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Wow, Re:Creators' pace has just about slowed down to a crawl over the last two episodes. I get that they want to explain the premise thoroughly, but surely there'd be some way to abbreviate it in a more reasonable way. As it is, almost half the episode was spent with all the major characters sitting in a room talking. I can only hope that next week we'll get back to the frenetic pacing that made this show so much fun.

That said, the conversations on Gunpuku's side were genuinely pretty fascinating. Unlike the other Creations so far, Alicetaria genuinely hates her Creator and blames them for all the horrors that befell her fictional world. Her points are mostly the same ones I brought up earlier in my weekly commentary, so while I have my doubts as to how the show can resolve them satisfactorily it's good to see it at least recognizes the issue.

Also, that bonding scene between her and Mamika was simply adorable. They get along pretty well, for being of diametrically opposite genres and all... (Dark fantasy and light-hearted Mahou Shoujo fare)

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Is it just me, or did Armed Girls' Machiavellism's action animation just plunge down the toilet this week? Most of the big fight between Rin and Warabi just consisted of either near-still shots (the part where they were locking their blades together was obviously intended to be super dramatic and tense, but instead looked like they were just standing there motionlessly with swords held up) or extremely slowed-down movement like the fighters were moving through molasses.

It made what should've been an epically badass scene (Nomura taking out a freaking giant grizzly bear in a boxing match) seem outright boring. While this show's animation was never stellar, at the very least the fight scenes in past episodes were reasonably fast-paced and energetic. If the show doesn't get back to its usual quality, I might end up dropping it before long.

Gods, even the fanservice this week was half-assed and lifeless. (Wow, one static pan across some girls in their underwear, I've never seen that before *yawns*).

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
That one's on my ever-growing backlog. Should I watch the short film first, though?
Well, I'd say Re;Creators has recovered mostly from its bout of exposition-itis this week. Well, at least half the episode still consisted of the characters standing around in a room talking, but at least there was some action and more dynamic character interactions rather then just pure monologuing like last week.

Certainly wasn't expecting the army to suddenly swoop in and take control of things, though it does make sense given how little effort most of the Creations were taking to conceal themselves (literally fighting and using their powers in public). Refreshing to see an anime (other then Gate) that doesn't portray the government as completely incompetent, out of the picture or corrupt for once. And it was funny to see Meteora getting chewed out for 'borrowing' ballistic missiles and the like for her fight with Selesia. Touches like that ( as well as being comical) help inject a sense of reality into the fantastical battles, which is good for a show that's whole shtick is fictional characters being taken into what's ostensibly the real world.

Have to say though, I'm not quite sure what was going on in the last few minutes. From the best I can tell, Gunpuku was created by
Sota's childhood friend/sister
as the last story she made before
committing suicide
? And somehow her work got adapted into an anime or something without Sota ever finding out until now? Seems rather strange, but I guess we'll find out more later on... It'll be nice if this revelation leads Sota to take a more active role in events to come, anyhow.

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Originally posted by K3fka
That one's on my ever-growing backlog. Should I watch the short film first, though?

It's not necessary, no. The two OVAs are awesome and I suggest watching them at some point, but they're not in the same continuity so you won't be missing out on anything relevant to the anime if you skip them.
They're bringing Frieza back in Dragon Ball Super.


To fight in the Tournament of Power.

And scrapping Buu fighting.
Wow, so the occultist girl in Re:Creators has finally introduced herself, and by god is she creepily awesome as fuck. Not quite sure how her magic works, though. So she tells two "lies" which then cancel out to become a "truth"? I'd have to look back and pay closer attention to her lines when she's casting spells to see if that really holds up. I only wonder whether she's really a "villain" from her home-story as Meteora said, or a villain protagonist sort of like Tanya from Youjo Senki.

New character aside, this week definitely shows Re:Creators has gotten back on its best foot. Ridiculously cool characters, bombastic action-scenes, and a hefty dose of philosophy sprinkled over the top for flavor. It's also a nice touch how, by the logic of most of the Creations summoned being protagonists from their respective works, nearly all of them have heroic motivations that paint them as in the right even when they're fighting against each other. It's not at all hard to imagine how Alicetaria could see herself as the valiant heroine opposing the (from her POV) coldly calculating Meteora, especially since her and Selesia were protecting someone they even admitted to be vile. (Albeit, to thwart the military princess' even worse schemes)

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
Originally posted by ThePat545

I'm hoping it actually doesn't happen, as they have Buu in the opening of this arc and not Frieza.
Originally posted by Mirann
Originally posted by ThePat545

I'm hoping it actually doesn't happen, as they have Buu in the opening of this arc and not Frieza.

It's as good as officially confirmed though, the episode descriptions don't lie.

Guess we can just hope they don't screw this up.
The previous episode of Attack on Titan (Last week's episode, not the one that aired today) was insanely good. I had been spoiled on this particular plot point since like 2013, but the way they actually revealed it was amazing.
I never would have expected they would reveal it
in such an anticlimactic manner. But it worked so well, top notch execution by the anime staff. Apparently a lot of people who read the manga got confused and had to make sure they read it correctly because it literally just happens.

I expected to see the reveal coming from a mile away since I already knew about it, but the way they did it caught me completely off guard.

Overall I think the second season so far has been way better than the first. The pacing still could be a bit better but it's no where near the "Eren took 3 or 4 episodes to lift a rock" pacing of season 1. This season being 12 or 13 episodes instead of 25 really helps to prevent it from ever getting to that point anyway. From what I have heard the manga is pretty far ahead so there's no reason for the pacing to suddenly faceplant.

I just hope the inevitable season 3 comes sooner rather than later. I think the studio is doing a sequel to Kabaneri next year (gross) can't really blame them though because Kabaneri sold pretty decently iirc, and is their own property so they get mad dosh from it. So 2019 at earliest for another season unless something big changes.
not gonna lie, I really don't watch what the community considers "real anime"

can someone recommend a good anime that has subtitles or a decent English dub
Can you be more specific on what types of anime you want recommendations for? If we're just talking good dubs, Funimation dubs are usually high quality. I've seen dubbed episodes of Kill La Kill, Gurren Lagann, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012), and of course Dragon Ball [original/Z/Super].

But yeah, with some more info, we can give better recommendations.
just one that isn't overly edgy but fun to watch tbh
Well, all of those are good imo. As far as good dubs go, I hear Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy have English dubs that are arguably better than the Japanese, although I haven't yet watched either show (subbed or dubbed).
alright thanks

I've already watched dragon ball z like a million times but I'm defs going to check out the other ones
One Piece was the only fighting anime I could stand to watch in volume. If you liked DBZ you'd probably like it. It's got an infamous dub though, so get a sub.
Hunter x Hunter, no contest my man.

Your layout has been removed.
One Piece's Funimation dub is good, not the 4Kids one. One Piece is incredible, but I can't recommend the anime due to the filler and bad pacing. Check out the manga for sure if you're into that.
Finally got around to watching ep 7 of Virgin Soul. Is it just me, or was Azazel's plan to use Nina's dragon form in the festival battle incredibly rash and reckless? I mean, the guy has not even confirmed she's on his side or willing to fight for him yet and he's already hinging his most monumental and dangerous plan on her participation. So of course, it all falls apart instantly when she's not willing to go along.

To be fair to Azazel though, he was in a very desperate place mentally and also, his plan likely would have worked had it not been for Nina's newfound ~true love~ making her immune to his charms. Makes me wonder whether the show is really going to go for the Charioce OTP route, since usually series like this tend to have the heroine fall for the brooding bad-boy instead... (Plus, y'know, the whole "genocidally anti-demon" thing might hurt Charioce's chances)

Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
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