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Custom Palette Problem

I have a level where I want to edit the palette, so naturally I just checked "Enable Custom Palette" and clicked on the star icon. Everything worked fine, but there's one small snag. One color simply refuses to stay changed. It's Palette 6, Color 4, and I changed it to a grey color. It works fine, but as soon as I switch to a new level and come back, the color is back to yellow. When I test it, I notice that this particular color flashes. I don't know much about SMW hacking, so is this a special color?
This color is animated. To change it, you must use a Hex Edit. I'm not sure of EXACTLY which one, though :( Hope this helps a little!
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that's the yoshi's coin palette (the yellow shiny one) which is hard to edit in Lunar magic just pick a different palette....
Thanks, that helps quite a bit. However, is it possible to make a Map16 block use a palette higher than 7? I want to use palette A instead, but it won't let me.
The other palletes after 7 are used for sprites, so as far as I know you can't.
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Aww, shoot. Well, of the other palettes, which would be best to use if I'm going to completely redo it? Is it alright to use the blank space in palettes 5-7?
As long as it doesn't interfere with anything important's pallete (I don't know anything by heart that it would mess up.)
Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - World 1 Demo
If your background isn't the cave or Yoshi's Island Mountains you can use palette 1...
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