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Near death experiences?

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Let me start from the beginning.

The old house I lived in had some old old OLD aluminum wiring in it, definitely NOT safe, and somehow the house was never inspected fully. So one night when I'm sleeping the wire decides to short out, melt and start a fire, I kind of remember panicking to get out, but I first clearly remember waking up on my way to the E.R. I had suffered many 2nd/3rd degree burns on 80% of my body, luckily, most of the 2nd degree burns were treated properly and now I can barely tell I was ever burned, but the 3rd degree burns on my face were tough to fix, they opted for skin grafting and I agreed. A full year after, I had become seriously ill, having a low WBC count caused me to get a serious infection due to the skin grafts. ANOTHER full year on meds and careful diet, and I finally got my clean bill of health, and now i'm back! A massive pain in my ass, but i'm back nonetheless!

Anybody else have any near death stories?
I remember posting in a thread like this before, heh, but anyway, I've had one when I was in school, my mom knew I was sick and had a fever, she sent me to school anyway, just to be sent home by the nurse. I felt really woozy and cold by second period so I went to the nurse's office, she took my temp, 104.3°F/40.1°C which can be potentially dangerous if left untreated, she sent me into the back to lay down but I fainted because my temp kept rising, I woke up in an ambulance 2 hours later to a paramedic telling me "You're lucky to be alive". Apparently my temp had risen to 106.9°F/41.6°C which can be fatal or leave permanent side effects such as brain damage. The school nurse nearly called CPS (Child Protective Services) on my mom for sending me to school and not to the ER for being that sick. That's just one of my near death experiences. I've had about 3 in my life.
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I kind of remember a thread like this some time ago. Meh, doesn't really matter.

This isn't really near death, however I suppose the time I fell from the side of a 17-18 foot straw mow would count. I fainted as soon as the ladder started to slip away from the mow so I'm not entirely sure as to what happened. From what I remember my arm and hand took the brunt force of the fall as my head was still fully intact. Painful, however still life threatening should I have landed on my head.
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I nearly fell of a bus once, if that counts.

Can't really contribute. Sounds scary though.
I was walking in a cross walk and then a hit and run happened if I was walking about 2 seconds earlyier I would have been killed. Also I did get hit by a car in a crosswalk before but no injurys still.....
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Knocked out at the beach. A bunch of friends stopped me from drowning.
When I was crossing the street, a motorcycle hit me resulting in severe injuries. I had luck that the ambulance arrived quickly enough.

Now if I went a second later, a car would have ran me over. No idea what then would have happened.
When I was seven years old, I was in a pool with a rubber ring. Then I got out of the pool, but I decided to go there again... but I forgot the rubber ring. I threw myself into the pool. I drown for five seconds IIRC. After that, my sister pulled my hair and I could breathe again.
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I almost got ran over by a car several times in the past years. Now I'm more carefull when crossing the streets.
Man... it looks like life doesn`t want me here, but here I am:

-At 3 years old, some dehidratation-related ill hit me pretty bad.
-At 6 Years old... the same illness came back.
-At 7, I almost get crushed by an incoming car, apparently, he didn`t see me crossing, If I weren`t pulled by an unknown people, I would likely die in there.
-At 12, A Scorpion crawled upon my leg, I think it was a spider and I was about to crush it with my hand.
-2 months later...another scorpion was between my shirts in my drawer.

Since then... I have never have to deal with death again.

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Originally posted by Captain Pissweak
Knocked out at the beach. A bunch of friends stopped me from drowning.

You are not Australian if this has never happened to you. This has happened to me at least 5 times in my life. :\
Nearly broke my neck. Me and Tom arranged a fight for a bit of fun and I got knocked down. Couldn't get up for about 10 min. My neck was fine though O_o
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Almost drowned on a time when i was practicing how to swim when i was a kid.
When I was younger, I was at the beach in the sea, up to my neck in water. I stepped out a little further and the sand gave way beneath my feet, causing me to get submerged under the water. The two friends who were with me helped me up and delivered me to dry land.Free counters!
When I was 7, me and my family went to a swimming place for one of my friend's birthday party. Me, trying to act all casual, decided to take a dive in the deep end of the giant pool there. Now, I had started taking diving/swimming lessons three months before, but I still needed to work on the execution. Anyway, long story short I landed on my groin and sunk to the bottom like a rock, the pain made me cry (remember, I was 7), causing me to open my mouth and inhale water. Luckily for me I had enough air at the time to allow me to stay conscious, thus I pushed off the bottom of the pool and rose back up to the surface.

Besides catching West-Nile Virus when I was 6, that's about it, I'm a lucky person. #w{=)}

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In the first grade I had an extremely dangerous virus, which constricted the inside of my neck. Breathing and swallowing food was painful and difficult to do. So I was sent to the hospital. Then they gave me shots for an illness I didn't have which got my woozy and high. Then I passed out and they fixed me up and I was good as new.

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The undertow. Scared the shit out of me.

I was at the beach and a wave got me when I wasn't looking and it pulled me under and my board's strap caught around my neck. Luckily I could make it out myself. I was under for 30 seconds!
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I'm on a beach,and I climb some rocks,I jump to a rock and...I fall near to a spiky rock...

well, on June 9th, 2010, i was rock climbing in gym class blindfolded. i was doing fine until i reached the top of the wall (about 200-300 meters tall). while i was waiting for an instructor's approval to go down, i lost my footing and slipped. my partner wasnt paying attention, and wasn't holding onto the brake rope. so i fell and land on the floor and hit the mat, looking up, i realized there was about|-------------------------------| much room between me and the concrete floor.
so yeah, it was quite the experience to say the least.
is it me, or do a lot of accidents happen at the beach?
umm... can i help you!?
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