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Sample tool [still not getting it!]

i dont get it...

i was following a tutorial but it was of a really old version of it and then the video crashed on me withou buffers or anythng and wont even restart if i refresh.

so can somone tell me how to add .bnk files in :)
because i am lost :'(
that would be a start xD

i didnt realise there was a tutorial of it (even though there is one for everything), i think i should use my brain whenever i decide to make a help thread :/

if i have any problems i will edit this post

EDIT: yeah that tutorial is of the old sample tool, i can even tell you the file i am trying to implement if it helps ?
1 : get sample tool (im guessing u already have it)

2 : open ur rom in sample tool

3 : press import bank from file

4 : on the right u have the function to save the bank

5 : u have bank select location (level xxx) here u select which bank this level will use or if u press overworld which submap

6 : select the correct bank

7 : save the rom

8 : test in LM

9 : enjoy if it works :)