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Title Screen: VOTING

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#3 It looks great and will give a nice first glance at the hack
3, this is some awesome pixel art.

BUT, now looking at it, Mario's and Luigi's hat seems odd, they're not like it. but it still awesome.

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Epic win! That is a really good pixelated art, I was marveled at the first time I saw it, it gets my vote. But it was really hard to choose between 3 and 4.
Seems that #3 will win the voting.
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#3 is teh pwn.

* gives 100 votes for #3
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Entry 4: Title Screen
Entry 3: Credits ("The End" Screen)
Definitely Number 3. But im wondering, how the title screen would look like when the "Mario A, Mario B, Mario C" screen comes up.
Originally posted by FUGGNUTZ
I'm in 3rd with 0 votes. #w{=9}


Originally posted by SMLink64
I vote #2!!!
Damn, it was hard to choose. I am going with 4.
#3 I say. Sorry WYE D:
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3 or 4
This is really a hard decision. I can only choose one here, but 3 and 4 are so close to perfection. While I love the simplicity to WYE's title screen, I have to go with Counterfeit's masterpiece. I'm sorry, but it looks perfect. Nice job to both of you!
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So hard to choose. I really, really like 3, but 4 keeps coming back. Since WYE is behind, I vote for number 4.
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What a difficult decision. It's split between 3 and 4 for me.

I'm letting luck decide what it is. If the coin I flip lands heads, it's 3. If tails, 4.

My vote is: Title Screen #4

Sorry Counterfeit, but fate chose WYE.
I vote for four because I like the way it looks, the clouds, etc.
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Number 3. The graphics are incredible.
i vote entry 3 because it's from smb3 and if u hadn't noticed i love smb3!
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Number 3. Hands down.
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Welp I predict that either 3 or 4 shall win.

I vote for four. I just like how the text looks for some reason. 3's good but the gfx have too much of a... plush-toyish feel or something I dunno how to explain it because I don't rate things much.
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Originally posted by Sagittaire
Entry 4: Title Screen
Entry 3: Credits ("The End" Screen)

Same for me, [notserious]#3 is soo good, it should be a reward for playing the game to see it XD[/notserious]

I vote for #4 as the title screen and maybe the "The End" Pic could be #5 #3
I say 3
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