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A weird glitch..

↑As you can see, everything is not messed up in Lunar Magic... The graphics aren't garbled.. it's okay..

↑But when I play it, and if I go beyond screen "10", everything is glitched up..

How would I fix this glitch? :s

Thank you!

As far as I know, you can't. That's a common glitch that occurs when you go past screen F in a level with layer 3 tides.

(If I recall correctly, that's because the layer 3 water data takes up the level data past screen F or something like that.)

WYE is totally right, but I'd just like to point out that the answer to your question is right in the picture you provided.

Look in the LM screenshot, in the 'Modify Other Properties' window, right below the second dropdown box...

Originally posted by right where I just described
->Don't go past screen 0xF when making tide levels.

Oh, and it happens because the tides store interaction data on layer 2 space, which happens to be the data for screens 0x10-0x1F, which is why you only have 0xF screens to work with in layer 2 levels.
Now with extra girl and extra hacker
Thanks guys! fix'd ;)

Someone can close this now.
Originally posted by 2technogeeks
Originally posted by Masashi27
Someone can close this now.

Oh really? I'm really sorry.. I didn't know about that..
Thanks for noticing! I'll be careful from next time..