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Who would you like to see LP this first?


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

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Originally posted by Robotnikclaus
Raocow should do an LP on it

He already said that he will.

Many times.

Just saying.

I think it's amusing how everyone goes "Omg, protonjon and azura should totally LP this."

It's also more amusing how everyone else goes "protonjon is on hiatus and azura isn't doing them anymore."

Um. Considering that this is like, 2010 (three years after Kaizo and when LPing was actually new, fresh and cool), every single one of the oldies is done. Hell, I though Protonjon was altogether done with Mario as well, not just on hiatus.

And this is the ninth page, and people are still going on about those two. Seriously. How about we support the indie crowd for a change? I, for one, am coming up on my 100th video and still don't think I have more than like, four subscribers that aren't IRL buds. (and even then I don't think they even watch my shit, let alone other people.)

AIG and Fannie Mae are done. So go throw your money at the neighborhood bank instead. God knows they need it more.

Hoping for someone to Let's Play my rom hack, Hell On A Stick. Current version 0.4.3.

Hoping for willing betatesters and/or LPers. PM if interested. (I wanna know where you're uploading your vids if at all, so I can watch the pain.)
Originally posted by Yoshi Claus With A Hat!
Originally posted by SantaKingdom
SSoHPKC or raocow

Oh no not SSoHPKC, he's the worst. (In my opinion)

Well... i'll says Ilikebeingsmart will do it. (She's a girl)

Sure, he may be kinda "meh" but it's really nice to see someone putting their efforts and days into playing hacks that you have made or like. Also, I want TheRealNinjaBoy, which he probably will because he has an account here and also still does RHR.
It's weird you have inclusive pronouns, but still only have the binary options for gender. Where is Non-Binary, Agender, etc? Not a gripe. Just curious lmao.
Ninjaboy. He's the best LPer out there.
Hey guys, I might be the first or second one to LP this, technically:
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Alternate Link if Above Embed Doesn't Work

Played for 2/3 of an hour. I attempted to do a live stream of myself playing the first world for the first time. Was gonna play till noon, but sleep got the best of me. I probably wasn't the first one to do this lol. I pulled an all nighter tonight, and that clearly took effect on my... erm... liveliness, for lack of a better term.

Anyways good night.
Originally posted by LaularuKyrumo
Hell, I though Protonjon was altogether done with Mario as well

Just to mention, he is back to romhacks.

Raocow, Seamus, ProtonJon, NCS.

The only people I watch anymore...
Opera-tan shall never die.
well, theres always raocow (trollface.jpg)(note: not making fun of him, just implying (>) that hes been mentioned many times in this thread.)(hes awesome, #1 fav LPer) (wow there sure are alot of (),cause I can't spell that word) (fuck, I did it again)
SSoHPKC is an okay LPer, I fuckin hate how he doesn't 100%
PROTONJONsa (not). its not that hes a bad LPer, its just hes gotten real boring. still would like to see him do it.
ITS TIME FOR NOT VERY WELL KNOWN LPer HOUR: Bud8Amp88, I found him a long time ago when I was looking for SMA4 e-reader level videos. most of the time he 100%s, but sometimes doesn't. totally check him out.
moltovmarioworld, without savestates, he would hate weeaboo manor(not sure if correct spelling), not to mention hes almost as funny as raocow.
last but not least, icrangirl, now, I doubt shes going to because apparently you gotta pay 'er, and that sucks hairy ballsack. (I'm so immature, sorry)
edit:long post is long
editOVER8000(mistranslations ftw): iv edited this post way too fucking much. just haven't said anything about it.
edit2012: FUCK
finaledit: i'm sorry the quality of this post probably sucks, because I made it at 4:08 am
... No way in hell somebody in their right mind is gonna pay somebody to play a freakin' video game. God.

Also I have a feeling SSoHPKC is gonna end up LPing ASMWCP...
Good fucking bye.
I know Raocow is gonna LP this once he's done with the other hack he's currently playing so that leaves TheRealNinjaBoy.
I don't watch many LPs, but I hope to find good one soon, because I want all of the secret exits, and this hack is VERY hard in most places. xD

Although I would like to see ProtonJon do it, or the collab LP.
Did you see? A couple of days ago AMP LP'd ASMWCP!
see it here...
No commentary=/=LP. I know why he's doing it like that, but still. #w{:s}
Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
No commentary=/=LP. I know why he's doing it like that, but still. #w{:s}

Technically, yeah, not an LP, but a playthrough nonetheless. Which will be helpful to me for secret exits :P
Well, it looks like SSoHPKC has already started his LP.

Raocow says that he's waiting until all the bugs that will no doubt arise as people play through the first few versions are gone. I guess I'm willing to wait a while for a raocow playthrough of this game. It will be worth it.


So yeah, I'm not really going to be posting for a while. Not that anyone cares.
And he also wants to play Mario Gives Up through to the finish.
Good fucking bye.
Should it be worth mentioning i've started an LP of it? well I guess I already have, uploaded 16 parts already, there's at least 50 parts so hope everyone enjoys this incredible hack.
also as a quick note I get VERY frustrated and start swearing A LOT so if you don't like swearing I wouldn't suggest watching it.
here's part 1
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One last thing, is there a secret in Zephyr manor and WHERE IS IT? I've been searching for AGES.
Thanks ^.^
LP start!
Good fucking bye.

You have a amazing italian accent
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