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Who would you like to see LP this first?

He was talking about a mass LP where every user LPs a part of the hack LikeLakers.
Read the whole thread before you get insulting.
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Doesn't surprise me that LL2 wouldn't have a clue what he is talking about.

Nice job making yourself look like an even bigger idiot - as if IRC didn't already do that to you already.
SNN, do yourself a favor and STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ALREADY!!! If you ignore me, I wont annoy you. Simple as that.
Link to my wiki site (its more than a wiki. ITS GOT A FORUM TOO, *bleep* )
oh, I was more or less just going to LP it for the hell of it once it came out, but if you guys want someone specific to do this, or don't care at all, that's cool too.
Quizler, everybody can LP it, it's not like the hack is sacred or something.
This is not like an official LP thread, it originally just was a fine little discussion on who you would prefer.
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LL2: Carrying something over to a serious thread in a serious forum of a project most of us are trying hard to complete, and then blatantly ignoring the thread has not only pissed me off, but several others as well. Your attitude is one of the worst I have seen in the three years I have been here, both on-site and off-site. Please do not post in this thread again. Thank you.

Back on topic: As I stated earlier in the thread, all LPs are encouraged once the hack is completed. Just because there might potentially be a collab LP (still though, it probably wouldn't work out) doesn't mean people can't LP it anyway. I mean, the more popularity the hack gets, the better. It might encourage more folks to come and join in if there is an SMWCP2.
I'm just glad i was able to contribute to a hack of this scale as much as i did. I'll have great fun watching all the LP's of my levels :D

Can't wait until release!
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Actually, on the subject of the collab LP, I would really like to organize that, now that Vanilla LDC 2010 is out of the way. Obviously I didn't have a clue on how to go about it previously, and given how many times I've revised this post on ways it might work, I still don't really. That being said, I would really like for it to happen. I think once the hack is completed, I'll make a thread to ask about it, if we have enough interest. Until then I'll hold on to my ideas...
If we are doing a collab LP, I will join, if not, I'll do the LP on my own. (Really, even if we are doing the collab LP, I'll still LP it on my own, XD)

But really, how would it work? One person plays one level, another person plays the next, and so forth? Then we just edit the recordings together into each part, and then upload it onto the SMWC Channel? Well, as long as we can't get it organized, that sounds good to me.
I was thinking about that, actually: We most likely won't get enough people to get all the levels, but we'll have more than enough for one per world. So what if it was based on the time-limit? Basically, however far you make it in fifteen minutes is your part, and then the next person starts from where you left off? If they didn't upload within a week, then that segment would be given to someone else to upload, and the owners of the smwcentral channel could moderate the videos to make sure there's acceptable quality. (The LPer can be heard, there isn't terrible, terrible audio lag, the screen isn't a mess of pixels, etc.) and then it would be posted.

This would mean that there would be one part per week, which would take a while, which solves the issue of people just watching the LP without playing, but would still be good for hyping it up.

Any thoughts?
Then you get cases of people rushing through the most amount of content as possible, and have the risk of less thourough/appreciative runs.
Which is why it has to be submitted to smwcentral's channel: If it's not of reasonable quality and it's obvious you're rushing to finish, then they won't accept it, and they'll ask you to redo it, or they'll get someone else.
Well, that would work, but that's adding a lot of red tape to an activity that is, honestly, more about having fun. It'd be simpler to just screen the applicants beforehand, in whichever way you see fit.
This is true, but how could we do that? A sample of their videos, or something? I'm at a loss for how to organize who plays what, but the only other thing I can think of is levels, and if we don't have enough, we start repeating people.
Why don't I try organizing it? I have it all planned out in my head.
Yeah, go for it. If you need help I'll do what I can, but...

Oh, and should we wait until this hack is done to start organizing, or have everything organized and ready the minute it's done so we can start right away?
SSoHPKC (Youtube LP'er)

The name doesn't seem to be tossed around too much, but the guy is funny in my opinion. Occasionally swears, but his commentary on both the game and real life rants makes me laugh and enjoy his LP's.

You can find him even by just Youtube searching SSoH. If he was told it was the official site collab, he'd accept it right away I think. He also has an email address specifically for Mario hack requests.

So there's my answer; SSoHPKC
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Be warned that he will NOT 100% the hack - in fact he's pretty aggressive about not finding secret exits and whatnot.

Raocow is probably doing this hack. I believe he announced it during one of his videos (it was either during Bunny Must Die or Hack, I don't quite remember where).

Also, I'm going to TAS this too, you know.

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Azureblade49 doesn't do rom hacks anymore he even said it on his channel, but I'd like to see him do it along with Raocow, moltovmarioworld and Protonjonsa.
Working on a hack I probably won't even finish.