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Fawful's Revenge Thread 2

Time for a new thread, don't you think?

Fawful's Revenge is different this time around, being mostly about exploration seeing on how it's a completely open world. I'm going for practically zero linearity, because you can get most of the shards in any order. So to do that, I crafted a save block and all that good stuff with my minimal ASM knowledge, cool, right? The story is practically the same, with a few twists and whatnot to fit the save block. But... A lot of you probably don't even know the story, right...? Well that must suck, because all I can tell you is that Fawful comes into play as the main antagonist, and you need to find eight or some number of shards to form an orb so you can do some fancy interdimensional travel. But it's a lot more in depth than that, but you'll have to wait for the demo.

Anyway, screenshot time!

Logo with drumroll :3

Title screen, and it's going to have a one button press load after figure out how to do so.

File Select (Overworld, sadly)

Save block, heal block and WIP status bar. The save block is in Ruflix Beach Town, pretty much were you start.

East of the town is Ruflix Shores East, and west is Ruflix Shores West, and Rolo cove were you meet Fawful. This is east. Oh yeah, layer three clouds, HDMA, and layer three water, too? Guess how I did that.

More of Ruflix Shores East.

After Ruflix Shores East you find Flower Fields.

And what's down there..?

Oh a cave. Actually Dargo Mines. Looks more mine-y as you go down further.

Cool pipe, bro. Brings you back up to that pipe in the first SS of Flower Fields. You can also go down that pipe, though.

A quest, cool.

There's four messages that changes depending on the status of your quest; Starting, during, finished and after. Also a flower counter appears when the quest is accepted and you get to Flower Fields.

Oh yeah, I made this piece of crap in like 30 minutes to get an idea of the layout of the first-ish area.

Each block is about five or so screens each, and you can't necessarily get into each area right away. For instance, the grey area which is a factory, you need a key card from some random guy you find in the desert. Like, no hints that he exists random.

Aaand that's all. Comments and criticism is like, insanely appreciated. If you have anything, and I mean ANYTHING to say, say it, got it? And expect updates often.

oh yeah 1000 posts what a coincidence omg lol
omg. i love your pallets, they are all so beautiful.
your ascetics looks beautiful as well. you're probably one of the few people that could pull off a bush growing out of sand. great job.
the overworld (and file select) looks rather dull, IMO. you should add a solid bg, like a blue and white brick wall or something. idk, its your hack and you can do whatever you want with it.
i hope to see more progress soon. this looks awesome so far.
will there be a video soon? i would love to see a level 'in action' so to speak.

Awesome!! So awesome I have nothing to say making this post look like postcount++ #w{:<}


I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
I love your palletes and the ExGFX are good...

Cool idea for the File Select, just like Final Destination.

I also loved the bones in the FG and the HDMA of the cave. Keep up the good work!
Now I need to change my old avatar. Or not.
Lynnes, your work is absolutely insane cool! You are a master at making eye candy. Your palettes are always good, your graphics are always good, you level design is always good, your ideas is always... inspirational, yea you get it.

About the images you are introducing here:

1: Sweet, that ghost is what I think of when your name is mentioned.

2: Great art! It would be cool if Fawful (I guess its him) is floating in the air.

3: Totaly original, I don't even care for a overworld right now. I would decrease the box's size alittle if its not used for more options.

4-6: Save blocks it a new thing to me, it sounds cool. The level looks good btw.

7-8: Looks good, clever decorations.. nothing else to say.

9-10: Nice use of HDMA. I like that the borders on the tiles are dark red and not black as they usualy is.

11-12: I love quests.

Thats about it.. I look forward to get more info about this prosject.
Keep it up Lynnes!
Awesomely sexy hack, Lynnes.

Honestly, I can't point out anything wrong with what you've shown. Everything looks so polished and fun.

Very nice, I'd love to play the demo.
Glad to see this return, Lynnes! I'm guessing you fight Fawful after the scene in Rolo Cove right?
Thanks a lot guys for all the nice words, I take a lot of pride in my visuals, and it's good to see you all like it. I'll have a short video up sometime this week of exploring Flower Fields and Dargo Mines a bit. Also get to showoff the cool music fade I made when switching areas.
Originally posted by Uhrix
2: Great art! It would be cool if Fawful (I guess its him) is floating in the air.

Yeah he moves up and down quite a bit, it's a sprite that floats in place, plus the sprite also animates which creates a pretty cool looking floating effect. The mouth part at the top also opens and closes.

Originally posted by Koopinator113
Glad to see this return, Lynnes! I'm guessing you fight Fawful after the scene in Rolo Cove right?

Something like that, except it's more in depth.
Originally posted by Lynnes
I'll have a short video up sometime this week of exploring Flower Fields and Dargo Mines a bit. Also get to showoff the cool music fade I made when switching areas.

Looking forward to both these things. Seriously, a fade effect? I first thought of Knytt Stories when you said that, even if several games have a fading music effect(i.e. banjo kazooie etc.). That's freaking awesome!

Now, that aside, I love this hack, still. I mean, it's a shame you're throwing away all that nice level design you already made, but this looks even better. To tell you the truth, it really reminds me of Kirby's Amazing Mirror(which is a good thing) currently, what with the squarely MS paint map you showed, and the exploring, and short rooms. I love exploring, open-ended, nonlinear games like this, so I'm really looking forward to this.
Now, to comment on each screenshot;
Screeny 1: awesome as always. Offtopic: Where'd you get the name Lynnes in the first place? Unless it's your name of course... (and yes I remember when you first show'd off that ghost Lynnes as a boss... what, a year ago?)
Screeny 2: really peaceful, it gives off a Cave Story's Outer Wall vibe.
Screeny 3: Well, you misspelled "continue" XD You forgot the "N" between the "I" and the "U". It's a shame you have to waste the old amazing OW for this hack, but it's worth it for exploring IMO. I still urge you to redesign this, add mushrooms or symbols or something instead of the ocean w/ some rocks. Also, I suggest the arrow starts on "Continue" instead of "New Game", just so it's harder to fuck up and start a new game accidentaly.
Screeny 4: pretty nice.
Screeny 5: ohgod already I love how this looks. The background is amazing, what with the islands' designs being real nice, and the sea, clouds, and HDMA. I also like how you combined Kaeru's grassland AND a sand FG. Although you stole my 8x8 custom diagonal ledge type crap D:
Screeny 6: these little details make this hack shine.
Screeny 7: looks pretty good.
Screeny 8: Aaaaaand you stole my small bush D: Anyways, liking the rocky-cave-type-stuff goin' on.
Screeny 9: you may be overdoing it with the bones. I dunno.
Screeny 10: read above.
Screeny 11: a quest? I love you.
Screeny 12: read above.
Screeny 13: btw it's really hard to read what the names are. In fact, besides that the dark blue one says "sea", I really can't tell what the dark blue or the last one say. Again, what I said about the Kirby and the Amazing Mirror feel :3

On an ending note, I urge you to put a little more thought into the names. I mean, "flower fields"? Wasn't that in Paper Mario? Anywho, it's not like we haven't heard that one before. Try doing what I do, go to, type in fields, and use some fancy word for fields that nobody knows what it means. It's more creative.

Also, are you using LM 7? If so, backup a lot, since this looks heavy on Map16 and ASM, and LM 7 has already f'ed up one thing I made.

Looking forward to updates :D
EDIT: lolwall of text.
Your layout has been removed.
Hey, it's back! I was wondering where this went. The new explorative gameplay style looks absolutely great - as Spud Alpha pointed out, it reminds me of Kirby Amazing Mirror, which also served as inspiration for my project. There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said, except that I'm hoping for a very deep and complex story that I can enjoy. :D

Great job. I'll be playing this as soon as it's released.
Hack is nice! Good idea!
Lyness, that sure is a cool hack you're making. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure those tiny flowers that you have in a few screens are actually vanilla. They are from the Wiggler's head. Keep it up, I love the result so far.
Nothing to see here. Move along.
This hack is too good to be commented by somebody like me. I'll remain silent and calmly watch this thread, and let the silence's words describe how I felt when I saw this hack for the first time.
Thanks for the comments, all.

Spud: Yeah, I should change the names of the areas, they are pretty boring at this point. Also, don't worry about the readability of that map there, it's really just there so you could get an idea of the area of the game.

Not really an update, but I want to know what you guys think of the mine track graphics;

So comments?
I think the mine track graphics look just fine. Will there actually be some type of mine cart vehicle, or is it purely for decoration?
Originally posted by Lynnes
...mine track graphics...

It looks good! you just gave me a cool idea of using a megamole as wagon for such tracks!
Holy holy holy this is awesome. I can't spot anything wrong, and I love nonlinearity in video games. Also, Fawful=awesome. The graphics are really great, and it'd be awesome if you could do a minecart ride to go along with them. Can't wait to see more updates, and eventually play the demo!
Good fucking bye.
Wow this is definitely awesome. Good use of non-linearity, graphics, everything looks good. I definitely can't wait 'til I get to play it. By the way, be sure to return the favor and tell me what you think of my level Fryguy's Tower. It features my Fryguy sprite as the boss.
Check my page to find more updates about my hack Super Mario: The Epic Journey.
I love that you are making this an exploration game.
You know how much I enjoy your work, Lynnes, and basically what you've done is make it, if possible, even sweeter by using the save block techniques.

Palettes, HDMA, and the block graphics all look awesome.
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