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Summer C3 2020 Content Spotlight
FedoraFriday's "Super Mallow RPG" SMRPG Hack!
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blue famingo
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The way you use palettes and decorations is pretty cool, I hope to see more of that.
To make the Bonus Stars not appear when you hit the goal do this:
Originally posted by that ROM map dooter
0C37A $01:C17A 4 bytes Misc. Change 22 CA F1 07 to EA EA EA EA to disable the digits made up of star tiles at the goal tape (which resemble the amount of bonus stars gathered)

I'm not completely sure by what you mean by getting rid of the score/time bonus. Do you mean just the counter with the time multiplier or the entire "MARIO/LUIGI COURSE CLEAR!"?

There was a signature here.

It's gone now.

2CE85	$05:CC85	1 byte	Misc.	Change to 00 to disable "Course Clear" from appearing.

Had this posted before, but not sure what happened to it.
Layout by LDA during C3.
I've got an idea for an NPC

Hey! Have you heard of that Captian Falcon Guy? Here, look I can do an amazing impression, FALCAWN PAWNCH! Great, am I right?
The Game
You just lost.
That would only work if it like killed you when he did it... Assuming you mean he actually does a Falcon Punch... But those sorta cameos are kinda... not good
Great vanilla job, hope play this soon.


The 4 Relics

Pokey's Adventure Userbar
Need help with your Hack?
I'll be happy to help you with you Status Bar, anything.

So, just out of curiosity, what have you been working on recently? I'm really interested in seeing what you've been up to.


This isn't Vanilla.
The graphics are, the rest isn't.

Your layout has been removed.
No they aren't. Well not technically. Well not at all actually.

Your layout has been removed.
"All of the graphics used are vanilla, but this hack uses custom blocks and <other stuff that i cant remember what he said>"
Look at the bow painting. It's not vanilla. He added in the bow/rocks. He DREW them in.
No he didn't.


Read the comments following the picture. geez.

Also shouldn't all this discussion be moved to his thread in "Works in Progress" now?

There was a signature here.

It's gone now.
depends on your definition of vanilla to most this is fine. so if you dont think its vanilla you dont have to come on this thread and post its not just keep it to yourself. and the lady bow picture is vanilla that thing flipped and recolored. so yeah your wrong.

I know it's that... Whatever I'll play along. Anyway this is actually a pretty good hack...
Guys, Lady Bow was NOT vanilla! The rock from the overworld DID make the bows, true, but he had to overlap the graphics of the bows onto the graphics of the boo on yychr, which makes it not vanilla.
For instance, many examples of nonvanilla graphics are apparent in this update.
For example, wiggler flowers overlapping dirt(before you flame me and tell me the flower comes from wiggler; I KNOW!) But he had to overlap its graphics with the dirt on yychr(he did that with patches of grass, too), which is NOT VANILLA!

Still looks good but Kazio is 100 percent correct.

Your layout has been removed.
i know but in the vanilla contest like in the top five did that so i figured overlapping was okay and if you feel its not vanilla then the hack is not vanilla whats your point? its not like there is a guide and rules to be followed in making your hacks im just keeping a vanilla feel and I say "the hack is SMW or vanilla GFX" all the time when we all know it has ASM ex edits all that stuff so its not vanilla We all know that its just most of the GFX are and the overlapping is where some consider it no longer vanilla. others say that Map16 is not vanilla when its all in your personal opinion on the matter. I dont Care if you guys think that its not vanilla i never said you had to im saying im trying to keep a theme and stick to it. think what you like vanilla is how you see it not how others see it and i think its fine to overlap things.

You do know that this means I can make new graphics and say they're Vanilla by saying... This pixel is from the wiggler and this pixel is from the bob-omb etc. Hmm.... That's not a bad Idea... New Project here I come!
The latest screenshots are great. The levels seem non-linear at times and look fun to play. The only thing I don't get are the mini-Marios.

@Kazio: I don't think that's what he meant. I think he was trying to say that overlapping a 8x8 or 16x16 tile with a 8x8 or 16x16 tile is vanilla for him. Not taking some various parts and pixels of 8x8 and 16x16 tiles and combining them together to create something completely different.

Hello there, here is my new blog. I will usually update it every day.
My Pokemon:

Party Image cause I feel lazy.
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - blue famingo

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