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Super Mario Bros X

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Well it has been a while so i might as well post some screen shots of my hack and i asked Pac to use his GFX hack as a base you can give me constructive criticism if you like.No story yet but here.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHmm ... looks like a pretty nice SMB3 with SMW enemies hack ...
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Yes but i still need to put more effort into my hack such as custome sprites but like i said befor i based this off of pac's GFX hack.And i can't use sprite tool on my computer i will eventually need help with geting custome sprites in my hack.
[sarcasm]Loos a lot like Pac's graphic change[/sarcasm]
Fix the color problem with the gradient in screenshot 3
Your layout has been removed.
K i will do that.
The name sounds like anikiti's hack (mario X world) and pacs graphics change was actually made from a base hack on
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Looks good...
Nice work!
The second screen doesn't look like a water level; I didn't realize it was underwater until I saw the air bubble. :/
Yes I though i might aswell make it a dark underwater area with Teds coming out of pipes :P
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThat Torpedo Ted level looked like a simple underground level as well ...

Which reminds me, I've seen Torpedo Teds on land before ... it doesn't make too much sense, but they're kinda like downward Bullet Bills that can be ridable through Spinjumps.
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Link Thread Closed