding between entry 3 and 4, but I decided to vote for Entry 4, it's just more title screen-like.#w{=)}
3 all the way. It just looks like it had more effort put into it.

Korean Wonder Boy Signing Off!
Entry 5 is the shit. It gets my vote.
It's REALLY hard to choose between #3 and #4, but the effort put into #3 really makes it look great.

*Votes for #3*
My vote's on 3. The artwork for it is amazing, and it really adds a unique look to the team hack. Great job!
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