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I've discussed Lightning (well, sorta), now let's talk about Thunder. (Yes, there's a reason I capitalized them.)

Thunder is much slower than Lightning. Meaning, if you see Lightning, Thunder won't be too far behind, but he'll always be behind. He always brings up the rear, never leading. Lightning is always the leader and Thunder the follower.

The closer you are to Lightning, the greater the impact Thunder has. Thunder gains his power from Lightning, and if you are too far from Lightning, Thunder's impact will be almost zero. However, Thunder's impact is not to spread to the direct point of Lightning's strike, as that is meant to be Lightning's impact.

Perhaps you are experiencing Thunder right now. However, if you can sense that his impacts are affecting the vicinity, it is advised that you do not head outside because that means Lightning and his deadly impact are near.

And there you have it. Thunder, the booming, yet slower brother to Lightning. Together, they have a very powerful impact, but separate, Thunder's impact is far lesser.
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I'm probably retired tbh
Please tell me this is supposed be some sort of strange way of describing a homosexual relationship because that's all I could think of when I got to "He always brings up the rear..."
Is he sexy? I wouldn't mind meeting him.

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PK Thunder. That is all.
Originally posted by Snowshoe
PK Thunder

The PSI Shield blocked the attack! Sucks for you.
Bleh, Thunder has no power other than that of air compression. Lightning has massive amounts of power. You can tell where my allegiance lies.

Also Blumie, you've obviously got something on your mind.
Type: Electric
PP: 10 (16 Maximum)
Power: 120
Accuracy: 70% (always hits when raining)
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I'm probably retired tbh
No that is not sexy. βl

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I never said Thunder would be sexy. |B|
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I'm probably retired tbh
i think he would be interested in this thread.
My my, we are truly dredging up every thunder-related article we can find, are we not? Fictional characters next, please...