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Worst Game Ever
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Castlevania 2. Just stay away from it.
MolSno: no! just no!

Originally posted by the cute little alien we all love

It had to be from my country.

With love, a fellow trashcanian.

i just lurk sometimes
Milon's Secret Castle

This is one of the most crappy games i ever played
You never know WHAT TO DO and you die so fast (no invisibility when hit)
Oh and your weapon is a bubble and you gotta shoot bubbles everywhere.

Originally posted by Cillion
Milon's Secret Castle

This is one of the most crappy games i ever played
You never know WHAT TO DO and you die so fast (no invisibility when hit)
Oh and your weapon is a bubble and you gotta shoot bubbles everywhere.

Check the date of the last post before replying to a thread! Unless it's your own project thread or there's a major revelation (you could post in an old thread talking about Skyward Sword to announce that it just came out), you should avoid posting in threads more than a month old. I'm going to let this one slide, because it's a fairly generic topic, but avoid bumping threads in the future, because you may not be so lucky next time.
Action 52. [/thread]

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Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt.

Aside from already having the most radically fucked up name of all time, Everything about this is really bad. The controls are fucked up, the graphics aren't all too great, and the story sucks.

Play this game. Every time you hear that gay-ass possum (opossum?) say "I'm so cool!", award yourself a point. If you get three points, just put the controller down. You win.

One more thing:
Flying Robot with Flamethrower

This is a flying robot with a flamethrower. None of the above work underwater. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE

You know me if you know me.
Mmmh... Well, it's really hard to choose only one, but one of the games I rembember I disliked the most, was the Magic Knights Rayearth RPG for SNES. It sucks >_<
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My dad bought me a game called "MarkerMan Adventures."
It was the worst game I ever played. I couldn't grasp what the fuck I was doing, the graphics were terrible, and the controls were stupid.
No wonder it was in the bargain bin. (Worst 15 dollars ever, methinks.)
I'm not gonna be counting AVGN games or games that I have never played.
I was never a huge fan of the Galaxy series in Mario, but still....hmmm...James Bond Jr is what it's called I think? Pretty bad game, but has KICK ASS MUSIC!

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Dora the Explorer game.

Yes, that game exist.
E.T for Atari is one but the worst Ive ever played is probably
eternal ring for ps1 its to fucking unbalanced and UN-followable

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Enchanted Arms for 360

To me it wasVERY boring grid type game and made me go Z Z Z
Tag (span) was not closed.

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Mario Is Missing (SNES)
Took excessive amounts of time to complete one level, good background graphics though.

Pocket Monsters
what can i say these games sucks monkey genetalia. :(

Tamagotchi (Gameboy)
This game took forever, just like Mario is Missing. You never got the creature you wanted, (unless what you wanted was in shit-tier) and it was just a little sad game. It was also poorly translated from Japanese, and had two sequels but never released internationally. Gee, I wonder why.

Grand Theft Auto: London 196x (Playstation)
A useless add-on to a somewhat boring existing title. The sequel, GTA2 was much more enjoyable than both of these games.

Hotel Mario (Phillips CDi)
It's a game about opening doors.

any shareware/freeware game from the '90s (PC/DOS)
Every time you opened it up or closed it, you would get prompted to register or donate or call some guy's phone number. Some gems stand out, but most of them, bah.
Castlevania: The Adventure (GB).
The jumping in that game is freaking horrendous. You need to make pixel-perfect jumps at the end of Stage 1. Plus, you lose the power-up if you get hit, which is complete bullcrap especially considering that it's a Castlevania game. The only thing I like about the game is the music.

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Worst game ever made. I've got several: Action 52, Cheetamen 2, Plumbers don't Wear Ties, Lester the Unlikely, Quest 64, Darkman... and this list could go on and on and on.
Pacman Fever for the GC. It sucks, it's a ripoff of mario party (which sucks) but has hardly any minigames.

Parkourer extreme.
Originally posted by Snowshoe
Mario Is Missing (SNES)


Also, the worst has to be Dancing with the Stars for the Wii (My mom got it and coaxed me into playing it twice). It is the child of the assrape between shitty motion sensing and repetition. I literally did as terrible as possible in it in the second time just to see the look of disappointment in the dancer's face just feel like I got something out of this.

And these aren't the WORST, but I don't care for them: any Megaman title after VIII.

Shaq Fu on the SNES (or any console for that matter) I can't stand.

Rise of the Robots on SNES is another really bad game - not overly crappy but pretty bad compared to most games.

The games they have at the bars where you do mindless games to get girls to take their clothes off are another monstrosity, but I feel like that is a NEEDED sin.
Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly (PS2, GC, XBox (I think)) was an absolutely terrible glitch-filled, poorly-thought-out mess. I only played it because A Hero's Tail is so amazing, and I assumed the games before it were as well.

The controls are so bad in that game. For example: in the GC version (which is the one I played), to go into an aiming view for you fire breath, you press X. To actually use your fire breath, you press B. See a problem here?

Also, to block, you press both L and R simultaneously. Not that bad, right? Wrong. Pressing L by itself brings up your inventory, and pressing R by itself changes the attack type you are using, possibly to one that does no damage. No further explanation is needed.


So yeah, I'm not really going to be posting for a while. Not that anyone cares.
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